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Check out Kelly’s tutorial about how to use light sensitive fabric ink and your Silhouette machine to create fabulous projects with any of my quotes from the Silhouette shop.  Click here for the tutorial.


Looking for the quote Kelly used?  Click here.

Enjoy the amazing things your Silhouette products can do for you!

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One of the best things about the Silhouette machine is all of the materials you can use to create projects.  They just keep coming out with more and more inventive materials that make crafting simple and expand our options of what is possible.  Here are some tutorials and projects using quotes and shapes from my Silhouette shop that do just that.  Click here for my shop (only Silhouette users) or here for Lori Whitlock’s svg shop (non-Silhouette users).


Printable velum is a fabulous look – click here for the tutorial.


Gold and silver foil – the hottest look right now.  Click here for Kelly’s tips on how to get it done.


I know that St. Patrick’s Day is passed but this tutorial is great for cutting apart merged images and shapes.  She used my “You Rock” phrase with guitar shape and turned it into this.  I love the skill that Kim teaches us – it makes so many shapes more versatile and customizable.  Click here for instructions.


Guiseppa used printable kraft paper for this layout.  She used the Print and Cut feature of her Silhouette to make this quote.  Click here for tips and more photos.

The thing I love about quotes is that they are so versatile and can work for any project.  Head to my Silhouette shop and choose the ones for you!




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I’m a quote junkie.  So, when I saw these ideas of how to use multiple quotes for artwork, I was all-in.  Find lots of my quotes for any of your projects in my Silhouette shop here (must have a Silhouette to download) or in Lori Whitlock’s svg store here for non-Silhouette users.


Look for the tutorial for Dawn’s project here.  I just love this use of the Silhouette advent calendar and sketch pens.  Run!  Quick!  Pick out your favorite quotes and get sketching!


I’m a sucker for anything created on a canvas so when I saw this version of my banner words, I had to share it with you.  Find the tutorial here and use any of my banner phrase sets found in the Silhouette shop here.




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I am so intrigued by this new method for stamping that Kelly did over at her blog.  She used my flap card and one of my phrases to make this project – there are lots of flap cards from my series available in the Silhouette shop for Silhouette users here.  Give them a try!



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Check out these two quote tutorial ideas over at the Silhouette blog using some of my favorite quotes.

Click here for Guiseppa’s scrapbook layout and here for Kim’s candle taken up a notch.



Find all of my shapes for Silhouette users here and at Lori Whitlock’s svg shop here.



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I love Kim and the quote she chose to show the world on her cell phone.  How can you not be happy when you carry happiness around with you?  Find her tutorial here and the quote for Silhouette users here.


Yes, the New Year has come and gone (what?  February already?), but I have to share this tutorial with you anyway.  Annie used my “Cheers 2015” quote to create her canvas coasters but I know all of you crafty people out there can see how any quote will work for this project, right?  Themed or not, check out the tutorial here and give it a try!


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Oh boy.  Don’t you just love this fabric-wrapped canvas?  Kelly does a great job showing us how to use flocked heat transfer vinyl for a couple of my quotes.  I just love the fuzzy, raised look it creates.  Find the quotes here and here.  You can also get many of my quotes and other shapes in Lori Whitlock’s svg shop here.


Click here for Kelly’s tutorial.


Now, this is one of my most popular quotes available in the Silhouette shop here and Lori’s svg shop here.  I love how Kelly used the flocked heat transfer material in a variety of colors.  It can be tricky to layer and place each word or phrase when you are using different colors and Kelly did a great job of showing us how to do this effectively and successfully.

Click here for the full tutorial – including how to use the roll feeder.

Give it a try!


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