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 Want to know how to work with my layered phrases over at the Silhouette shop?  Here you go.  Lisa has a great tutorial for creating projects in vinyl using my quote files – they come with a merged version and un-grouped version and Lisa shows how to use both here.


This is the best tutorial for basic use of my layered quote files – it works for any of them found in the Silhouette shop or in Lori Whitlock’s svg shop.  Doesn’t that layered vinyl look fabulous?  That is the exact reason I create the files to be layered – so you can get a great result like this one.



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We live in a great country.  I love America.  I love the freedoms we enjoy.  I love the life we live because of those who have gone before us.

Life is good.  4th of July week with cousins is BEST.


Check out the tutorial over at eighteen25 where they used my Silhouette phrase celebrating this country we live in.  Click here to find the quote in the Silhouette shop (can only be used on a Silhouette cutting machine).  They put together a little tutorial for you to make your own 4th of July sign.




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I know.  You want this on your mantle too, right?  Lisa over at greylustergirl.com is at it again.  This time with this beautiful but simple vinyl tutorial using the theme for LDS youth in 2014 in a Christmas format (vinyl found here, printable found here).   I have updated my theme post by adding a more masculine printable geared toward the young men.

I love this project idea and the application is simple (especially when you have to put a new floor down during the holidays and have some scraps hanging around and a handy husband!)


This project will work with any of my phrases and quotes – they are selling like hotcakes over at the Silhouette store.  Click here to go to my store.  Then the hard part starts – deciding which ones you want to use for your project!  Don’t worry – they’ll all look great so load up.

Happy Holidays and enjoy!

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The Silhouette blog has been busy as we head into Thanksgiving.  Here is a simple tutorial about how to ungroup my quotes or phrases as well as how to create a border/mat using the offset command.   Click here for the complete instructions.  This same tutorial will work with most of my quotes and phrases so be sure to pin it for future use!  Find my “so thankful for you” layered quote in my Silhouette here.


And here’s a cute card using my banner words – Thanksgiving themed.   Click here for that post and here to find the shape in my Silhouette store.



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Life Is Better At Christmastime - Thumbnail

November is a time of thanks but it’s also the month of Christmas projects!  Christmas cards, neighbor gifts, holiday decor….it’s all on the craft table or whirling in our minds before December 1 even hits the calendar.  I have already started adding Christmas shapes and quotes and phrases to my Silhouette store.  Want to see?   The countdown begins!

December Countdown - Thumbnail


Get out your Cameo and give it a permanent holiday home in an accessible location because you are going to love what’s happening for the holidays in my Silhouette store.  This is just a sample of all of the fabulous holiday shapes and quotes and phrases I’ve been getting ready for you.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Thumbnail Basic RGBSeasons Greetings - ThumbnailPerfect Flourish Bird - ThumbnailBasic RGBTemplate - Words Reindeer - Thumbnail

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We are finally to my favorite time of year – the season of gratitude and family.  Giving thanks is a tool for me.  I believe it is the guaranteed way to banish any negative thought, feeling, attitude, or circumstance.  It’s like a magic trick.  Creating quotes about gratitude is like breathing for me.  I am inspired as I work on those words and thoughts and it helps me remember to focus only on the good in spite of difficult challenges or struggles.

It Is Thankful People Who Are Happy - Thumbnail

Jason is home for about a week as we wait for yet another surgery and another six-week stay in the hospital.  The last surgery failed and after 13 weeks in the hospital, he was able to come home for a little break before the next round begins.  The surgeon is confident that it will work this time….after three surgery attempts and six out of the last 12 months spent in the hospital, we are praying and hoping that this one will work.  But in the middle of it all there are so many things to be grateful for.  Big things, small things, miracles of every shape and size that happen on a daily basis that happen so often in the form of other people.


We are grateful for our family, our neighbors, our friends – both nearby and far from us.  Cyberspace connects us no matter where we are and we feel the love and support from all fronts.  Thank you.  We feel loved in so many ways and that brings us such joy and hope.  Thank you!

I hope you are inspired by my new quotes located in my Silhouette store and will be available soon at loriwhitlock.com’s SVG shop.  It’s project season!    Enjoy these quotes for all of your thanksgiving projects.

I am grateful for you!

Be Thankful - ThumbnailTemplate

Template In Everything Give Thanks - Thumbnail

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Hardships Prepare Ordinary People - Thumbnail

I don’t really live with regrets.  I try to live my life the best way I can and if I make a mistake, my goal is to learn from it but try not look back.  Move forward.  Sometimes life gives me lots of opportunities to learn from my mistakes but I’m grateful for the principles of forgiveness and personal growth and improving myself to become better than I was before.

There is always a chance to become better.  I love that.

I received this email recently.

Kolette, I can’t thank you enough for creating this file.  It has special importance to me. Eight years ago my husband of 38 years died after a short illness.  I thought maybe my life was over.  Shortly thereafter, I unexpectedly bumped into my highschool sweetheart that I hadn’t seen in 43 years.  I guess fate brought us together, and we have now been married 2 1/2 years.   I have included a picture of the finished product hanging on my wall.
Thank you again.  You made my day.  Hope there are more of your quotes to come.


new start

Thanks, Becky!  I admit that I love quotes because they always seem to say the “right” thing about the stories of our lives.  Send me pictures of your projects using my designs but more importantly, the story behind it and I’d love to feature it on my blog.   Here are a few other vinyl phrases that I have recently submitted to the Silhouette store that help us remember to be happy, live the best life you can and always keep moving forward as you create a beautiful ending.


Say Your Prayers, Love One Another - Thumbnail

Happy Girls Are the Prettiest - Thumbnail

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