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My husband Jason is a motivational speaker.  He has traveled the world speaking to corporations and groups about how to overcome adversity and deal with change (something many of us are working through right now).  Jason recently spoke for a group of orthodontic staff members and during his presentation told a story about “Chore Cards.”

After Jason broke his neck when he was fifteen years old, his father told him that even though he was in the hospital and couldn’t move 7/8ths of his body, he was still required to do his chores.  Of course he didn’t mean that Jason was to mow the lawn and take out the garbage, but he was required to do certain things each day in the hospital to keep himself as healthy and happy as possible.  Jason’s father knew that a positive mental attitude was going to be the majority of his battle and wanted to make sure that Jason had a fighting chance.

Some of Jason’s “chores” included reading a list of his strengths three times a day, listening to or watching something funny each day, and reading a list of his goals each day.  Each of these “chores” were listed on cards that Jason read throughout the day.  Instead of lying there, feeling sorry for himself, Jason’s father understood that if he kept his mind active with uplifting things, that his ability to overcome his disability would dramatically increase.

For this recent speaking event, Jason asked me to create 8 “Chore Cards” for the participants.  Each card represented a principle that Jason taught about and is a physical reminder of our ability to overcome our own adversities.

As I think about this new year, even though I don’t necessarily set New Year’s Resolutions, I can’t help but decide how I want to improve my life in some way.  I go through the resolution and goal-setting process often (click here for more on that subject) and as I do, I can’t help but let my mind wander to those days before I knew Jason – when he was fifteen years old and his father understood the power of having something to work toward.

Would you like a set of printed “Chore Cards” of your own?  A little motivation and a lot of inspiration wrapped up in a bundle?  We invite you to get your own set of Chore Cards from Jason – quotes that will look great wherever you decide to use them and make you feel good in the process.  They make a fabulous gift for someone else or to give to yourself.

Click here to order your set of quotes from Jason and enjoy a little bit of love from the Halls while you are at it!

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I have to learn how to use Rhonna Farrer’s Storyboard Collages for Photoshop (anyone a pro yet?).  In the meantime, Jason wanted a collage of some of our absolute favorite photos of Coleman taken last week.  So, I whipped it up without Rhonna’s help and will figure hers out later – I’m thinking the chances are good that I will have some more photos that I want to share here on the blog so storyboards are a project for another day.

However, I am in love with the photos on Jason’s latest post, the story that goes along with them and the two guys in the pictures so I decided to share it all with you today.  All you have to do is click here and you’ll probably fall in love, too.

Enjoy the latest installment of the musings and fabulous problem-solving skills of this quadriplegic father on: www.manontheinside.com.

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My husband Jason is starting a new blog – different than the one dedicated to motivational and inspirational messages that he already writes at www.jasonhall.com.

I can’t wait.

He wrote a letter to our little unborn baby a couple months ago that was so touching and sweet that I know I will treasure it always.  Since then, I have been hoping that he would want to share his thoughts, feelings and experiences of new fatherhood with his readers – and the fact that it will be a priceless record of personal history for our family will be incredible.

Man on the Inside

So, the time has come.  Click here to read Jason’s kickoff of his new blog and be prepared to have that soft spot in your heart open up wide as he lets you into his life as a quadriplegic father.  Of course, he’ll keep up his current blog as well (lots of motivation and inspiration for you still) but I hope you add this journey of his to your bloglist and share it with your friends and family.

You will probably never have another experience like sharing this one with Jason and his little “Man on the Inside.”


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Christmas is coming but I’m going to let you peek at this gift to yourself!  Here is a look at January’s project for our Big Picture Scrapbooking workshop “A Life Well Crafted” that is open for registration.  Click here to join us either by taking the “full-year” 20% off offer or registering month to month.  Either way you’ll love it.

By the way – those of you who took Giving Well – this first project in January makes a totally fabulous gift.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

attribute book

attribute book 2

And here is a peek at my Life Tunes “layout of the month” for January using the fabulous Maya Road “Sheer Office Notes” as the journaling spot and Bo Bunny “My Word Arrow Book” as the page background.

Life Tunes

For those of you who just want the “message” each month along with quotes, etc. then just take the “Audio-Only” version and bypass all the craftiness.

Jason and I do the messages and chats together – to learn more about him just click here to visit his blog.  It’s funny, inspirational and I guarantee it’s one you’ll want to pass on to others.

See you in class!

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Jason has decided to follow me (ha, I was first for once!) and start a blog.  He’s been talking about it for awhile and has seen how easy it was for me to use WordPress so he has jumped on board.

If you like little messages that are thoughtful and inspiring – and you like a good storyteller – then check it out.  He’s one of the best storytellers I know.


I designed the header for him and I have to admit, I think it looks totally FAB.  I’m not at proficient at Photoshop as I am in Illustrator so this was a little bit of a leap for me.

Jason is a great example of this quote personified:

I want the [world] to know that I was really here and that I really lived.  -Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Check it out.  And leave a comment if you want – he loves that!


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