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I needed to stay focused on work deadlines yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post our giveaway winner.  Thank you for your responses.  It was very interesting to me as I looked at each comment which came in.  As I read the word that described a person you loved, I found myself wanting to know them for myself.  I wanted to see what made them wise or energetic or deliberate or spirited.  In just one little word you were able to capture the essence of who they were in such a way that made me want to know them.  Thank you for that little unexpected source of joy this past weekend.

And as one of you said….I think I see some scrapbook layouts coming on from these comments!  What a treasure they would be.


As for our winners (yes, I said winners)…I have randomly selected the following people who will receive a care package in the mail designed by yours truly – some of my $1 stamps as well as a full-sized set.  Please email me your address at kolette@kolettehall.com:

Delyne:  The essence of my 2yr old grandson: Energetic

Michelle Price: Delight! Delight in time together, delight in their personalities, just delight about everything!

Vikki M:  My husband: Fuzz
Its my nickname for him, but so much more than that. It reminds me that he is happy, fun, and just how much he loves me. Who else would embrace a silly nickname so much that even our friends and family call him Fuzz.

Thanks for playing and for following the blog.  Have a wonderful day!

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