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After multiple emails from you, my kind and thoughtful readers, wondering where in the heck I have been – I have finally bit the bullet and entered the blogging world again.  I’ve wanted to give you all an update for a little while now but after so long, I felt the heavy weight of thinking I had to tell you everything, which would take forever and was way too much to tackle.  So I did what many of us do when we don’t want to deal with something – I ignored it.

But, enough is enough!  Let’s start fresh!  Here is what I’ve been doing instead of click, click, clicking away at my computer:

Hanging Out at the Pool with My Little Fish

Spending Time with Cousins and Friends

Seeing If I Like to Bike (and I do)

Starting Preschool

Running Back and Forth to the Hospital While Jason Spent 6 Weeks Recovering From Surgery

There.  That’s been my life.  And it hasn’t had time for blogging or browsing or facebook or following. Hey, I love Pinterest as much as the next girl but sometimes we have to put the computer away and live life, don’t you think?  However, now that the fall chill is setting in, I’m ready to pay attention to you and to my work a little more.

That’s enough for today.  I hear an awesome 3-year-old riding his plasma car around the kitchen calling, “Mom!  Yo-de-lay-he-hoo!”

Way better than blogging.

Welcome back.

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