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This Recognition Activity was done in the fall and helped the girls celebrate the fact that when they work for something now, they will have the blessing of the “harvest” in the end.  Mothers were invited and it was a wonderful harvest celebration.


Decorations: Individual Goals
In a previous activity, each girl created a piece of artwork that highlighted their individual talents and goals.  They chose something they wanted to work on and the leaders will talk about them again in six months to see how many blessings have been “harvested.”  A wonderful, individual way to share their growth in the “Developing Talents” category of Faith in God.


Welcome + Message
A short message, explaining the “Law of the Harvest” was given and the rest of the activity was explained.  Click on the following link for the message:
The Law of the Harvest

Harvest Games
After sharing their artwork and goals, they played some harvest games.

Leafblower: blow as many leaves down the length of a table.  Suck them onto the end of your straw and place them in a container.  The most leaves wins!

Pumpkin Balance: who can balance pumpkins on a craft stick in your mouth the fastest?

Pumpkin Cup Stacking: who can stack their pumpkin cups into a pyramid the fastest?

Handout + Treat
Each girl received a homemade loaf of bread and small jar of jam to remind them of the blessings that come from a harvest.  The following handout came attached to a packet of seeds for them to “sow” and “reap.”


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