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I’m not much of a gambler but I love the word “lucky.”  I don’t really think there is such a thing as luck, actually.  I believe that luck is really a blessing.  A gift of some sort from someone or some being.  I was born in March and although I don’t care much about actual St. Patrick’s Day, I do love the word lucky.  And I FEEL lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Don’t you think it’s the perfect sentiment for anyone, any time of year?  I certainly do.

So, for my first batch of designs that I submitted to the Silhouette online store this week (click here) you will see that I decided to offer a little luck to the experience by whipping up some things for March.  In the past, I designed the artwork for the Gypsy that works with the Cricut along with other Cricut cartridges and truly enjoyed learning how to work in shapes and cuts and lines while doing those projects.  It was a great growing time for me in my technical skills and ability.  And now it’s time to move on to other opportunities – this one in the form of my new little friend, the Silhouette Cameo.  Why did I end up even buying one when I have a fab Cricut sitting right here?  It was all because I wanted to be able to cut whatever I designed – for Cole’s birthday party.

The Silhouette’s designer edition software let’s you do that.  So I bought one.

One thing led to another and after three days and multiple superhero capes later, I was hooked.  I contacted the Silhouette team while I was at the CHA tradeshow a couple weeks ago and started the process of joining the Contributing Artist team at Silhouette America.

Here’s why I decided to do it:

  1. They sell shapes one at a time for $.99 each.  Like iTunes.
  2. I get to decide how many designs I want to submit each week instead of having to create hundreds for one cartridge.
  3. I can skip a week.  Or two.  Or none.
  4. I get paid on how many people buy my designs so I get immediate feedback on what I should design next.
  5. I can design more individualized shapes instead of dozens for a specific theme. If I want to design one party hat, I can design one party hat. (Of course, who wants just one party hat? So, I’ll do more than one….sometime.)
  6. The flexibility and possibilities all fall right in line with my desire for emergence this year.

You get the picture.

Want to see what hit the store this week?   The “So Lucky” card and “Lace Shamrock” from above (yep, the Silhouette cut that puppy out).  And just a little something to protect you from all those pinching fingers on the 17th – try cutting this one out using Siser Easyweed Iron-on Heat Transfer Vinyl, applying it to a simple t-shirt and voila!  You’re ready for the whole month.  And add some rhinestones to those dots in the letters while you’re at it.  Bling.

To complete the March holiday season, create a shamrock-cut banner by mixing-and-matching all these shapes (just $.99 for all of them!) or fill a ziplock or any plastic bag with treats and top it with this custom bag-topper.  Easy-peasy.  Click on each of these images to find them in my store or search in the store using the title.  By the way – skip the green on the bag topper and it will work for any time of the year as a congrats or good job or even welcome to your new home!

Finally, I want to introduce you to my favorite size envelope in the world.  Here in the US it’s called a #10 or letter-size because it fits a regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper tri-folded.  I don’t know what they call it outside of the US – someone tell us, please.  Therefore, if I love this letter-size envelope so much, then I must also love letter-size cards.  You are exactly right.  This week I did a “Letter-Size Happy Birthday Script Card Kit” and an “Letter-Size Owl Card Kit” to fit into my “Letter-Size Simple Flourish Envelope.”  And don’t forget the “Owl Sentiments” to go along with the owl card.  Bam.  Done.

Check back each week and I’ll let you know what I’ve been cooking up or you can head straight to my store by clicking here.

Happy cutting, lucky ducks!

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