Be Here Now – Blog Blitz

Living in the moment.

It’s something we hear often yet can allude us all the same.  Paying attention to this time.  This day.  This moment.  So, let’s change that.  Let’s live in the moment right now.

Stacy Julian, founder of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and Big Picture Scrapbooking has offered us to take part in a challenge.  Today, as you peruse various scrapbooker’s blogs you will find this same idea being talked about.  You will also find, in Stacy’s fabulous “take action” way, a manifestation of how each of us has decided to Be Here Now, or live in the moment with gratitude, awareness and ultimately…JOY.

So, I offer the same challenge to you.  Join us in our efforts to Be Here Now by doing the following:

  • Snap 10 photos of your life right now
  • Compile these photos in a really small mini-album
  • Keep or carry this album with you (in your desk drawer or purse) for one year
  • Promise to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it
  • On October 1, 2009 create a scrapbook page about your experience.  Don’t worry, I’ll blog and help you remember!

Here are a few of the photos from my life, right now, this moment…

It's almost time to put my favorite sandles away!
Time to put my favorite sandles away
Heading into Week 21
Heading into Week 21
Year Long Workshop at BPS
Working on the Year Long Workshop at BPS
Our new fall decor
Our new fall decor

Think of this a present – to yourself!  If you want me to send you a free Bazzill Mono Mini album like the one I used then just comment here and we’ll randomly pick 10 lucky winners (yep, I have 10 to give away!)

See who else in the scrapbooking world that you can find participating in today’s “Be Here Now” challenge and tell us where they are.

Here’s to the moment!  Enjoy!

89 thoughts on “Be Here Now – Blog Blitz

  1. Kolette,

    What a great idea. This has been such an insane time for me, both wonderful things and things to just hunker down and get through, and will be a great thing to remember the good times and be proud of myself for driving through the hard ones.


  2. HI, found your blog thru Stacy’s link. I love this challenge! Sometime’s life is such a blur! I take for granted the little things and this will force me to stop and capture life’s blessings right NOW!

  3. I’d like one, please! I’m working hard to stay “in the present,” but sometimes it’s hard to enjoy what the present is right now. I’m a wife, mother, teacher, band parent, church member, daughter, daughter-in-law, aunt of a nephew who is getting married in a month, and I’m supposed to give his fiancee a shower in three weeks. . . . It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday that I forget to be present in the every day.

  4. Hey Kolette!

    I visit your blog everyday anyway, so I would have found this – but actually saw it on Stacy’s blog first since I just finished her BPS class “Have More Fun” – of course, I didn’t make her first 50 posters – guess sleeping in a few extra minutes just doesn’t pay! Anyway – I think this is an awesome idea and I’m going to do it TODAY! Whether I win an album or not doesn’t matter – the exercise is so worth it. And I have a few pictures sitting on my portable hard drive that I know I want to use.

    Love following what is going on with your pregnancy – you and Jason are going to be terrific parents – that is one very lucky little boy you are carrying.

  5. I love this idea! Love the photos you have selected so far. I am off to capture my life, right here, right now!

  6. Love this idea. Right now, I’m not having a hard time living in the moment since my husband just left for a year long deployment. It seems all I am doing is living from one minute to the next, but I’m counting down the time not enjoying it. I’ll be sure to take pictures of the great things I have in my life right now so I can look at it often during this challenging phase.

  7. Kolette,
    I would love a super cute mini album. I am so going to do this today. I was at CE and loved your class. You are inspiring me to always choose joy in my life.

  8. kOLETTE – I so enjoyed your class at CE and have almost finished my album. I am waiting to start the journaling in Jan. 2009 (my OCD won’t let me start in the ‘middle’ – ha ha) Just kidding, but I do want to start fresh and look at the year as a whole. But anyway… thanks for the info on Jason’s blog. I have already used one of the quotes in a mini album I am doing for my daughters volleyball team. I also enjoyed Jason’s talk at CE. What a wonderful man he is and a great speaker. I know you are blessed to have him in your life as well as he is to have you. I am going to print off these little pictures today and get them into an album this week. I have the Epson Picture Mate that does mini prints and I love it! This is a great idea.

    P.S. At CE, the yahoo girls brought you baby gifts… well, I had yours in my hand on the morning I was to leave (along with some packing tape – another project) while I was doing laundry – multitasking – and guess where your gift and the tape ended up – yep, in the washing machine and was there when I got back from CE. I have the hand crocheted baby booties to send you as soon as I find your address. Thanks, CindyML

  9. So glad I found your blog thru Stacy’s! I will certainly be a return visitor! I would love to play along with this challenge!!

  10. Hi Kolette! Was thinking about you yesterday while I was into AC Moore purchasing your gorgeous stamps!! 😉

    Hope your pregnancy is going well.

    I’m going to snap some random photos today, and hopefully will win the little Mono mini to put them in.

    Jenny in MAine

  11. I’m so glad Stacy linked your blog and others to her’s. I enjoy reading about other creative minds in the scrapbooking field.

    Great idea!

  12. This is such a cool project. I saw it first on Ali’s Blog and Stacy has really gotten the rolling. So fun. I’m going to have to make one ofthese. It’s so simple – I just have to do it.

  13. Thanks for sharing your project & pics. Love what you did with the cover! Can’t wait to do this project!

  14. Love this idea and love your take on it. Congrats on making it ove the halfway mark with baby! It was such a joy to meet u at Creative Escape.

    Michelle – Chelan, WA

  15. Thanks for posting your your photos. I found the idea on Stacy’s blog and think it’s a fabulous idea!

  16. What a great idea! As I’m getting ready for Baby #5 due in a couple of weeks, I need to have something to remember my life NOW as mom of 4.

  17. Ali Edwards is not only talking about it, but about your great class starting next week at BPS!

    It is such a coincidence about this challenge today – for some reason, as I was leaving the house this morning to head to work, I saw my small camera on the dining room table and picked it up and stuffed it in my bag. I have never just carried my camera with for no reason – but now I might have to start! It will be fun to take a few photos of my “work” portion of my life. It was just meant for me to participate today! 🙂

  18. I LOVE this idea….very timely at a time when the year gets pretty hectic. I like how Heidi Swapp translated the project.
    I’m inspired how you created your clever cover, too!

  19. Started my pics by shooting the screen of my computer, with your blog pulled up! Sounds very fun and interesting.

    My best to you.

  20. Ok, I have started taking my photos now I just need a place to put them. My fingers are crossed.

    PS: I am happy that I have found your blog. I will now be a regular reader.

  21. I don’t know others in the scrapbooking world really. But I have taken Stacy’s Have More FUN class and did the 30 Days Hath September album…awesome! So this mini album is ther perfect wrap up.

  22. This is such a great idea! Most of the time I worry about having books/pages for everyone else that I never do any about me! This is a great way to remember this time in my life and actually be present in it!!

  23. Oh, Kolette, I’d love to receive one of these minibooks. I’ve wanted to do something like this for quite a while, and this will help me do it once and for all!

  24. This is such a great idea! I want to make a book of things that make me smile and that I’m thankful for, though it might be hard to limit it to just 10 pics, lol.

  25. So fun! This morning it has really made me aware of what is going on around me at “the present”. Even just the sounds outside, the garbage truck, the dog chewing on her bone. Sounds silly, but that’s my life right here, right now! Thanks for doing a give away! Looking forward to your year-long class!

  26. Wow, congradulations on Week #21. I am so happy you are having a boy as they are easy!
    I thank you again for being the winner of the BPS, Giving well book. I love the journal also from the CE class. I hope you can come again next year as you are really a great person!
    thanks and take good care of yourself!

  27. So glad I found your site through Stacey’s. I am so doing this today.

    I loved your inspirationial photos and words.

    I will be back often.

    Lisa P

  28. I found your site via Stacy’s blog and love your album. I have had a rough September with Hurricane Ike devastating so many of my friends and neighbors. I plan to put the photos I took during the last 2 1/2 weeks to document the PRESENT. Let me tell you, I never lived for every moment until the storm come on land, and then our electricity was out for 13 days. Every moment of the present is precious and valuable…….Rita in Texas

  29. This is the third…no fourth time I’ve read this, and it won’t be the last, but it’s such a cool idea. I’ll be adding it to my blog tonight! 🙂

  30. I love this idea, and am hoping to win one of these books somewhere! How fun that you and Ali and expecting around the same time~congratulations!

  31. I LOVE this idea! I love your orange album! So cute. I am so happy that you are pregnant. I am hoping for the same very soon. Amy in Wisconsin

  32. What a great project. Those albums are to die for! So tiny and cute. I can’t wait to make one. I love your sandals – such a happy color!

  33. Hi Kollette–it’s an alumni from Giving Well 2007 who is sooooo excited about your year round class and GW 2008!! I am really trying to figure out if I will be able to participate in either classes. Love your take on Stacy’s “Challenge”-very cute.

    I would so love to win one of those little books.


    Hope to “see” you again at BPS

  34. I love this idea and am totally going to give it a try. I think I’ll take all my pics tonight…or tomorrow. 🙂

  35. I would love to participate in this little challenge. I would love to win a mini-album to put it all in!!

  36. Hi Kolette,
    I love this idea! With so many thing pulling us in different directions these days it is so easy to let the time just get away from you until you catch yourself wondering” what have I been doing, where did the time go?” Perfect time of the year at change of seasons to slow down and be present. i am definitely going to take part in this project. We all need reminders now and then, right? This is perfect.
    Thanks for the idea!

  37. Hi Kollette,
    Congrats on the new baby! This is so cool! Love how so many in the blogging world are signing on! SO COOL!

  38. although I am getting a late start to this (it is 8pm) I am so doing this little project. I am all about the “now”.

    see you in class!

  39. I think this is brilliant, I printed some extra photos last night”just because” and I think I will use them tonight and remind myself that life is good!

  40. Great idea. I am going to take my pics this weekend. I took your class at creative escape and really enjoyed it.

  41. Hey Kollette,

    Heidi and Ali are both doing this and I plan to too!

    Margie Rowles
    CE ’08

  42. Trying hard to live in the present and be aware of MY needs instead of everyone around me…thanks for the reminder!

  43. WHat a feeling of accomplishment to finish a whole album! :>) This would be great – love the idea.


  44. I love this challenge! Thanks for this idea. I’m also really excited about the year long project next year – I’m totally signing up for that!!

  45. Congrats to you on your bundle of joy. How blessed you are. There is nothing like a baby to make your family full of life. Love your fav summer shoes. I’m in too.

  46. Hi Kollette…
    I was checking your blog this morning and my post I left yesterday was missing…I hope I didn’t post anything I wasn’t supposed to. I would so love to win one of this little books as I too am finishing up my scrapbooking in the present moment album with Stacy J at BPS. congrats on the baby!

    I have a few scrapbooking friends that I emailed and shared this challenge with–waiting to hear who is all in.

    Looking forward to your classes at BPS


  47. What a great idea. I love this project. Today is the most important day – it is the only one we can change. I am grabbing my camera now!

  48. Such a great idea!!! This is my biggggest problem! I am so busy preparing for tomorrow, worrying about tomorrow that I never live in the moment! I am always asking my kids to “please just wait a minute”, “not right now”, “we’ll do it later”. This is exactly what I need to do to remember what is truly important – being present for TODAY. I can worry about tomorrow when it is today & I am LIVING it. Thank you so much for this fantastic idea!! The album would be a great motivator to live in today & just do it by starting the album!! Thank you.

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