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Yee Haw!  if you are wondering what activity to do for 8-11 year-old girls and their dads, look no further.  We had a record turnout for this event.  To me, that is the the way you determine if you are meeting the needs of your girls.  If they show up or not.  We had about 30 out of 36 girls come for this 2-hour Recognition Night activity and they brought their fathers or a special “cowboy” in their life with them.

Sister Missionary Quote - Hinckley - Unmerged


Everyone was invited to wear their best rodeo outfit (because girls love to dress up….and lots of dads do, too!) and to come ready for some hoe down activities!  We gave each girl a Sherriff’s badge when they arrived and that’s how they were divided into groups.  We started with a very short welcome and words of appreciation to the fathers for supporting their girls in Activity Days.  We explained how the rotations would work and got started.


Rotation 1: Horseback Riding

This was the highlight of the day, of course.  We have a riding stable in our area where the owner donates a couple hours to us to use.  He teaches the girls (no time for the dad’s to ride!) and gives them an opportunity to participate.  If you do not have this option, don’t worry!  The activity is so fun even without that.  Just add more games and they will have the time of their lives.

And no, I don’t have any pictures of this part….I was busy in another area and I’m highly allergic to horses so I avoided the arena and ended up at the end of the event with no photos of the awesome riders!  Dang!

Rotation 2: Games

Pioneer Clothes Relay Race – Dads dressed up in the women’s dresses and girls dressed up as cowboys for this relay race.  The dads made all the girls giggle with their silly antics.


Target Shooting – use rubberband guns, marshmallow catapults, nerf guns or anything else for some target shooting.

Rotation 3: Calf Roping and Races


3-Legged Race – Tie dads and girls’ legs together for the classic 3-legged race.  We did it multiple times because you get better as you go with this activity!


Calf Roping – With an expert calf roper to teach us the technique, the girls worked with their dads to lasso up a hay bale calf or two.


Pictures – While doing the calf-roping, we pulled dads and daughters away for a photo shoot against the barn.  I wanted to keep it simple so we just brought a barstool and had the dads sit on that with the girls next to them or on their laps.  The barnyard was a great backdrop to remember the activity.  I took the pictures both horizontally and vertically because I don’t know exactly what we will do with them and I wanted to make sure we had options later for making a gift for their dads.



Rotation 4: Line Dancing

One of our leaders put together the Cotton-Eyed Joe line dance routine for the girls and their dads and let me tell you – there are some awesome dad dancers in our group!  Make sure you have plenty of water for water breaks during the activity – especially after some high-speed dancing!



Refreshments: Root Beer Floats

No need to serve dinner – just make some homemade root beer and add the ice cream for yummy root beer floats.  Have plenty of Garbage bags available for a quick and easy clean-up.

We finished off with a whole group line dance performance and a few words about Activity Days.  In our group, we try to make every activity support the Faith in God program requirements so that if the girls come to the activities then they will almost have their Faith In God Award earned by the time they get to Young Womens.  We try to communicate this message as much as possible so we talked about it briefly to the dads that day and thanked them for their support of their girls.


It was a great activity that can be varied a million ways.   Just look on pinterest for cowboy activities or games and you’ll have too many ideas!  The idea is to get the girls working together with their dads to accomplish something and it was a hit!

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Basic RGB

I have a new line out this week in my silhouette store called “Perfect Flourish” and it includes word sets, frames, labels and monograms.   All Halloween shapes are on sale till October 31st so this is the perfect time to get these Perfect Flourish designs.  Each word comes as a separate shape in the file.  Collect all of the sets – and watch for more to come!

Basic RGB

Halloween - Trick or Treat - Thumbnail

And for your non-seasonal projects you’ll see that there are many options to choose from.  Months of the year, everything you need for an invitation and all of the prepositions you desire.  Plus, flourishes, frames and inspirational words like these:

Template - Words Perfect Flourish Set A - ThumbnailPerfect Flourish Labels - Thumbnail

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Uggghhh!  Jason is back in the hospital for the same sore he has been dealing with all year.  After a third surgery (muscle flap and skin flap) and 10 weeks in the hospital, we thought he was coming home.  But his wound suddenly got terribly worse and now are back to square one.  It looks like it’ll be another surgery and another eight weeks before we get to be together full time as a family.  So, we’ll have to settle for face time calls and hospital visits like this one where Coleman is attempting a record-length smooch on Dad’s head.  It was long and full of giggles….the visit and the kiss.

hospital kiss - small

The hospital is where have I been since I haven’t been on my blog.  Bummer!

And to top it off, Coleman figured out how to pronounce the word “hospital” correctly today.  Double bummer!  I love it when he speaks the way that he hears things and verbalizes words the “4-year-old way”.   Coleman is a great communicator but up until today, hospital has been pronounced “hos-ti-ble” and it always made us smile.  I would have been happy with him pronouncing it like that forever.

It is just a tiny manifestation that our little guy is growing up, learning and experiencing life faster than we want him to.  Parenting is a funny thing – we want our children to grow and become independent and move forward but at the same time we want them to stay right where they are forever.  I’ve been feeling those opposite pulls a lot lately when, as an early-bird, Coleman snuggles his little body next to mine at 5:30 in the morning.  Or when he holds my hand as we walk into the grocery store.  When he calls me, “Mama” or believes that the lavender “Bye Bye Scarys” spray really works to keep the monsters away at night.  I know that the more he grows into himself, the more he will grow away from me.  I want it, but I don’t at the same time.  Being a mom is tough and wonderful work, that’s for sure.

When Witches Go Riding - Thumbnail

Along with visits to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect ones for our “jacky-lanterns,” this is a great time of year to be in my line of work.  I think I have created hundreds of Halloween and thousands of Christmas designs for various products over the years.  I love designing for this season and my Silhouette store is bursting with all kinds of Halloween quotes, words and shapes for any project.

Whether you have independent children in your life or not, enjoy this time of year with it’s ideas and projects and fun for any age.  Hang on to those memories and moments and embrace whatever stage your family is in right now.

Happy spooky cutting!  It’s project season everyone!

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