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I forgot to record my thoughts about life with Cole at 14 months! (Welcome to motherhood, right?!)

What this means is that big changes have been happening in the Hall house since I last wrote to you, Cole.  Here’s the Top 10 List of you as a 15-month-old:

1. The gate at the top of the stairs is officially stored away and you are now a pro at both crawling up and down the stairs as well as playing Rock Band once you get to the basement.

2. Your attempts at running are getting better and better and you can go up and down our steep driveway and Daddy’s ramps without doing a face plant.  But that doesn’t mean your forehead is safe from sporting a different bruise each week.  You are a typical toddler on the go.

3. You are obsessed with technology.  You call and text people regularly on my iPhone.  Your favorite toy while I drag you around shopping is an electric toothbrush.  You like to go to bed with a remote in your hand instead of a stuffed animal and you think calculators are super cool.

4. You just want to be outside all day long and are learning how to throw a fit of varying degrees when you have to come in.  Along with pushing your popper, pushing your stroller and pushing your cow bike, we finally got you a Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car of your own so we didn’t always have to just borrow from the neighbors.  You push that, too and can even drive it backwards with your feet.  You’re destined for NASCAR for sure.

5. Climbing.  The more independent you get, the more you can help Dad and this includes climbing onto things to get into his lap.  But of course, you help him in ways that he doesn’t appreciate, too – like when you “helped” him run his wheelchair into his desk and broke it.  That’s not the kind of help we’re looking for, little one.

6. You sit on Daddy’s armrest while you drive around with him instead of on his lap.  Your balance is great for such a little guy – we think it’s because you’ve had to learn how to hold your own when it comes to hanging out with your Dad.

7. Your reach is getting higher and you make a beeline to Daddy’s office for his wireless computer keyboard whenever he leaves his door open.  Unfortunately, having everything baby-proof means it’s also quadriplegic Daddy-proof, which is a problem that we are constantly trying to solve.

8. You got your first haircut!  We were sad to cut off those curls but the Donald Trump style had to go.  Cookie Cutters did a fabulous job and you were so lucky because you got to drive a car, hold a comb and get a balloon.  All key activities for a one-year-old.

9. You are an observer.  You like to watch what is happening around you and it’s like we can see the wheels turning in your head as you check things out or discover how things work.

10. Everyone is your friend.  Not only are you so dang cute (those cheeks!) but you are happy and it doesn’t take much for someone to win you over.  You let people hold you and play with you and everyone loves that.  I suppose that isn’t always the best thing about a child (your willingness to go to anyone) but I would rather have you be overly-friendly than moody.  Definitely.

Cole, I’m getting better at juggling motherhood and work and church responsibilities.  I love playing with you and hanging out with you, even though you are so heavy that it’s a workout to throw you up in the air these days.  I have to put my whole body into it or I might hurt myself!  But to be honest, I would put everything I have into it just for the chance to be your Mom.



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