I am an elementary teacher by degree.
An avid reader by choice.
A Silhouette licensed designer by accident.
And an author unexpectedly.

My husband, Jason was a quadriplegic.
He broke his neck when he was 15 years old at the C5-C6 vertebrae.
After we met in college at Brigham Young University, we married in 1992.
Five years later he was in a life-threatening car accident.
He was in the hospital for 13 months.
And ten years of surgeries and hospital stays after that.

It took us 16 years to become parents.
IVF is a miracle and so is our son, Coleman.

Jason was a motivational speaker and life-long conquerer.
Until he wasn’t.
One night he suddenly struggled to breathe.
Eight hours later he died in the intensive care unit at the hospital.
I was 48 years old.
Coleman was ten.
We had been married for almost 27 years.

Our road has been a rocky one.
We have stood at the bottom of the mountain looking up, wondering if we can climb it, then cracked a joke and started the slow ascent.
We clung to the craggy outcroppings that pulled us upward, onward.
The footholds called gratitude and optimism, resiliency and hard work.
We tried not to give up even when we wanted to.

On the day of Jason’s funeral, Coleman led our friends and family in our Hall Family Cheer at the cemetery:
“Who are we? We are the Halls!
Who are we? We are the Halls!
Who are we? We are the Halls!
The mighty, mighty Halls. We are strong, we will conquer.
We stand for the right. We’re full of faith and power,
We will fight, fight, fight!
‘Cause we are the Halls, the mighty, mighty Halls!”

Life is hard. But it’s also good.
We are the Halls, the mighty, mighty Halls!
Still a family. Still together. Just separated for a time.
We will keep rolling forward.