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Mother-Daughter Luau + Daddy-Daughter Sock Hop

This Activity Day group has had a plan for the year – to focus on feet.  “Then In His Footsteps Tread” kind of feet, that is.  This was their overall theme and they created two activities to focus on this same theme.

This is a long post because it’s two big activities – one with mom and one with dad.  They could be done as individual activities or they you could do what this group did and connect them together as a year-long focus and theme.


Their first Recognition Activity with moms and daughters was held in the spring – Luau style.


Their second one was in the fall with dads and daughters and was a much-anticipated Sock Hop & Service Project.


Let’s talk about both.


They started out with footsteps leading from a picture of Christ to the gym at the church building.


Each mother and daughter chose a 3 Muskateer, Almond Joy or Snickers candy bar.  Once treats were chosen, they were told to talk to those at their table with the following rules: if you had a 3 Mustakeer the you told about 3 people that have influenced you, Almond Joy meant to tell what brought you joy, Snickers bar meant to tell what made you laugh.


Welcome and girls singing a song they have been practicing for the Primary Program in the fall.


Everyone was divided into two groups:

  1.  Learn the Hula


  1. Photo booth with Mom



All together again for flip flop cookie dessert.


Then a talk found in the Ensign (Footprints of Faithfulness, February 2015) about a St. George photographer who was trying to capture a photo of the temple with a perfect layer of snow covering the sidewalk.  He arrived at the temple early in the morning and circled the block to find a place to park.  As he came around the corner, the once perfect snow had a line of footprints in it, made by elderly temple workers, getting ready for the first morning shift.  He realized that rather than perfect snow, this was the best photo he could capture.  Footprints leading to the temple.


They then discussed how the girls can follow in the footsteps of their mothers and the Savior as they journeyed through their lives, using both as their example of righteousness.


Finally, the evening ended with the girls giving their mothers a gift they had made at a previous activity: rag-tie flip flops!  They made them for themselves and their moms with the intention of giving them as a Mother’s Day gift (Mother’s Day was the following day).


Service Project


With their focus being two Women’s Shelters in the area, the girls were invited to gather donated pairs of socks to give to women and children in need.  They collected from the neighborhood and they brought donations themselves.  They even got some donations from the local Target stores.  This service project culminated at the Daddy/Daughter Sock Hop one month later.

After the socks were collected, the leaders used another activity to deliver the socks to the shelters with the girls.

Invitation – use a CD and printed labels to create a “record” as each invitation.

IMG_8969 IMG_8970




Photo Booth
Of course, there has to be a great photo opportunity for these girls and their special guests!  I feel so blessed to work with all of the amazing women in our area who make Activity Days possible.  Lucky, lucky me.  I learn so much from all of them.


Soda Fountain
This group actually served hamburgers and fries for dinner but that’s just a bonus.  Many groups don’t have the budget to serve dinner.  How about just focusing on the soda fountain instead?  The girls loved making their own specialty sodas and adding a little whipped cream or sprinkles if they wanted.


Bubble Gum Blowing Contest – who can blow the biggest bubble?

Paper Straw Blowing Contest – remove one end of the paper on your straw and blow the paper off to see how far yours can go!


Guess Who’s Feet are Your Partner’s – special guests when behind the curtain, removed their shoes, and stood with just their feet showing.  The girls guessed who’s feet were their special person’s.


Sock Hop – line dances, lots of twirls and swings.  This is any girl’s dream to dance the night away with their special person!

A great culmination to a year of focusing on following in the Savior’s footsteps.

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I’m not on the front lines with Activity Days any more.  I serve on the Stake level so I get to attend Recognition events and hear about great ideas but I’m not the one getting to carry out these fabulous activities you are seeing here.

I was stopping to get the mail the other day when I saw one of my old Activity Day girls sneaking around the side of  my neighbor’s home.  A car was following nearby, very slowly.  Upon closer look, this car was full of other Activity Day girls and one of their wonderful new leaders.  I knew something good was up!



I went over to the car and found out that it was the older group of Activity Day girls (the 10-11 year-olds).  Each of them had chosen a different younger Activity Day girl to be their Secret Sister.  For their activity, they put together little bundles of treats with a note to each girl.  They were sneaking around the neighborhood delivering their treats to each younger Activity Day girl.



I loved it on the spot!  Then it got better.



Their next assignment was to call each girl’s parents and find out the answers to a series of questions about their Secret Sister.  They were then going to share about their Secret Sister as a surprise at their next Recognition Activity.

Girls celebrating other girls.  What could be better?  Being examples.  Saying, “This is what it looks like to be in Activity Days.  We care about each other!”  We all know that friendships and relationships are often made because we invest time in getting to know another person.  That is what this activity is doing.  Plus, the younger girls will watch this and know how to be kind to those around them.

VARIATIONS: This idea could be incorporated into your Activity Days program in lots of ways.  If you don’t have more than one group of Activity Day girls, who else could they be Secret Sisters to?  Maybe you focus on the 7-year-old girls coming into Activity Days the next year.  How about widows or older couples in your neighborhood?  You could choose various women in the neighborhood who have influenced each girl.  There are a variety of people who would benefit from this activity.

Growing up, I lived in a neighborhood that had many older women living there.  When I was 12, we had a leader who asked each of us to choose individual women, then helped us do a “secret” something for them once a month for a year.  After about 12 months, we invited these women to a dinner and activity to recognize and celebrate them.  I still remember dropping off a bud vase with a garden rose and a note attached or a plate of treats that we had made then running away to hide in the bushes while our “Secret Sister” found their gift.  The gifts were always simple, rarely cost much money, but were a way to say, “Someone is thinking of you.”  You don’t have to do a gift once a month for it to be effective – keep it simple but make it meaningful.

Think about it.  How would you develop this idea?  Please, please, please tell me!  I love this whole concept and can’t wait to see what you do with it!




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