This Mother and Daughter activity was focused on the journey that each girl takes from their blessing as a baby to the decision they made to be baptized and then preparing to be married in the temple.  3 major events.  3 beautiful white dresses.


The dresses were on display and each girl was asked to bring a photo of themselves as a baby – in their blessing dress if possible.  They were also asked to bring a display of the things they had been working on over the last six months with Faith in God.  Those displays included photos of each girl in their baptism dress if possible.  Those pictures were much easier to gather because most of the girls have been baptized in just the last year or two.


During the gathering, the girls had a fun time playing a game of trying to guess who was who in each baby picture.  They wrote down their guesses amid comments like, “She was so cute as a baby!”  It was a positive and fun interaction to kick off the activity.


After a warm welcome, one of the Activity Day leaders gave a 5 minute talk about the “Best 3 Dresses in Life” and the spiritual gifts that each girl has to help them on their journey.  Since this particular leader had just gotten married only a year ago, she was a wonderful example of living the journey herself.



After the message, each girl shared their talents in their display.  Moms were invited to come up with them if they wanted the moral support.


Finally, mothers had been invited to share talents with the girls.  Much of the focus was on how our mothers were examples of developing their talents and how they can help each daughter develop their own.

Everyone was given this favor as the evening ended:



The simple but tasty fruit pizza for dessert was a great way to end the lovely evening.  My favorite part?  The baby photo guessing game.  The energy and love was a wonderful way to start the activity.  Everyone do this!


This activity was for Mothers and Daughters but it could have been done with dads or whole families.  It was a very meaningful but simple way to connect each girl with their heritage and everyone had a wonderful time!

Activity Days S’more Invite


The Activity Day leaders thought ahead and had a fabulous activity about family history and how to find their ancestors on the computer before this activity.  This activity sparked the flame of interest so that by the time the Campfire Night rolled around, the girls were invested in learning about their families.

Mom and girls were invited to bring camp chairs, roasting sticks and a story of an ancestor to the campfire evening.  The fire was already going when everyone arrived and it was a cozy fall evening – perfect for storytelling.



They went around the group and each girl told the story that they had brought to share.  They were given a half-sheet of paper in advance that invited the girls to prepare a short story to share with the group.  This helped them to keep the stories short and the interest level high as they told their stories.  Some of the girls even memorized their story and one brought photos to pass around.


One thing that was fun about the stories was that they often reflected the personalities of each girl telling the story.  Some were funny.  Many were dramatic.  All were interesting to the group because they were interesting to the girl.  You could feel the family connection as each girl told of their ancestor.



After sharing their stories, everyone was invited to roast marshmallows and make their own s’more treats.  They were also given a favor to take with them.  The whole thing was done in about an hour, with the gorgeous weather to make the perfect night.

S’more Fun Favor 4 On a Page


UPDATE ******
Here’s another group’s take on a similar activity:


Covered-Wagon Food Table
So awesome!



Family History Challenge




This Activity Days family event was a hit all around!

Start with a short lesson about how the scriptures give us spiritual power.



Compare how cars need power to go and you need a key (or keystone) to gain power. Teach about how a keystone is what holds up the sides of the arch.  The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and we receive spiritual power when we read it.  Give each girl a Book of Mormon reading chart and challenge them to read each day to receive spiritual power.  Invite girls in advance to share their testimony of a story in the Book of Mormon or how reading the Book of Mormon has created spiritual power in their lives.




Cars were made at home with their families (leaders supported those who didn’t have help from family members to accomplish this part of the activity).  Create a system of racing so that each girl gets to race as many times as possible – record times, announce winners if you choose and have fun racing!



Decorate with a race car theme and display photos from past activities for the families to see.  Refreshments included some simple “racing themed” treats that made it easy for the leaders and fun for everyone else!

Here are a few pictures of how another group did their Pinewood Derby.  They hired a Pinewood Derby “professional” (like many groups do for their Cub Scout derbys), with a perfect timing system, etc.  They ran the heats and ended up with a champion!  Root beer floats and awards topped off the night.  These girls love creating their cars with their dads or other special people in their lives.

Enjoy these 8×10 printables of the 2016 Young Women theme.  Click on the title below each image to download – all files are 8×10 size.  Silhouette die-cutting machine users can find this design in the Silhouette store here as a cut file.  Other svg users can find it in Lori Whitlock’s shop here.

2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness - Salmon 2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness – Salmon

2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness - Teal 2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness – Teal

2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness - Yellow 2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness – Yellow

2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness - Navy 2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness – Navy

2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness - Green 2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness – Green

2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness - Lavender 2016 YW Theme Press Forward Steadfastness – Lavender

I wasn’t able to attend this Daddy Daughter activity but I wish I had!  Here’s how it went down:

In the weeks prior to the activity, the leaders taught the girls the importance of having good communication with their families. They also prepared invitations and planned together for the activity.

At the activity the girls shared something about each of their dads when they were younger.  It was a great way for them to find out about their dads then share what they learned.

Then they divided into two groups that rotated to the following activities:

  1. The first activity helped them “practice” their communication skills. It was an obstacle course that they guided their dad’s through. The dad’s were blindfolded the girls told them how to overcome the obstacles in their way.


  1. For the second activity the girls and dads had to work as a team to create their own bottle rockets by decorating 2 litre bottles with patterned duct tape and other craft supplies.  These rockets were later launched from some PVC pipe hooked up to an air compressor. The girls and dads loved talking together to create a plan and carrying out the shooting off of each rocket!  Who wouldn’t?



The decorations and refreshments were rocket themed.  Moon pies are an easy solution for this.  And the refreshments might have been sweet but making the rockets with their dads was the real treat of the night!



At this Mother/Daughter activity, the focus was on spending time together, doing activities that built relationships through working together and communication.  The girls rotated through the following activities with their mothers.

1. They made a tile that said, “The love between a mother and daughter is forever”
2. They shared some achievement or goal they had done that year and how their mom helped them. They put these on paper butterflies they made with their moms.
3. Mothers and daughters made a cookie and candy bouquet together.
Everyone came back together in the Relief Society Room after the rotations. There were pictures of the moms when they were young and everyone guessed whose pictures they were.
The best things about this activity is that it was a simple, effective way for each girl to celebrate accomplishments and build their relationship with their mother through positive communication and sharing with each other.



Here’s a great activity that focuses on specific goals.  If your group needs to increase in unity and friendship, this is an activity for you.

Goals: Activity Day Girls went to three different schools and cliques were forming.  The leaders wanted to encourage girls to include everyone, increase friendship in activity days and become more united.

One family member was invited to attend the event with them.


Gathering Game: Bingo Board where they had to find someone who has been to Hawaii, or has a brother, etc to sign their paper.  There was also a photo booth and a display about each girl with their photo and information sheet already filled out.


Opening Prayer and Welcome


Buddy Find: girls sat down at a long table, which had pictures hidden under the chairs.  They each had to find girl with matching picture who would be their buddy for the evening.  The point of this was to break up cliques a bit and give them a chance to get to know someone new.

Stations (Carnival Games):  Girls rotated to different games with their buddy.  Each game had ‘getting to know you’ questions incorporated and they earned tickets at each station.
balloon darts
can toss
face painting
ring toss
beach ball game
bean bag toss


Share: After all of the activities, each girl introduced their buddy to the rest of the group and shared one thing they learned about each other.


Speaker:  The talk was fabulous.   The speaker brought a “friendship toolbox” and had the girls come up to help her teach what it means to be a true friend.  Items included in the toolbox were: a defensive shield,  a listening ear, giant glasses to look for needs, cheerleading pom pom, heart to love and Cinderella’s crown (have courage & be kind).   She did a fantastic job connecting with the girls and challenged them to be friendly to all around them, and also to be a true friend to everyone in our activity days group.  It was an age-appropriate and interactive way to learn about the importance of friendship.  She asked for examples from the group and used some personal stories to illustrate the tools in the toolbox.


Food & Prizes:  mini sodas, hot dogs, cookies, popcorn and favors that they could buy with tickets

This activity had some very specific goals and everything they did focused on accomplishing those goals.  They created a safe and fun atmosphere where the girls could learn about and build memories with someone new.  It was a success at every step.  What wonderful leaders to see the needs of their girls and carry out the activity with great love and care for each individual.

This was a great format for addressing a problem in an engaging way.

Popcorn anyone?