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Family Home Evening is a principle practiced by members of the LDS church where we set aside one night a week to learn about the gospel, do an activity and spend time together as a family.  If possible, we try not to schedule other things for our families on that night.  We have been encouraged to use Monday night as Family Home Evening but the important idea is to set aside a specific time – whenever it works for each individual family.  If you would like to know more about Family Home Evening, click here.


In an effort to increase our Activity Day girls’ involvement in and understanding of FHE, we dedicated an activity to learning about it.  I am in love with this activity that my fabulous partner, Jessica organized for us last week.  Seriously in love.  I’ll tell you why:

1.  She taught the principle of in a clear and simple way.

2.  She gave the girls an opportunity to practice the principle in a realistic way.

3.  She challenged the girls to apply the principle at home.

4.  She extended the principle with an easy project that will allow personal application of the principle all year long and help their parents in the process.

It was classic effective teaching and it all happened in just one hour.  I’ll break it down for you:


1.  Principle:    Jessica gave a short lesson about what Family Home Evening is, why we set aside time each week to spend quality time learning about the gospel as a family, and how to carry out an effective Family Home Evening.  She used the information on the LDS website about Family Home Evenings to formulate the 7 minute lesson.  Click here for more info to create a lesson for yourself.  She used this chart to show how each person in the family should take part in FHE.  Click here for printable.

Fhe-chart-6 FHE Chart from poppiesatplay.blogspot.com

2.  Practice:    After discussing each step of an effective FHE, Jessica had the girls each take a responsibility and they practiced an actual Family Home Evening together.  We sang a song (Hum your Favorite Hymn or Choose the Right Way – from the Children’s Songbook), assigned prayers, and even had the following lesson about not taking the Lord’s name in vain.  Jessica handled the discussion part of the lesson and assigned someone to  read  this story at the right spot.  She made it easy for each person to practice their part in a Family Home Evening.

FHE Lesson – Do Not Take Lord’s Name in VainMicrosoft Word - FHE Lesson - Take Lord's Name in Vain.docx

3.  Apply:    Following the lesson, Jessica challenged each girl to give the same lesson to their own families at home sometime during the next week or two.


Jessica found lists of family home evening activity ideas as well as ideas for a song/scripture/gospel discussion that were included in their jars.


Each girl had a copy of all of the papers and they simply cut the ideas into individual strips, folded them, and placed them in their jar.

4.  Activity:    Finally, as a way to extend their experience with quality Family Home Evenings at home, each girl created an FHE Jar with ideas for gospel principle discussions and family activities included.  The cost was minimal – she said she got the jars for about $.50 each and used wrapping paper and ribbon she had on hand for the decoration.  She copied the idea sheets at the church so they were free.  Hooray!


All that was needed were copies of the FHE ideas, scissors to cut them into strips, wrapping paper strips to wrap around the jars (adhere with scotch tape), ribbon for jar lid and “FHE Jar” tag.

This is a wonderful resource for any family and I kept thinking about how their moms would be so happy that they came home with this fabulous bundle of FHE ideas cut, folded and packed into that little jar.  Click here  and here and here for some resources for your FHE Jar.


The girls enjoyed it.  They were successful in the practice and application of the lesson that Jessica taught and I am so grateful for this powerful activity that she took the time to create.  Thank you, Jess!  And thank you, girls, for being so willing and responsive to learning about and living gospel principles.  You are so loved!


There are many resources online for FHE ideas and lessons.  You can use any lesson you choose for this activity.  The important thing was that Jessica kept it simple and short so that we had time to finish all of the activities.


Coleman had to come with me to the activity and of course, he elbowed his way into a spot at the table to create his own jar.  He was in charge of folding and stuffing the papers into the jar and he chose the wrapping paper and ribbon.  We have already done a few of the activities and lessons from the jar and it hasn’t even been a week yet!  Why not?  FHE can be every day if we want!


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