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LaRee is a new cyberfriend of mine who decided to incorporate the ENT program into her church women’s group just like we are.  I have to hand it to her because she is kind of flying solo on this one with no “committee” to help her execute the program.  I admire her willingness to tackle this project on her own for the sake of her group.

Last week they had their kickoff activity and had 40 women there – which is a remarkable number for their group.  Kudos to you, LaRee!  Here’s how she adapted the night to fit their needs:

  • she found a “jar” of 50 flowers on sale – a variety of colors.  That dictated the color of papers she used for the pockets of the notebook.
  • instead of just making one for every person in their group, she offered a sign-up sheet beforehand.  41 people signed up and she took 8 extra kits with her.  All the kits were all gone by the time the night was over plus she is making another batch of notebooks for those who still want them.  I’m telling you, this thing is addicting!
  • she didn’t have time to put together a slideshow for this event so she is planning on doing it at the end of the year instead.  It will reflect photos of all the women and the activities throughout the year – love it!
  • instead of 3 speakers, she had 2 speakers to introduce the theme and to talk about gratitude.
  • it looks like she had rectangle tables to work with (we pretty much only have round) – I liked how she set them up in a U-shape to bring everyone closer together
  • and, of course, she created beautiful kits where everything looked absolutely perfect!  Who wouldn’t want one of those????

LaRee said, “I was excited about the enthusiasm of our group.  They are excited to have a project with a purpose that they will be able to work on throughout the year.”

Way to go, LaRee!  It’s clear that your hard work and vision has sparked a lot of excitement and energy that these women are thirsting for.  Here are some photos from LaRee’s activity.  I put the picture of the women working on their books as the largest one for a reason – I love seeing women and friends working together on something that I know will enrich their lives.  There is a great sense of sisterhood that comes from experiences like these.

This principle is often true in our lives.  We get so busy with all of the things that make up daily life that it’s hard to find time to focus on refilling our buckets with the things that are truly needful.  I think this is why the ENT program is connecting with so many people in so many different circumstances – it rings true to everyone.

Thanks for the photos, LaRee and for the ideas of how you adapted this program to fit your needs.  I know that others will take tidbits from what is shared here to make things work for them.  If you aren’t doing this with a group, please email me your thoughts of how you are adapting it for yourself, too.  I know that many of you are following along with us as individuals and we would love to hear what you are doing to incorporate this program into your life.

I wish we were all together in person right now…I feel a group hug coming on.

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