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Last spring I did a guest post on Ali Edwards’ blog that taught how to use my Teeny Tiny Card Kits to create glassine envelopes.   Oh, how I love those glassine envelopes!  I designed teeny tiny cards in each size of my Silhouette card kits that have since been pinned over and over by readers across the world (click here to see Ali’s post and here for more of my original downloads).  Hooray, Pinterest!  Now that the holidays are rolling around, I’ve added the following new “Elegant” Teeny Tiny Card Kit to my Silhouette store.  Click on the image to go to the file.

Teeny Tiny Card Kit 2.5x4 - Elegant Thumbnail

And since you loved the first batch of cards, here are some brand new holiday-themed cards that fit the 2″x3″ envelopes.  Use them with the hang-tag envelopes or on their own and your gifts will look amazing.  Trust me, I did some wrapping last night and they really do look great as the final touch to any gift.  Click below to download.

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2×3 Holiday

Teeny Tiny Cards - 2x3 Holiday

For my girlfriend gifts this year, I compiled a spool of baker’s twine and 3 rolls of washi tape in a bag, then tucked in a batch of these cards in with them.  It is a gift of some of my favorite things for some of my favorite people.

Also in my Silhouette store this week you will find photo props for Santa and His Friends as well as Frosty the Snowman.  Cut out one or both for the perfect holiday photo shoot.

Santa's Photo Booth - Thumbnail

Frosty's Photo Booth - Thumbnail

And we can’t forget the new alphabet I designed to coordinate with my popular “Elegant” line of holiday shapes.  This “Elegant Alphabet” comes with numbers and punctuation as well as upper and lowercase letters.  Grab the whole alphabet for all of your projects.

Elegant AB - Thumbnail

Elegant Flourishes

Finally, snowflakes and winter stars round out this week’s submission.  Enjoy them all!

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At 50% off all shapes, now is the time to stock up on anything and everything you could want in the Silhouette store!   I shared half of my designs in my last post and here is a look at the rest.  Click on each image to go to my store or see my entire portfolio here.

Holiday Shapes:

Holiday Vinyl Phrases:

Vinyl Quotes & Subway Art:

Print & Cut Designs:

Come on, don’t you just love these?  I’m totally excited about this batch of designs.  This was my first stab at Print & Cut designs – let me know what you think.  Do you use the Silhouette for print & cut or just cutting?  I also love the vinyl shapes – it gives so much more freedom to be able to have letters and shapes separated in a vinyl format.  The design possibilities are so much bigger with that option.  Tell me how you feel about that, too.  Loving the vinyl like me?

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as wonderful as mine.  Enjoy your holiday crafting!

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Due to the Black Friday sale at the Silhouette store, I have been feverishly working on new shapes and a total of 40 are available in my Silhouette store.  I’ll show you what is already there and update new images and links after they are available on Friday.  Since I’m doing this post while at my sister’s house, waiting for sweet potatoes to finish (my assignment) and the family feast to begin, I don’t have my larger images of each shape and design.  We’ll have to deal with the ones I pulled off of the Silhouette site – but just click on each image and it should take you to the store where you will see beautiful, large images of each design.

I’ve been creating a lot of vinyl quotes for gift ideas and home decor.  I put them on tile or wood or canvas (tricky – you have to place something hard under the canvas in order to rub the vinyl onto it) and they have become well-loved gifts to friends, teachers, family members and anyone else on your list.

One of my favorite tile sizes is 9″x12″ rectangles – different than the normal 12″x12″ and they make a great statement.  This quote about gratitude and miracles fits perfectly on a 9″x12″ tile.

I found this quote in a historical book about quilting during the civil war.  Don’t you think it needs to find its way into every craft room, studio and sewing room?  It is a beautiful sentiment for why we love the therapy of working with fabric.

We used the scripture from Esther for our church women’s group to kick off the theme for the year but they make great birthday gifts as well.

Here are more phrases that will add to any decor and will make fabulous gifts, beautiful cards and will even look good on a t-shirt:

Along with sentiments, you’ll find vinyl subway art (I’ll add links when they are available):

And holiday shapes (more to come when they are available):

And letter-size holiday cards (both Christmas and Hanukkah) that fit in any business-size envelope:

And even some printable labels and tags (more to come):

What about those “Days Until” boards you see everywhere!  Here is a new design with a circle for the number and space for the activity you are counting down.  Simply cover a board with chalkboard paint, adhere your vinyl on top of it, add a box of chalk and tie the whole thing up with a ribbon and you have inexpensive, usable gifts for any family.

This “Silent Night” project can be completed in no time.  Gather a frame – 8″x10″ works great.  Back it with a patterned or solid sheet of cardstock.  Adhere the vinyl on top of the frame’s glass and add a ribbon around the entire thing for simple but fabulous holiday decor.  I’ll update with a picture as soon as I have it.

All right.  There you go.  Lots of new shapes and more, more, more to come.  Gift-able designs – that’s my specialty and my Black Friday portfolio will be full of them.  Easy peasy – and they will look great, too.  Enjoy!

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I like being creative as much as the next girl.  The process of creating something beautiful or fun or interesting gives me great satisfaction.  But I shall now take a moment to praise the heavens for Pinterest.  I mean that literally.  True, my boards are filled with projects and recipes that will never see the light of day but they also catalog the many ideas that I’ve actually acted on as well.  I love the instant sharing of ideas and trends and thoughts but mostly I love the efficiency of it all.  Click, click, there’s an idea at our fingertips complete with a tutorial and patterns and pictures to keep us successful.

This is why I’m singing hallelujah to Pinterest  these days.  With time filling up, I am working to balance all of the demands that being a woman brings while still trying to create beautiful things.  There is simply too much to do.  Something has got to give.  Therefore, I have no problem lifting ideas off of Pinterest.  And it comes with a printable?  Thank you!!!!  Bam.  Done.

Here’s what I’ve been PinLifting lately for a baby shower for our dear friend Amber and her new baby boy, Eli.

1.  PRINTABLE BANNER from shanty2chic.

I’m thankful for shanty2chic’s Thankful Banner printables.  And then I’m even more thankful that they added every letter (free downloads here) so we could welcome little Eli properly to the party.

2.  PAPER MACHE PHRASE from theletteredcottage.

I bet you loved the block letter “Give Thanks” made by just hot gluing paper mache letters together (found them at Hobby Lobby for $2.49 each).  I did the same thing for Eli but added a coat of navy blue paint over the whole thing, adding a few touches of light blue on the edges to define them just a bit.  Amber got to take home Eli’s name along with the “Welcome” banner to use in the nursery.

3.  CARAMEL TOFFEE DIP from iheartnaptime.

This dip sounded pretty good on it’s own but put it in a darling 1/2 pint mason jar with an apple on top and she had me hooked.  We piled them on the array of pedestals I made a couple years ago and they became the favors for each guest coming to the shower.  Seriously, they make you feel sophisticated and loved all at once.  We attached the recipe as the tag because we knew that everyone would ask for it – it’s that yummy.  And the apples came from our neighbor’s tree.  Luscious.

Note: We bought the jars at Walmart for $3.97 for a set of 4.  We used the 42 oz blocks of cream cheese from Costco and filled at least 12 jars from each block.  A regular-size bag of brown sugar was just the right amount to add to each block of cream cheese.  We measured out 4.5 cups per bag.  The toffee bits came already chopped up and we only used one bag for all 24 jars.  The thing we had to scour the cupboards for was vanilla – it’s quickly used up when you just have those fairly small bottles in your pantry so plan ahead.  Great gift idea and easy for mass production.


I copied myself on this one and pulled out a 5×7 version of this artwork I designed for Cole’s room back in the day.  Here is a link to my original post and both the girl as well as boy versions.  Amber got to take this home, too.


This one came from me but how can I not be inspired by all of the washi tape ideas floating around?  I love using real dishes at parties but didn’t have enough glasses for this crowd.  I solved that by mixing my crystal with my glass pieces so it looks like I meant to do it.  After adding a strip of washi tape for guests to write their names, the glasses look cohesive with a modern touch of shabby chic.  As one guest said, “It’s a great way to be able to use your nice glasses instead of a red Solo cup and a sharpie!”

Note: I used this same trick with my dessert plates because I really wanted to use my blue and white pieces but only had a dozen of them.  By mixing clear plates in between, it creates sense of purpose to using a variety of dishware.  And yes, those are cloth napkins.  They make me feel rich.  There, I said it.  So I use them as much as possible.  They are easy to wash and quick to iron so why not?   I wished I had just blue and green but I had to add some red ones in there to get the correct number.  By keeping my fall mums as part of the decor, it worked without being matchy-matchy.  I’m now watching for some interesting neutral napkins that I can add with any of my other colors to boost the numbers when needed.

The party was a hit – mostly because baby came early so he joined us!  It’s great to celebrate with the pregnant lady but how much better is it to pass around little bambino so we can all get our baby fix!  Baby Eli hardly made a peep and was the perfect charming gentleman.  Thank you for coming, little one.

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