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This fabulous activity was focused on connecting girls connecting with their dad or other special person as they created something together and learned about their true beauty.


Welcome + Theme Introduction
The decor was simple – artwork in a variety of styles was displayed at the front.  One of the leaders gave a short talk about how each piece of art is unique – just as each of them are unique daughters of God, beautiful in our own way.  The world is filled with messages that we are “not enough.”  These messages are not from our Heavenly Father.  He wants each of us to be different so that we can fulfill the things we are meant to do in this life.


Art Teacher
The art teacher from the local elementary school showed the girls artwork from various students throughout the years.  She spoke to the girls about what the word “Masterpiece” means: an artist’s very best work.  She testified that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, who created everything, saved His very best masterpiece for the last: us.  We are His very best work.  We share Heavenly Father’s image and we also share some of their talents – we can be creators, too.  All of the great masters of art had to start small, just like you!

Art Project
Each girl and special person team created their own “masterpiece” canvas.  Mask off shapes and lines on your canvas then paint in each white space.  When dry, remove masking and you have a geometric work of art and quality one-on-one time spent together!

Paintbrush Treat
These simple, darling treats were the perfect way to end the evening.  Rice Krispy treats dipped in frosting with a craft stick for the handle and you have edible paint brushes.


Try this wonderful, meaningful activity – you can adapt it many ways to fit your particular needs.  Learning about things that make them beautiful and working on a project with a special person is the perfect combination for a great evening.  The theme was “Every Masterpiece is a Thing of Beauty” and these girls are the greatest masterpieces of all.

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