Download Day – “Beautiful…”

As promised in my last post, I have created a boy and girl version of the John Lennon song we have hanging in Coleman's room.  When Coleman had just been born, like most dads, Jason oversaw the weighing, cleaning and checking of him.  They did it all right in the delivery room but it was … Continue reading Download Day – “Beautiful…”

Download Day – How It All Began

I was a teenager during the early 80s.  Before email. Before scanners and computers in general.  I took typing in junior high - on real typewriters.  I remember having to make copies of things by using carbon paper.  So instead of cool fonts and digital images and clipart, if you wanted to pass along information … Continue reading Download Day – How It All Began

Meal Delivery 101

Our neighborhood ROCKS! Seriously. After we had little Coleman, we received many meals from friends and neighbors (which is like a dream come true for me). We have also had lots of meals brought in over the years while Jason has been in the hospital, etc. So you might say that I have learned a … Continue reading Meal Delivery 101