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This week in the Silhouette store you will find my new Pop-Up Card series.  It seems a little confusing at first but after one look at these pics, you’ll be heading to download all 10 files.  Here’s how the 3 components work:

1.  CARD (outer card and inside pop-up card) – cut out both cards and simply fold them in half, popping out the strip that runs down the middle of the inside card, so that you can attach an embellishment to it.

2.  SENTIMENT SET (embellishment & phrase or 2 phrases) – one goes on the front of your card while the other attaches to the inside pop-up card.  You’ll notice I give you some extra embellishments to attach to the background of your card as well.  Hooray!  Any Sentiment Set will fit on any pop-up card.

3.  ENVELOPE – each envelope matches a different card design.  The flap is the same shape as the card but…wait for it…the envelope front has a fabulous matching design cut out of it for a little peek-a-boo fun before the card is even opened!

Here are some examples of how to put together the 3 components.  I am really in to using a white-on-white canvas right now.  It’s so fresh and clean and any color added really pops (pun intended.)  But you can use any color of cardstock to create your cards – contrasting colors look fabulous, too.

Click on the file name of each card to be sent directly to the correct files in my Silhouette store.  Mix and match Sentiment Sets with Cards & Envelopes for lots of different looks.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday / Cupcake Sentiment Set
Scallop Pop-Up Card Set
Scallop Envelope

How to create this: Place washi tape strips vertically, overlapping the edges slightly.  Cover card base with washi tape at the top and bottom so cut-out shapes show through.  Wrap some ribbon around the whole base for a colorful surprise when the card opens.

It’s Your Day / Party Like a Rock Star Sentiment Set
Crown Pop-Up Card Set
Crown Envelope

How to create this: Ink the card base in the space where the pop-up card designs show through to give shapes a little color.  Use the “Party Like a” banner at the back of the pop-up card to tie the whole look together.  Place a strip of masking tape or painter’s tape vertically on the card front then ink within that space.  Remove tape for a clean edge of ink.  Add thin strips of ribbon to create stripes over the ink.

You’re My Favorite / Hedgehog Sentiment Set
Chevron Pop-Up Card Set
Chevron Envelope

How to create this:  Washi tape is our friend.  Place a few strips on the side of the front of your card.  I had a solid blue tape that I used with a green polka dot over the top of, creating a completely different pattern that perfectly coordinates.  One strip is hanging off the edge to create a tab.  For the pop-up portion, layer washi tape across the bottom portion to help the chevron pattern stand out.  Then use the banner files to create a banner on the back of the pop-up card.  I attached my baker’s twine with a thin line of Elmer’s Glue.  Who wouldn’t love a hedgehog today?

Welcome Little One / Elephant Sentiment Set
Chevron Pop-Up Card Set
Chevron Envelope

How to create this: This is the simplest design but my favorite card of all.  Here I kept the white-on-white and simply left the subtle pattern to stand on its own.  Attach the balloon to the background of the card and use baker’s twine to connect the balloon to the trunk of the elephant.  The interaction this creates between the embellishments is a sweet treat to find inside this darling card.  Then add a wide ribbon around the front of the card for a simple but lovely addition – just like the little one you are celebrating!  Package the whole thing in a coordinating envelope and you have the perfect little treasure.

Click here to see my whole store.  Happy Cutting!

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Today you will find me over at Ali Edwards’ blog with a tutorial on how to use my new Teeny Tiny Card Kits offered in my Silhouette store.  Click here for complete instructions on creating your own glassine envelope notecards using wax paper.  Yep.  Wax paper.  You’ll get a free SVG file or printable template if you want to cut out the shape by hand, plus a free printable to make your project complete.

Here are a couple more ways to use my Teeny Tiny Card Kits that you are going to love.  As I was relaxing in the sunshine with my sister for our birthdays two weeks ago, I mentioned to her that I was going to make little envelope and card sets for my next round of shapes.  She immediately piped up with, “You know what I wish I had?”

I love that question.

Anyone who is in the business of creating wants to know what you wish you had – so we can make it for you!  Often times my expertise doesn’t cover whatever it is they want (an app for folding your laundry or a robotic cook to prepare dinner every night – not an option) but this time, I actually could deliver on her request.

“You know how when you wrap a gift then you want to attach a little card and envelope to it so it doesn’t get lost and you end up having to either tape it to the gift or punch a hole through the whole thing to tie it on?  It doesn’t look cute that way.  I wish I could attach my card to my gift in a cuter way.”

That was the request.  I thought, “Hey, I can do that.”  So I did.

My Teeny Tiny Card Kit instantly went from containing a little card and little envelope to having two envelopes – one with a hang tag and one without.  And for good measure I threw in an extra card – you can either use a flat card or a folded one.  Both fit into either envelope.  To make it even better, if you purchase different card kits of the same size you can mix and match all of the cards and envelopes within each size.  Click here to go to my Silhouette store.

Ta-da!  The perfect little card and envelope set with the hang tag for easy tying.  I used a dimensional butterfly from the craft store to embellish my envelope, tucked a note inside and tied it to my gift.  Simple but gorgeous, don’t you think?  And no chance of that little card getting lost between now and when I deliver the gift.

I used double-sided patterned cardstock and cut out all four shapes simply turned an envelope and card over to get two different but coordinated sets from one file.  Here’s how I used the second envelope – the one without the hang tag.  I created a printable for these little white cards in the 2″x3″ size for Ali’s blog and I have them here for each of the other sizes of my Teeny Tiny Card Kits.  I wrapped a strip of washi tape around the top of the card, popped it in the envelope and was done.  Beautiful sentiments with lovely design and just the right size.  Click on each image to download printables in every size and be sure to head over to the tutorial at Ali’s for the other files.

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2″x2″

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2 1/2″x4″ A

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2 1/2″x4″ B

Teeny Tiny Cards – 3″x3″ A

Teeny Tiny Cards – 3″x3″ B

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2″x3″

Looking for all 10 of my Teeny Tiny Card Kits?  Just click on each name below to be sent directly to the Silhouette file.  And remember, I am in the process of setting up an SVG store here on my blog so all of you who have SCAL software that uses SVGs can purchase shapes here soon.  Don’t worry, I’ll add everything to the shop so you won’t have to miss out on things I offer between now and then.

Here are the links to each file.  Note the image below this list for a visual on each kit.  Enjoy!

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2.5″x4″ Bracket

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2.5″x4″ Rounded

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2.5″x4″ Scallop

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x2″ Bracket

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x2″ Rounded

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x2″ Scallop

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x3″ Bracket

Teeeny Tiny Card Kit – 2″x3″ Rounded

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 3″x3″ Rounded

Teeny Tiny Card Kit – 3″x3″ Scallop

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