How to Have a We Rock! Party

You will love this.  It's one of those things that I looked forward to before it happened but after the fact, I loved it so much that I feel the need to share it with everyone. It's a party.  A family party. But not just any family party. A party dedicated to celebrating....really celebrating....EVERYONE in … Continue reading How to Have a We Rock! Party

Planning With a Purpose Tutorial

Sledding for an Activity Days activity. Seems like a simple activity, right?  Even our simple activities need to have a plan in order to make them meaningful.  We can always make sure there is purpose in everything we do in Activity Days - not just the big events. The Planning With a Purpose model outlines … Continue reading Planning With a Purpose Tutorial

Activity Days: Snowman Glove Service Project + Planning With a Purpose

10 Lovely Ladies + 27 Snowman Gloves = 1 Fabulous Service Project! Get ready - this is a long post but it takes you through exactly how I used Planning With a Purpose to teach these girls how to plan and implement a meaningful activity.  It will work for any activity - not just this … Continue reading Activity Days: Snowman Glove Service Project + Planning With a Purpose

I’m A Mormon – Love It

I want Coleman to love things.  To love life.  To love friends.  To love family.  To love reading.  To love soccer or lacrosse or chess or whatever activity he chooses.  Jason is a very loyal, passionate person.  He is a super fan of so many things, including Cole and I. I want Coleman to feel … Continue reading I’m A Mormon – Love It