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This group has been working on learning the Articles of Faith and this activity celebrates all of their hard work.  Keep in mind how many people you will have at your activity – if parent(s) are invited, do you have enough activity for everyone to participate?  Consider running two groups of each game if you have parents there…that way, you don’t have to think of more games, you just have two of each one going on at a time, two sets of groups rotating through the games.

This is a great way for parents to see how the girls are doing in learning the Articles of Faith and the girls might even know a little more than mom or dad for this one!

Using the Faith in God Primary songs, try to guess which one is playing and hit the buzzer first to identify it.


Match the Article of Faith reference to the words.


Inside one balloon is a fairly large piece of paper with the Article of Faith reference, another balloon has the words.  You need one pair of balloons per 2 people, but you want them mixed up.  Perhaps you will want to have a set of balloons designated for each group to make sure the reference and the Article of Faith words are both included in that particular group’s balloons.

Each person ties a balloon around their ankle.  When the leader says, “Go!” each person tried to pop each other’s balloon without getting their own popped.  Once all of the balloons are popped, they work as a group to find the papers and try to match up the Article of Faith with the correct words.


Roll a die and whatever number they land on, they go to that square and say that Article of Faith.  If they need help, they can ask another player to give words.


This group does a fabulous job of lighting the fire under these girls to learn their Articles of Faith.  Many of the older girls were wonderful examples to the younger girls in their knowledge and excitement for knowing each one.  These girls are ready to check off these Articles of Faith!

Whether you use these games or make up your own, this is a great regular activity or Recognition Activity for your group!

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