Less Is More

First of all, thank you.  Your comments and tips and suggestions are encouraging.  It's interesting how each person's situation can be so different yet our solutions all revolve around similar strategies with individual tweaks to fit our own needs.  Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and expertise with me and each … Continue reading Less Is More

Precisely Why

The annoyance and hassle and frustration associated with Jason's car accident this weekend is precisely why I am doing my Project 365 centered on the theme of gratitude. Being grateful is the great adversity neutralizer - it's as simple as that.  Gratitude softens the blows of life's challenges and helps me remember that it's not … Continue reading Precisely Why

Download Day – I Am Woman…

We had some trouble this weekend.  Jason was in  a car accident - he was the only one in the car and is not hurt.  Don't worry.  But his handicap-accessible van that he was driving is not so fine.  We're not sure yet if the insurance company will declare it totaled or not, but either … Continue reading Download Day – I Am Woman…

Giveaway Winners + A Little Gratitude

Wow!  What a great response we've received regarding the fabulous ideas for taking meals to people.  Thank you, thank you for posting!  If you have any more ideas then please continue to post so that we all have a place to go for our info.  I have learned TONS and don't feel so much like … Continue reading Giveaway Winners + A Little Gratitude