I’m A Mormon – Love It

I want Coleman to love things.  To love life.  To love friends.  To love family.  To love reading.  To love soccer or lacrosse or chess or whatever activity he chooses.  Jason is a very loyal, passionate person.  He is a super fan of so many things, including Cole and I. I want Coleman to feel … Continue reading I’m A Mormon – Love It

A Beautiful Fresh Start

Honestly, blogging has not really crossed my mind over the last few weeks.  Between crazy work deadlines and beautiful spring weather (i.e. yanking out all the yard muck accumulated over the winter and endless bike rides with a new training-wheeled 3-year-old and his friends), time has vanished into thin air.  I've had my Silhouette maxed … Continue reading A Beautiful Fresh Start

Two Thumbs Up for Television. There. I Said It.

It's winter.  Last week Cole was cooped up in the house with a nasty cold - which means no friends could come over to break up the day.  And the television was on way too much.  Oh well. I definitely work hard at not wishing each stage of his life away to something better but … Continue reading Two Thumbs Up for Television. There. I Said It.