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How many times a week do we say this phrase to our little Coleman?  I sat next to my husband on our way to the soccer game and heard, “It doesn’t matter if you win, but it matters if you do your best.  All the time.”


Is that really true?  It’s easy to say it when he’s five years old and his soccer team, the Red Dragon Ninjas (or the Red Pepperonis, depending on the day) are just learning to play the game.  Will we still believe it when the stakes are higher?

I hope so.  Because it really is true.  I’ll take a hard worker any day.

Do your best, buddy.  And yes, you’re in charge of treats this week and we didn’t forget them.

Treats are all that really matter, right?


Click here for the Silhouette tutorial of my “Do Your Best” quote.  It’s a good one for using the print and cut feature on your machine.



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The wreath was on the door, ready to announce to the neighborhood and all UPS  & FedEx drivers delivering our almost-daily Amazon Prime packages that we have

Coleman’s stealthy approach to unveiling his Daddy’s Father’s Day surprise:
“Hey, Dad!  Let’s take a little walk around the house!
Hmm….let’s go by the front door.  I wonder what that is????!!!!”


After seeing the fun printed burlap ribbon available at Hobby Lobby, I decided to celebrate the Best Dad Ever with this wreath – a little more masculine than the ones I created a couple months ago that are found here – but the same principle applies.  Tie wired ribbon around a $5.00 grapevine wreath and add a phrase or sign or some kind of ornament to fit whatever season you are celebrating, and you’re done.


2″ wide ribbon seems to work the best but for this wreath but Hobby Lobby only had one roll of a couple of the ribbons I really wanted to use.  Instead of wrapping it completely around the wreath and tying it in a bow, I opted to make loops with the ribbon, tie them off with wire, then attach the pseudo-bows to the wreath with wire.  I was able to get almost double the number of bows when I did it that way.

They don’t cover the grapevine wreath if you don’t tie the ribbon around but this is a great way to incorporate low-quantity ribbon into more places on your wreath.  If you put these wired loops next to fully-tied ribbon sections on your wreath, you can fluff it and manipulate the loops to not show the wire.  Can you tell which ribbons I did that with?

I don’t think so!


Coleman helped me paint the board for the quote and I used outdoor vinyl to cut this phrase before attaching it to the board.  Find it here at my Silhouette store (shape #61557).  Remember, all Silhouette files are only meant to be used on your Silhouette die-cutting machines.  They cannot be used (even for printing) if you don’t have the software!  After the vinyl was applied, I sprayed the entire board with glossy varnish to seal it and give it some shine.

My friend saw our Father’s Day wreath and wanted a 4th of July wreath for her door.  Same burlap ribbon technique – this one took about 2 hours to complete, start to finish, and the wooden phrase was at Hobby Lobby for 40% off.  I removed the hanging wire from the phrase and tied it onto the wreath with ribbon.



Celebrate the Best Dad Ever in your life.  Enjoy!


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Uggghhh!  Jason is back in the hospital for the same sore he has been dealing with all year.  After a third surgery (muscle flap and skin flap) and 10 weeks in the hospital, we thought he was coming home.  But his wound suddenly got terribly worse and now are back to square one.  It looks like it’ll be another surgery and another eight weeks before we get to be together full time as a family.  So, we’ll have to settle for face time calls and hospital visits like this one where Coleman is attempting a record-length smooch on Dad’s head.  It was long and full of giggles….the visit and the kiss.

hospital kiss - small

The hospital is where have I been since I haven’t been on my blog.  Bummer!

And to top it off, Coleman figured out how to pronounce the word “hospital” correctly today.  Double bummer!  I love it when he speaks the way that he hears things and verbalizes words the “4-year-old way”.   Coleman is a great communicator but up until today, hospital has been pronounced “hos-ti-ble” and it always made us smile.  I would have been happy with him pronouncing it like that forever.

It is just a tiny manifestation that our little guy is growing up, learning and experiencing life faster than we want him to.  Parenting is a funny thing – we want our children to grow and become independent and move forward but at the same time we want them to stay right where they are forever.  I’ve been feeling those opposite pulls a lot lately when, as an early-bird, Coleman snuggles his little body next to mine at 5:30 in the morning.  Or when he holds my hand as we walk into the grocery store.  When he calls me, “Mama” or believes that the lavender “Bye Bye Scarys” spray really works to keep the monsters away at night.  I know that the more he grows into himself, the more he will grow away from me.  I want it, but I don’t at the same time.  Being a mom is tough and wonderful work, that’s for sure.

When Witches Go Riding - Thumbnail

Along with visits to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect ones for our “jacky-lanterns,” this is a great time of year to be in my line of work.  I think I have created hundreds of Halloween and thousands of Christmas designs for various products over the years.  I love designing for this season and my Silhouette store is bursting with all kinds of Halloween quotes, words and shapes for any project.

Whether you have independent children in your life or not, enjoy this time of year with it’s ideas and projects and fun for any age.  Hang on to those memories and moments and embrace whatever stage your family is in right now.

Happy spooky cutting!  It’s project season everyone!

Once Upon a Midnight Dreary - Thumbnail Witching You Happy Halloween - Thumbnail Basic RGB Come With Me All Hallows Night - Thumbnail

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Jason is an amazing father.  The time and energy he spends being a dad is exactly what I would choose for my son.  Now that Coleman can get in and out of his booster seat in the car, they can go just about anywhere together.  There are very few days when Jason does not take Coleman with him to run errands or go on an outing to the Dollar Store, Cherry Berry Yogurt, to play at a fast food playplace, or anything else they can dream up.  They work out the logistics of a successful day together.  With physical challenges that would give any father opportunities for excuses and giving up, Jason is a hero in every sense of the word.


Father’s Day is only a few days away.  Here is a vinyl quote for the perfect Dad Project.  Personally, I think it would look fabulous using the chalkboard tutorial found here. The quote comes with both son and daughter as well as individual versions. It fits any family.

Dad Son's First Hero Daughter's First Love - Thumnbnail

Head on over to my Silhouette store to get the vinyl quote shape.


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It took us 16 years of marriage for me to become a mother.  There were a lot of Mother’s Days that I didn’t love and I know that for many mothers, there are a lot of Mother’s Days that are still hard.  Maybe we don’t feel adequate.  Maybe we compare ourselves to “perfect” mothers who are not perfect in real life, just in our view of them.  Maybe we feel a sense of loss because we have truly lost something or someone.  Mother’s Day can be difficult.

Best Things In Life Aren't Things - Thumbnail

But now that I am a mother I love Mother’s Day.  I love hearing my 4-year-old sing to the mothers with the other children at church.  I love homemade cards and pint jars covered with tissue paper and glue.  I love feeling that little body pressed up against my leg or my arm or my side…depending on where I am.  I love his hand reaching for mine as we simply walk down the hall together.  I love being called, “Mom.”

Coleman small

Happy Mother’s Day to you all – whether you have children or not.  We are all nurturers and caregivers and friends and mothers to someone.

I have created a new line of vinyl quotes in my Silhouette store here.  I love them.  Yes, it’s true.  I love them.  I hope you love them, too.

Happy Day.

Oh the Places You'll Go - Unmerged

Oh the Places You'll Go - Thumbnail

Life Is Good - Thumbnail

Dwell In What's Possible - Thumbnail

Love You Most - Thumbnail

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Get ready for Mother’s Day with my Silhouette shapes available here in my Silhouette store.

Check out this link for this project featured on the Silhouette blog using my “Love You Mom” shape:

Love You Mom

Here are some more new shapes for you to use for Mother’s Day, including vinyl subway art, a layered phrase, and a flourished phrase.  Give these a try for your Mother’s Day projects.

Mother Subway Vinyl - Thumbnail

Home is Where Mom Is - ThumbnailMy Mother - Thumbnail

Here is a card for every mom in your life  from last year’s collection of letter-size cards.Sentiment Letter-Size Card - Mother Thumbnail

Sentiment Letter-Size Card - Like a Mom Thumbnail

Sentiment Letter-Size Card - Grandma Thumbnail

Life Cards for Project Life or to use as an embellishment on all of your projects:

PL Quotes1 - Mother - Thumbnail

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you women out there – you are mothering someone. Enjoy the day celebrating the mothers in your life.

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Each night at bedtime my 3, soon to be 4-year-old son, drags out the inevitable in order to get me to linger longer in his bedroom.  “Mom, one more thing!”  “Can you get me a drink?” “I don’t want to wear my jammies shirt.” “Mom, I need something.”  And a variety of other comments, questions and pleas to keep me in the room.  His efforts only serve to escalate my frustration and cause me to pause to count to 10 multiple times over the course of the 13 minutes it takes to actually get him to stop talking and go to sleep.

But I would take all those 13 minutes and more of the haggling to continue to hear his final declaration as I’m walking out the bedroom door, “Love you to the moon and back!”  To which I have been instructed to respond, “Oh, you caught me!”  Which, in 3-year-old interpretations means something similar to, “The moon is the farthest away, therefore, you won the love contest, Coleman!”

I do love him to the moon and back.  And farther.  And farther still.  So simple and so perfect.

So dear reader, it’s your lucky day.  Due to popular demand of this vinyl quote in my Silhouette store, I’ve decided it needs to be made into a printable.  Free.  For you.

To the Moon & Back – Printable 5×7

Basic RGB

Two color choices.  Both 5″x7″ size.  Actually, they will fit into a 5×7 mat (or frame) or mounted to a 5×7 card.  Try it in a 8×10 or larger frame with a mat cut-out to fit the 5×7 image.  Use a white mat to give it a little breathing room and it will pack a punch.

And check out how the eighteen25 gals used my arrows here.  You’ll also love my “Thin Arrows” found here at my silhouette store.  Arrows are in – grab them now for all of your Silhouette projects!

Happy Valentines Day.

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