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It’s true.  Kolette is officially a Type I diabetic.  We knew that it would be a possibility since she only has 30% of her pancreas limping along inside of her but we were holding out hope that it could hang in there and do its insulin job on its own.  No such luck.

Last week her blood sugar levels were rising substantially and she had non-stop nausea and throwing up along with it.  All of this led to a visit to her doctor who promptly sent her to the Emergency Room.  They hooked her up to an IV and she immediately started feeling better – dehydration was clearly a problem.

Not only did they commence to treat her for the dehydration but wanted to watch her more carefully for infection and other issues that were showing themselves in her lab work.  Thus began a two-night stay in the hospital and her first lessons on how to administer her own insulin to keep her blood sugar levels under control.

No infection was found so Kolette left the hospital feeling much better and armed with plenty of Nova Log pens to keep her going for a while.  Now our lives include blood tests and injections and it’s an adjustment for sure.  We would love to hear from any of you who deal with diabetes in your lives.  What have you found are the best/easiest glucometers?  What is the best tip you could give to someone in our situation?

Kolette has a new post-surgery doctor who specializes in pancreatitis and his team includes a diabetic nutritionist, physical therapists, and even a nurse who will call her each week to see how things are going.  We know we are in good hands as we learn how to navigate this journey over the coming months.

– Jason

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