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It’s amazing how life can get away from you as you travel through a challenge or trial.  I apologize for not giving you an update earlier on Kolette’s surgery.  With traveling between the hospital to see Kolette and wherever Cole is staying to see my boy, I have not thought a lot about posting, as I’m sure you can understand.

Kolette’s surgery turned from laparoscopic to massive in just a few hours as they tried the simple way to solve her problems.  Kolette’s body just didn’t cooperate.  She ended up with an incision going down the length of her abdomen – about 8″ total.  After 10 days in the hospital, one food trial that failed, and many walks down the hallway, Kolette finally made it home much later than the 2-3 days that had been anticipated.

She is still on the IV food and although she is feeling hunger pains, she rarely gets cravings for food.  The doctor had her try another day of food yesterday and it ended in intense pain in her side.  The doctor now has asked her to try “nibbles” over the next two weeks until she sees her again.  Her organs are trying to start working but it is a slow, difficult process that is simply taking time.  So, nibbles it is for Kolette – even one bite a day is better than nothing to try and get things going.

Every day is a little better in terms of Kolette’s mobility.  She can do the stairs like a normal person now instead of just one at a time.  She can roll over and get herself in and out of bed from almost any position – a very freeing skill that has been missing for the last two months.  One of the major problems we have faced is the intense swelling of her whole body, including her “8 months pregnant” stomach that she has had for the last six weeks.  We know that the swelling has to decrease in order for her to really heal.  This week we are seeing that come to pass as she lost the water in her legs and feet and is now losing it in her abdomen….finally!  This is a great triumph because it means that things are starting to come alive in there and healing is happening.  She is now down to about a “4 months pregnant” stomach.  At this rate, she’ll be back to normal in no time.

Kolette’s wound is healing faster than we imagined it possibly could and it is fascinating to watch the body know what it has to do to repair itself.  It is looking better and better every day.  Amazing.  We have a home health nurse come in each day to change the dressings on her PICC line and wounds, do necessary tests and blood work and anything else the doctor asks for.  What a blessing they are and the fact that we don’t have to go out to do any of those things makes returning to “normal” life seem more accessible.  We love our home health nurses and are so grateful for them.

We are also in awe of our family and friends who continually step up to take care of any need that we have.  Kolette’s sister still stands vigilantly by her side, sleeping over when necessary, organizing all the service coming in, and making sure our lives run as smoothly as possible given the circumstances.  She has been a life-saver.  Then there’s Kolette’s brothers who pitch in where they are needed, even if that means just being good company to our little patient.  We had a fabulous surprise with an unexpected visit from Kolette’s parents who received special permission to leave their assignment in the Dominican Republic to tend to Kolette.  It is just what the doctor ordered to have them here.  And our neighbors are still bringing in meals every few days for those of us who CAN eat so that we don’t have to worry about cooking.

But to those of you who wonder how little Cole is doing in the middle of all this, I think that between Kolette’s brother letting him follow him around as they putter in the yard or work on the house and our sister-in-law taking care of his every need, this little fish is having the time of his life.  If you have any doubts then just take a look at this photo and I’m sure any worries you have will be put to rest:

Thank you so much for your concerns and prayers and love.  We know that it all contributes to the miracles that have occurred – both the miracles that we have seen and those that have gone unseen.  We are blessed beyond measure and thank you for being a part of that.

We’re on our way up now.  Of that I am convinced!

– Jason

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