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This fabulous activity was focused on connecting girls connecting with their dad or other special person as they created something together and learned about their true beauty.


Welcome + Theme Introduction
The decor was simple – artwork in a variety of styles was displayed at the front.  One of the leaders gave a short talk about how each piece of art is unique – just as each of them are unique daughters of God, beautiful in our own way.  The world is filled with messages that we are “not enough.”  These messages are not from our Heavenly Father.  He wants each of us to be different so that we can fulfill the things we are meant to do in this life.


Art Teacher
The art teacher from the local elementary school showed the girls artwork from various students throughout the years.  She spoke to the girls about what the word “Masterpiece” means: an artist’s very best work.  She testified that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, who created everything, saved His very best masterpiece for the last: us.  We are His very best work.  We share Heavenly Father’s image and we also share some of their talents – we can be creators, too.  All of the great masters of art had to start small, just like you!

Art Project
Each girl and special person team created their own “masterpiece” canvas.  Mask off shapes and lines on your canvas then paint in each white space.  When dry, remove masking and you have a geometric work of art and quality one-on-one time spent together!

Paintbrush Treat
These simple, darling treats were the perfect way to end the evening.  Rice Krispy treats dipped in frosting with a craft stick for the handle and you have edible paint brushes.


Try this wonderful, meaningful activity – you can adapt it many ways to fit your particular needs.  Learning about things that make them beautiful and working on a project with a special person is the perfect combination for a great evening.  The theme was “Every Masterpiece is a Thing of Beauty” and these girls are the greatest masterpieces of all.

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I wasn’t able to attend this Daddy Daughter activity but I wish I had!  Here’s how it went down:

In the weeks prior to the activity, the leaders taught the girls the importance of having good communication with their families. They also prepared invitations and planned together for the activity.

At the activity the girls shared something about each of their dads when they were younger.  It was a great way for them to find out about their dads then share what they learned.

Then they divided into two groups that rotated to the following activities:

  1. The first activity helped them “practice” their communication skills. It was an obstacle course that they guided their dad’s through. The dad’s were blindfolded the girls told them how to overcome the obstacles in their way.


  1. For the second activity the girls and dads had to work as a team to create their own bottle rockets by decorating 2 litre bottles with patterned duct tape and other craft supplies.  These rockets were later launched from some PVC pipe hooked up to an air compressor. The girls and dads loved talking together to create a plan and carrying out the shooting off of each rocket!  Who wouldn’t?



The decorations and refreshments were rocket themed.  Moon pies are an easy solution for this.  And the refreshments might have been sweet but making the rockets with their dads was the real treat of the night!



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Silly.  Fun.  Friendly competition.  Laughter.  Teamwork.  Lots of giggling.  That’s what happened at this Daddy/Daughter event for Activity Days.


We’re starting up Recognition Activities in our area and this is the first one I got to visit.  I am not in charge of these activities any more – I just get to attend them – so I don’t have everything that it took to make these events happen but I will give you what you need to carry it out in your own area.

There are about 35 girls in this group of Activity Days girls so the leaders planned for 3 groups of dads/daughters who rotated as a group and 3 games in each rotation.

Pick any games you want – this is a fun format that the girls and dads will remember forever.  But if you want ideas of which games to pick, they had a great line-up!

Ready Spaghetti


Dice Stacking Game


Elephant March

IMG_7416 IMG_7437

Cheeto Head (fan favorite)


Face the Cookie


Scoop It Up


Marshmallow Head


Junk In the Trunk


Of course, whenever you have dads and daughters together, you’ve got to have a chance for a photo shoot.  They’ll be using these pictures for a future activity – Father’s Day gifts.  But the sign here really says it all – it only takes a minute to make some awesome memories!


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I only attended this activity as a guest so I can’t give you the play-by-play, behind-the-scenes plan.  But I will share what I have because….this is worth sharing…and doing.


It was meaningful.

It was simple.

It was about connecting.

It was about developing relationships.

It was about celebrating these girls.

It was a lovely evening and I invite you to try it with your own Activity Day group.  Here’s how it went down:


Everyone dressed up – looking darling and handsome.  They gathered at tables for a short program, had dessert and a photo booth opportunity, then the dancing began.  That was the extent of it.  But from the twirls and spins and dips I saw on the dance floor, it was a magical night for these darling girls and their dads.

  1. welcome
  2. short message from a member of the bishopric
  3. chocolate fountain bar for dessert
  4. photo booth (with props)
  5. dancing



I wish I had a copy of the invitation, but I don’t.  We will settle for the pictures I took that night with my phone.  They strung a few strands of twinkling lights criss-cross across the gym to create a “dance floor” vibe.  Kind of retro.  Kind of Town Square Courtyard feel.  Festive enough to feel special.  The girls were taught how to create tissue paper poms at a previous activity (a life-skill if I’ve ever heard of one) and those added to the decor.


The tables had simple vases with silver branches to add some sparkle.  There is never much of a budget for these things and I loved seeing them use their money on the most important parts of the event – the dessert was a special treat and the “gifts and favors” were meaningful and added to the event.



The bishopric counselor gave a wonderful (and short – about 5 minutes) message introducing their theme, “Daughter of a Heavenly King.”  He talked about the song “Daughter of a King” by Jenny Phillips as well as a quote, “Be loyal to the royal within you.”  Both became a little bundled favor for each girl to take home – a copy of the song and the printable.   (There are many printables available online with this phrase if you do a simple search.)

Playing the song for the girls and their dads would have been a simple addition.  Or perhaps have this song playing over and over as they arrived at the event.  Either would have been a way to incorporate the actual song to the evening if you wanted to.


I thought that this dessert option was genius for a couple of reasons.  I believe (this is totally my opinion) that serving a meal is often over-rated and an interesting dessert can usually (not always, but often) serve the same purpose.  The reason I say this is because of the time and money it takes to do a meal is high and we can often get the same result just doing a dessert or smaller food item.


The second reason why this idea was so fabulous was because it was SPECIAL.  Who has a chocolate fountain for dessert on a regular basis?  Not me!  It is fun and interactive and individual and SPECIAL.  It made everyone there feel important and made the night feel magical.  Plus, it probably didn’t cost a huge amount of money to provide the chocolate, some cut fruit, pretzels, cinnamon bears, marshmallows, etc.  Great idea, ladies!



Girls and dads chose props and had their pictures taken in sets of 3 – just like a photo booth.  I have a feeling these pictures will find their way back to the girls in strips of 3 photos (just like a photo booth would produce) and it’s a great idea.  If you don’t want to tackle that photoshop task, one picture is just as fun to commemorate the evening.

(UPDATE) – I was right!  Here’s an example of the 3 photos each Daddy/Daughter pair received from their awesome leaders.  So fun!





If dancing with your little princess wasn’t enough, each father received a gift from their daughter.  I loved what these leaders helped the girls do for their dads.  They decorated a frame but the photo inside was darling – an individual black and white shot of each girl (with a white background).  Someone is good at this photography thing in the group because the photos were great and then they photoshopped a little crown and “Daughter of a King” label onto each image before inserting them into the frames.


With each photo was a letter to Dad from their daughter.  This was a great opportunity to share their growth in the gospel, their goals, their achievements, and their love for their fathers.  This letter was one of my favorite parts of the whole activity.  What a treasure for these fathers to take home.


The dance took up about half of the hour and a half event.  Disney tunes, upbeat versions of Primary tunes and other completely uplifting and wholesome music was played once the dessert and dance started.  Lots of giggling, lots of twirling, lots of cool dance moves were going on.  Most of all – lots of love was being shared.

It was a magical night to remember.   It made me wish I was 10 years old.

This activity inspired me to design this printable.   Thank you to the wonderful leaders who created such a fabulous evening!


Be Loyal to the Royal - 6x6 raspberry

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Yee Haw!  if you are wondering what activity to do for 8-11 year-old girls and their dads, look no further.  We had a record turnout for this event.  To me, that is the the way you determine if you are meeting the needs of your girls.  If they show up or not.  We had about 30 out of 36 girls come for this 2-hour Recognition Night activity and they brought their fathers or a special “cowboy” in their life with them.

Sister Missionary Quote - Hinckley - Unmerged


Everyone was invited to wear their best rodeo outfit (because girls love to dress up….and lots of dads do, too!) and to come ready for some hoe down activities!  We gave each girl a Sherriff’s badge when they arrived and that’s how they were divided into groups.  We started with a very short welcome and words of appreciation to the fathers for supporting their girls in Activity Days.  We explained how the rotations would work and got started.


Rotation 1: Horseback Riding

This was the highlight of the day, of course.  We have a riding stable in our area where the owner donates a couple hours to us to use.  He teaches the girls (no time for the dad’s to ride!) and gives them an opportunity to participate.  If you do not have this option, don’t worry!  The activity is so fun even without that.  Just add more games and they will have the time of their lives.

And no, I don’t have any pictures of this part….I was busy in another area and I’m highly allergic to horses so I avoided the arena and ended up at the end of the event with no photos of the awesome riders!  Dang!

Rotation 2: Games

Pioneer Clothes Relay Race – Dads dressed up in the women’s dresses and girls dressed up as cowboys for this relay race.  The dads made all the girls giggle with their silly antics.


Target Shooting – use rubberband guns, marshmallow catapults, nerf guns or anything else for some target shooting.

Rotation 3: Calf Roping and Races


3-Legged Race – Tie dads and girls’ legs together for the classic 3-legged race.  We did it multiple times because you get better as you go with this activity!


Calf Roping – With an expert calf roper to teach us the technique, the girls worked with their dads to lasso up a hay bale calf or two.


Pictures – While doing the calf-roping, we pulled dads and daughters away for a photo shoot against the barn.  I wanted to keep it simple so we just brought a barstool and had the dads sit on that with the girls next to them or on their laps.  The barnyard was a great backdrop to remember the activity.  I took the pictures both horizontally and vertically because I don’t know exactly what we will do with them and I wanted to make sure we had options later for making a gift for their dads.



Rotation 4: Line Dancing

One of our leaders put together the Cotton-Eyed Joe line dance routine for the girls and their dads and let me tell you – there are some awesome dad dancers in our group!  Make sure you have plenty of water for water breaks during the activity – especially after some high-speed dancing!



Refreshments: Root Beer Floats

No need to serve dinner – just make some homemade root beer and add the ice cream for yummy root beer floats.  Have plenty of Garbage bags available for a quick and easy clean-up.

We finished off with a whole group line dance performance and a few words about Activity Days.  In our group, we try to make every activity support the Faith in God program requirements so that if the girls come to the activities then they will almost have their Faith In God Award earned by the time they get to Young Womens.  We try to communicate this message as much as possible so we talked about it briefly to the dads that day and thanked them for their support of their girls.


It was a great activity that can be varied a million ways.   Just look on pinterest for cowboy activities or games and you’ll have too many ideas!  The idea is to get the girls working together with their dads to accomplish something and it was a hit!

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