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Favorite Things About Today:

1.  No school till January 6

2.  Sledding party for Coleman over at Quinn’s house


3.  Mini BLTs in the works for the family party at Grandma’s (evening will include the Nativity reenactment by the grandkids and the telling of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” – from memory – by my brother, Uncle Kent)


How to make these tasty treats:

  • cut white bread into about 1.5″ circles using a fondant cutter
  • toast bread quickly in the oven
  • add a dab of mayo to each circle using a condiment squeeze bottle
  • place a slice of tomato on top (I use cherry tomatoes and can get about 2 slices per tomato)
  • add another dab of mayo then top with crumbled bacon

4.  I finally buckled down and tackled some EPIC Christmas quotes for the Silhouette store.  Click here for the Grinch, here for the Messiah and here for the Night Before Christmas.

5.  Birch tree card tutorial over at the Silhouette blog.


This card uses my Seasons Greetings shape but I’m in love with those birch trees.  Use this idea all winter long, just add an appropriate phrase from my shop to fit your occasion.   Here’s one that I just added last week.  Most of my phrases come with a layered option as well as a merged option depending on your project.

Winter Wonderland - Thumbnail

Happy Christmas.  Let the festivities begin!

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We did it again.  Click here and here for a detailed plan of how to carry out a Christmas gift swap “Favorite Things Party” for a group of girls or teens.  We invited all of our Activity Day girls, which means we had girls 8-11 years old.


Here’s the invite for this year.  Look familiar?  I went with what worked and Hobby Lobby had the exact same gift tags for sale so I snatched them up, changed the date, clarified the instructions and they were ready to go.  Note the change in information we gave them this time:

1.  food was changed to include appetizers (thanks for  bringing the cheeseball and fruit plate, Ava and Sharrai – they were both almost gone at the end of the activity).

2.  we also specified that we wanted only 4-6 servings because there was WAY TOO MUCH FOOD last year.  Specifying the quantity definitely helped.  We had plenty to go around but not too much.

The girls did a good job of being creative in the food they brought – swirls and snowmen, hand-dipped chocolates and Oreo pie.  Lots of different treats and foods to share and feast on.  They are getting better at this party!


For our lesson, we showed this age-appropriate but meaningful video, (The Reason Behind Christmas – Mormon Message)  talked about how each person in the video committed to giving a service for Christmas.

Then we asked each girl to follow the video example and share a service they were going to give this Christmas.

“This year for Christmas I am going to….”

They then gave their gift to the person who’s name they drew from “the hat.”  Once it was opened, the giver shared why it was their favorite.  Before we started giving, we practiced how to be a good receiver and encouraged the girls to say, “Thank you!  I love it!” to the giver.

Keeping the giving moving along was my job and with over 30 girls there, it was important to move quickly through each person and to remind the girls as time passed to show respect for one another, even if they have already received their gift.  The lesson and gifting took  about 50 minutes, then we spent about 25 minutes sharing about the food we brought and tasting each other’s treats.

With almost all of our girls attending, we’ve proven once again that the Favorite Things Party is always a hit.  I get a lot of traffic to last year’s Favorite Things Party posts so I hope that many of you are running with this idea.  Let me know how it goes so we can share ideas together!

Merry Christmas!

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Life Is Better At Christmastime - Thumbnail

November is a time of thanks but it’s also the month of Christmas projects!  Christmas cards, neighbor gifts, holiday decor….it’s all on the craft table or whirling in our minds before December 1 even hits the calendar.  I have already started adding Christmas shapes and quotes and phrases to my Silhouette store.  Want to see?   The countdown begins!

December Countdown - Thumbnail


Get out your Cameo and give it a permanent holiday home in an accessible location because you are going to love what’s happening for the holidays in my Silhouette store.  This is just a sample of all of the fabulous holiday shapes and quotes and phrases I’ve been getting ready for you.


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Thumbnail Basic RGBSeasons Greetings - ThumbnailPerfect Flourish Bird - ThumbnailBasic RGBTemplate - Words Reindeer - Thumbnail

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Due to the Black Friday sale at the Silhouette store, I have been feverishly working on new shapes and a total of 40 are available in my Silhouette store.  I’ll show you what is already there and update new images and links after they are available on Friday.  Since I’m doing this post while at my sister’s house, waiting for sweet potatoes to finish (my assignment) and the family feast to begin, I don’t have my larger images of each shape and design.  We’ll have to deal with the ones I pulled off of the Silhouette site – but just click on each image and it should take you to the store where you will see beautiful, large images of each design.

I’ve been creating a lot of vinyl quotes for gift ideas and home decor.  I put them on tile or wood or canvas (tricky – you have to place something hard under the canvas in order to rub the vinyl onto it) and they have become well-loved gifts to friends, teachers, family members and anyone else on your list.

One of my favorite tile sizes is 9″x12″ rectangles – different than the normal 12″x12″ and they make a great statement.  This quote about gratitude and miracles fits perfectly on a 9″x12″ tile.

I found this quote in a historical book about quilting during the civil war.  Don’t you think it needs to find its way into every craft room, studio and sewing room?  It is a beautiful sentiment for why we love the therapy of working with fabric.

We used the scripture from Esther for our church women’s group to kick off the theme for the year but they make great birthday gifts as well.

Here are more phrases that will add to any decor and will make fabulous gifts, beautiful cards and will even look good on a t-shirt:

Along with sentiments, you’ll find vinyl subway art (I’ll add links when they are available):

And holiday shapes (more to come when they are available):

And letter-size holiday cards (both Christmas and Hanukkah) that fit in any business-size envelope:

And even some printable labels and tags (more to come):

What about those “Days Until” boards you see everywhere!  Here is a new design with a circle for the number and space for the activity you are counting down.  Simply cover a board with chalkboard paint, adhere your vinyl on top of it, add a box of chalk and tie the whole thing up with a ribbon and you have inexpensive, usable gifts for any family.

This “Silent Night” project can be completed in no time.  Gather a frame – 8″x10″ works great.  Back it with a patterned or solid sheet of cardstock.  Adhere the vinyl on top of the frame’s glass and add a ribbon around the entire thing for simple but fabulous holiday decor.  I’ll update with a picture as soon as I have it.

All right.  There you go.  Lots of new shapes and more, more, more to come.  Gift-able designs – that’s my specialty and my Black Friday portfolio will be full of them.  Easy peasy – and they will look great, too.  Enjoy!

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