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At 50% off all shapes, now is the time to stock up on anything and everything you could want in the Silhouette store!   I shared half of my designs in my last post and here is a look at the rest.  Click on each image to go to my store or see my entire portfolio here.

Holiday Shapes:

Holiday Vinyl Phrases:

Vinyl Quotes & Subway Art:

Print & Cut Designs:

Come on, don’t you just love these?  I’m totally excited about this batch of designs.  This was my first stab at Print & Cut designs – let me know what you think.  Do you use the Silhouette for print & cut or just cutting?  I also love the vinyl shapes – it gives so much more freedom to be able to have letters and shapes separated in a vinyl format.  The design possibilities are so much bigger with that option.  Tell me how you feel about that, too.  Loving the vinyl like me?

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as wonderful as mine.  Enjoy your holiday crafting!

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