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Cole’s birthday is the end of January.  I’ve always felt like that time period was sort of the black hole of holiday decor.  After the Christmas things are put away you can hurry and put up some Valentine items but then I end up taking those down almost by the time I get them up.  I’ve decided to do a little bit of “winter” decorating that can last from Christmas through March – stuff about snow and snowmen – and that helps during the awkward January weeks.

But this year I went all out for Cole’s birthday (click here for a reminder of the superhero party).  I wanted to make a wreath for our front door to welcome our guests to the event.  It was pretty simple to wrap wide red ribbon around a straw wreath and add some laminated printables to it.  But it still took time.  And money.  And I didn’t want it to go to waste on just one event, one day.

So, I left it up.  For about a month.  Everyone who came to our house knew that Cole had a birthday and the festivities continued with happy wishes and lots of chances to show off three fingers instead of two when asked how old he was.

I then made a decision.  Post-Christmas seasonal decor is going to be birthday decor at the Hall house.  I’ll be making a Happy Birthday banner for next year that we can pull out for Jason’s birthday on December 26 and leave up till mine in March.  Why not?  Why mess around with valentines and hearts when what I really want to celebrate is our family and each person in it?  I have my eye on adapting this one to become a birthday banner.

Since then, I have noticed others who are jumping on to this trend.  Here’s my neighbor’s birthday wreath made from balloons.  It goes up for every birthday that happens in their house.  You can find all kinds of tutorials on the internet for this thing – here’s one and another.

And here is how my sister chooses to decorate her kitchen island whenever there is a birthday in their family.  March is a big month with three different people getting highlighted and celebrated all month long.  Gathering a few photos of the person’s life, creating a little sign that says when their birthday is and you’re done.  Now, everyone who comes to her home is connected to the birthday person.

Isn’t that what birthdays are all about?  Connecting.  Celebrating.  Letting someone shine and feel loved.  What better way to do this than to shout to the world that someone you love is having a birthday?  I don’t care how old you get and how much you complain about another birthday adding to your age – everyone wants to feel special.  Consider replacing or adding to your seasonal decor with the most important holidays of all – celebrating the ones you love on their birthday.

Happy birthday to all of us!

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Red Stamp Love

Just sent my first card from my Red Stamp app.  It took me about 3 minutes and was so much more lovely than just forwarding a pic.  I sent it to Jason – who was sitting right next to me while we watched TV.  That way I could participate in the sending and the receiving of the card.  Because that’s what happens when you have one child to focus all of your energy on.  You become a little obsessed in sharing the wonderfulness of that child.

Love this photo.  Love this kid.  What happened to our chubby baby?  I’m so grateful that I believed people when they told me that the time goes so fast.  I try not to wish away even the annoying or frustrating or maddening parts – even when they are annoying and frustrating and maddening.  I admit that I want to hold on to each moment, each stage forever.

This instagram will have to do it for me.

What are you capturing today?

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