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Kolette has been out of the hospital for a week and a half and when the doctor kept telling us that the main problem we would be dealing with is the severe pain that pancreatitis causes, he wasn’t kidding.  Each day is like its own little roller coaster where the pain swings from feeling manageable to being completely overwhelming.  Just when we think we have it figured out, another pain will pop up that we’ll have to tackle.

We are playing the waiting game right now.  Waiting for her pancreas to settle down – it is about five times its normal size and wreaking havoc on everything.  In the meantime, fluid is collecting and possibly forming what’s called a “pseudo-cyst.”  If the pseudo-cyst forms, it may have to be drained through an incision on the stomach.  Her gallbladder is patiently waiting (still filled with it’s own collection of stones) to be removed.  But all of this is contingent on the state of the pancreas, which is why we are waiting for that to get healthier – much healthier.    www.medicinenet.com seems to be a helpful site in understanding what is happening, why it is happening, and where we are headed.

Kolette has had a PICC line since the ICU and she uses it now to get hooked up to her food each night.  She can eat and certainly tries to eat but one of the major problems with this is that your pancreas aides in the digestion of food.  So when your pancreas isn’t working, eating causes intense pain.

While we continue to wait for the pancreas to calm down, we wanted to thank you for your thoughts and prayers and good wishes.  We won’t know until June 2 if she is ready for her additional surgeries or not.  Then, of course, that is a recovery on its own.  But we are glad to be this far along and have faith that each day will bring Kolette closer to being healthy and pain-free.  Thank you for your kindnesses to her and to our family.

– Jason

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In Lieu of Life

I have spent the last 6 days in the hospital – most in the ICU – in the hands of the very capable nurses and doctors who have been diagnosing and treating what I now know is an acute and life-threatening case of pancreatitis.  It involves gall stones, liver function tests through the roof, a blocked pancreatic duct and severe toxins in the pancreas.

The pain has been intense – to the point where I have had no desire or ability to send a coherent text much less post a blog about it. (This post had to be edited because I’m not in the most perfect state of mind for writing intelligibly).

However, I glance over to the window in my room and see the gorgeous flowers that were sent to me last week, blooming and opening to perfection.  And I have to take a moment to say thank you.  Thank you to my family and friends who sent me the blossoms simply because they knew I would be missing mine that I coddle and nurture outside my home office window.

Thank you to sweet friends, my sister, my brothers and my dear husband for endless hospital care and helping the time to pass more quickly.  Thank you to my mother-in-law,  sister-in-law, sister and her friends for putting their protective arms around Cole during a time that I cannot do it myself.  The doctor said that they almost lost me a few days ago because my organs were going into power failure.  A scary thought for sure. But one thing is for sure, even though my body was shutting down, my support system is far from doing so and I am grateful beyond measure for that treasure.

We are on the other side of my days in ICU and this photo represents my current life.  Right now I am enjoying a few moments of beauty and clear thoughts in the midst of a traumatic event.  Ahhh, the simple gift of tulips in the window.

I will not be posting again anytime soon so feast on the fabulousness of real life in the moment.  Thank you for your prayers, thoughts and warm wishes.  Let the journey begin.


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