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Today you will find me over at Ali Edwards’ blog with a tutorial on how to use my new Teeny Tiny Card Kits offered in my Silhouette store.  Click here for complete instructions on creating your own glassine envelope notecards using wax paper.  Yep.  Wax paper.  You’ll get a free SVG file or printable template if you want to cut out the shape by hand, plus a free printable to make your project complete.

Here are a couple more ways to use my Teeny Tiny Card Kits that you are going to love.  As I was relaxing in the sunshine with my sister for our birthdays two weeks ago, I mentioned to her that I was going to make little envelope and card sets for my next round of shapes.  She immediately piped up with, “You know what I wish I had?”

I love that question.

Anyone who is in the business of creating wants to know what you wish you had – so we can make it for you!  Often times my expertise doesn’t cover whatever it is they want (an app for folding your laundry or a robotic cook to prepare dinner every night – not an option) but this time, I actually could deliver on her request.

“You know how when you wrap a gift then you want to attach a little card and envelope to it so it doesn’t get lost and you end up having to either tape it to the gift or punch a hole through the whole thing to tie it on?  It doesn’t look cute that way.  I wish I could attach my card to my gift in a cuter way.”

That was the request.  I thought, “Hey, I can do that.”  So I did.

My Teeny Tiny Card Kit instantly went from containing a little card and little envelope to having two envelopes – one with a hang tag and one without.  And for good measure I threw in an extra card – you can either use a flat card or a folded one.  Both fit into either envelope.  To make it even better, if you purchase different card kits of the same size you can mix and match all of the cards and envelopes within each size.  Click here to go to my Silhouette store.

Ta-da!  The perfect little card and envelope set with the hang tag for easy tying.  I used a dimensional butterfly from the craft store to embellish my envelope, tucked a note inside and tied it to my gift.  Simple but gorgeous, don’t you think?  And no chance of that little card getting lost between now and when I deliver the gift.

I used double-sided patterned cardstock and cut out all four shapes simply turned an envelope and card over to get two different but coordinated sets from one file.  Here’s how I used the second envelope – the one without the hang tag.  I created a printable for these little white cards in the 2″x3″ size for Ali’s blog and I have them here for each of the other sizes of my Teeny Tiny Card Kits.  I wrapped a strip of washi tape around the top of the card, popped it in the envelope and was done.  Beautiful sentiments with lovely design and just the right size.  Click on each image to download printables in every size and be sure to head over to the tutorial at Ali’s for the other files.

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2″x2″

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2 1/2″x4″ A

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2 1/2″x4″ B

Teeny Tiny Cards – 3″x3″ A

Teeny Tiny Cards – 3″x3″ B

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2″x3″

Looking for all 10 of my Teeny Tiny Card Kits?  Just click on each name below to be sent directly to the Silhouette file.  And remember, I am in the process of setting up an SVG store here on my blog so all of you who have SCAL software that uses SVGs can purchase shapes here soon.  Don’t worry, I’ll add everything to the shop so you won’t have to miss out on things I offer between now and then.

Here are the links to each file.  Note the image below this list for a visual on each kit.  Enjoy!

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2.5″x4″ Bracket

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2.5″x4″ Rounded

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2.5″x4″ Scallop

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x2″ Bracket

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x2″ Rounded

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x2″ Scallop

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x3″ Bracket

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x3″ Rounded

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 3″x3″ Rounded

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 3″x3″ Scallop

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So, my word for the year is “faith.”

As I was thinking about it the other day I was trying to reconcile the idea of being right when it comes to having faith.  Faith is believing something will happen or believing things will be ok even if you aren’t sure of the outcome.  Faith is peace.  Peace of mind.  Peace in our hearts that the future is not as scary as it might seem.  Peace that we can overcome even if it turns out as scary as it seems.  Peace = Faith.

Does this mean that what we anticipate for the future must be right in order to have faith?  This is what I was trying to work through in my mind because even when I have faith in something, it often doesn’t turn out the way I thought it would.  Did that mean I wasn’t right in what I had faith about?

It occurred to me that being right is different than being certain.  Hmmm….being certain.  I like that.  Two words that appear to mean the same thing as being right but upon further contemplation, are not the same at all.  Being right is so black and white.  You either are or you’re not.  There is not much room for gray and as we all know, life is made up of all the shades of gray.

Being certain, however, invokes something different.  It is the essence of faith – feeling conviction about something even though we are unsure if that something will actually become reality.  Being certain lives in the gray area.  It gives room for change and leaves space for adaptability – the things that life is all about.

I have faith.  Does that mean I am always right when I think about what is to come?  Hardly.  But I can always be certain.  Certain that we can manage it.  Certain that our strength is greater than our circumstances.  Certain that we can be happy in spite of it all.

That is faith.  Of this I am certain.

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One Little Word

Ah, the power of just one little word.

For those of you who have taken Ali Edwards‘ challenge to choose a word each year that you want to focus on, learn more about and develop more completely in your life, you know that this exercise can be quite empowering in our individual quests of becoming more than who we currently are.

Two years ago my word was “savor.”  I wanted to live in the moment more and savor every second of being a new mother.  It helped me to be more present and live with greater intention.  Last year I chose “hope.” Oh, how I love that word.  To me, it is so much more than just a wish thrown out into the universe with the desire that something will return back.  It is a word filled with gratitude.  It is a word calling for action.  It is a word reflecting optimism in it’s most undiluted form.  Hope is a state of being for me and comes with it a determination to move forward with a positive mindset and open heart, ready to create whatever it is I am hoping for.

This year I am choosing a word that is a neighbor of my friend Hope.  They walk hand-in-hand and often cannot be found one without the other.  Why am I choosing a word that is so similar to what I chose last year?  Well, because it keeps coming back to me.  Presenting itself in and out of the center of my vision, asking me to pay attention to it.  So, pay attention, I will – gladly welcoming the opportunity to dig deeper into my understanding of this word.  To broaden the strokes of my experiences and knowledge with it so that it is even more ingrained into who I am.

I choose Faith.

See what I mean?  They are so similar, don’t you think?  Why then, is this the word for 2011?  I have asked myself that question many times already, as I have ignored the cues steering me toward it, looking instead for something different or more unique.  But no, in the brainstorming of a variety of words, each shuffling against one another for the top spot, Faith has won.  Has jockeyed itself to the top of the list and the forefront of my mind.

I think one reason why Faith is on my mind right now is because, as you know, I am at the end of overcoming an intense challenge in my life.  My body is different.  I have a huge scar on my stomach and my organs have been shifted, added to and removed.  I have lost half of my hair and too much weight.  I carry a slowly shrinking, but still swollen belly that keeps me from wearing normal clothes without major overhaul done first.  I have bruises on my thighs from daily insulin shots.  I walk more carefully, sleep more often and eat more cautiously than I did a year ago.  And that is just my physical condition.

I could list similar changes to my emotional, mental and spiritual health as well.  Everything is different than it was 8 1/2 months ago.  I understand this is normal but I also find myself feeling a little unsteady about where I go from here.  What is reality for me?  I am still healing so I know it will keep changing but certain things are starting to come into focus as being my new normal.  What are those things and how do I sort them out and fit them together to create the person I am supposed to become because of this experience?

Where I do go from here?

Finding those answers is going to take some faith.  Faith in God, faith in healing, faith in my family, faith in myself.  I already know a lot about faith.  I use it and believe in it and understand it from experiences I have already had throughout my life.  To me, faith is hope solidified and is centered in gratitude.  I want to explore these ideas and learn even more about what faith means to me personally.  I want to dig deeper.

But mostly, as I step with what seems like a lot of caution and hopefully some determination along my path of life, I want to remember to simply have faith.  I want to remember to use it, remember that it works, remember that it is a power that can help me understand and create the person I am supposed to be.  I want faith to help me not lose sight of hope.

Things will get better.  I will continue to heal.  I will continue to become something more than I was before I got sick.  We will emerge even stronger as  family.  It will get better.

Just have Faith, Kolette.

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It’s true!  After 16 years of marriage we are finally adding a new little one to our family!  I know, I can hardly believe it myself.  I feel like when I look at the ultrasounds that I am watching a movie of someone else.  Not quite real yet.

I took me a long time to feel like Jason was healthy enough that I could handle taking on this challenge – that’s what caused the delay.  I admit.  It’s all me.  But when my OB said, “Well, if you’re going to do it, you better hurry because you’re getting old,” then I figured it was time to dive in.

I am due February 15 – practically the same day as my friends Ali Edwards and Alanna George.  We found out we were having little matching babies at CHA about 6 weeks ago and it is fun to have a friend in it with you.

I have to say that I am totally out of my element here and feel like I have experienced every emotion on the scale – mostly hanging out on the “scared to death” mark.  We started the invitro process in October (IVF) and had our first bump in the road when Jason was admitted to the hospital for an elbow infection for five weeks in December/January.

Once he was out of the hospital, we pretty much maxed out every option for retrieval, fertilization and transfer that they have available at the Reproductive Care Center in Sandy, Utah.  Our philosophy was to do all we could and let God take care of the rest.  Dr. Heiner was fabulous there and we felt very blessed to have such good, competent resources so close to home.  Many people come from much further away than we did to use their facilities.

Invitro is interesting.  It is a science – yes.  But I came to understand and appreciate the art form as well.  Every step is analyzed, tested, and researched before moving forward because each person is unique so the process becomes unique as well.  Dr. Heiner’s creativity as well as his knowledge was so apparent as we progressed through the experience.

What does IVF entail?  Little shots in my belly (easy to do myself), deep tissue shots in my hips (hard to do myself but I did it nonetheless) and pills, pills, pills.  I feel like we have been counting calendar days since October – this baby should be 12 by the time it gets here!

The first time we tried we got 12 eggs and 8 were viable for fertilization.  Then came the challenging part – Jason’s contribution.  But after a series of miracles (literally) they were able to fertilize 7.  We transferred the best three in February but none of them were successful.  (And YES, I was ok with twins or triplets!!!)

Luckily, we were able to freeze the other four embryos and after a month of getting my body calmed down again, we started the whole injection/medication process over. In May we did a frozen transfer – 3 out of 4 of the embryos survived the defrosting so we transferred all 3.  I had a feeling that even the little 5-cell embryo should be transferred.  I still think that is the one that took – it’s a fighter.

Two weeks later we found out that I was pregnant with a small chance that it was twins.  Two weeks after that we saw one little brine shrimp in there with a strong heart beating furiously.  It worked!  We couldn’t believe it.  We’re actually having a baby!  Again, I was really open to the idea of multiples but there is just one.  Jason breathed a sigh of relief at that!

It’s hard to explain how I feel.  Very blessed and excited for sure – I know that there are so many people who have to try much longer than we did and some never have it work.  We are very lucky.  But then I also feel very overwhelmed with the idea of being able to do this.   When I was sick for the next 6 weeks I kept thinking, “I can’t believe I actually paid good money to feel like this!”

I have now reached the 15 week mark and have had multiple ultrasounds and heard the heartbeat (strong and steady) again last week so I feel like it’s time to get the word out.  I know it will be a major life adjustment for us and I’m really nervous about my ability to handle everything that I will need to do.  I keep thinking, “OK, it worked.  Now what do I do?”  But I have to have faith that I can do it.  I know that this was the right decision for us and I have seen God’s hand in the process.  If all of that is true, then I must be able to do it.  I have to have faith in that.

I can’t believe it – we’re actually having a baby!

Thank you to eveyone who left their congratulations, words of encouragement here.  We are so blessed to have such fabulous support as we enter into this new life venture!  Check back for updates!


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