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We’ve been playing furiously for the last few weeks at our family reunions.  No time for blogging or designing while the calendar was chock full of swimming, family games, roller coaster rides down the mountain and at the theme park, boating, s’mores, campfires, one rainstorm, lots of sunshine and nonstop fun.



The big cousins were fabulous with the little munchkins, creating activities for all of them to do together.  Playing till the sun went down out on the lawn was a highlight to end each day.

DIY FIELD HOCKEY: Use foam noodles cut in half as the hockey sticks and a lightweight plastic ball (about 10″ diameter).  Works for any age and all supplies were found at the dollar store on the cheap.


The Halls have done “Anything Goes” games since they were a young family 30 years ago.  We continued the tradition at the Hall reunion and then the next week at the Coleman reunion as well.  A complete list of the games will come soon but I’ll preview our favorite game here.

EGG ROULETTE – we had 21 people so we used two dozen eggs for this activity.  We cooked 10 of the eggs so they were hard boiled.  Then we mixed up all the eggs in the egg carton.  In groups of 2 or 3 or sometimes 4, we chose an egg each and smacked it on our foreheads to find out if it was cooked (lucky!) or raw!  Awesome Egg-Fest for sure!

Here’s me, my sister, Kara and her daughter Brynne during our egg smack.  I love these pictures…do we look related, or what????



We played hard and laughed hard and slept hard.  I’m so sad it has come to an end tonight.  Jason and I are blessed to love being with both sides of our families.  Halls.  Colemans.  It’s all family to us.

You can find these family-oriented vinyl phrases here in my Silhouette store along with a whole slew of other fabulous quotes.  Just click on each image to find to these.

I’ve got family on my mind.  I hope you love your summer as much as we are.


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