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November is a time of thanks but it’s also the month of Christmas projects!  Christmas cards, neighbor gifts, holiday decor….it’s all on the craft table or whirling in our minds before December 1 even hits the calendar.  I have already started adding Christmas shapes and quotes and phrases to my Silhouette store.  Want to see?   The countdown begins!

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Get out your Cameo and give it a permanent holiday home in an accessible location because you are going to love what’s happening for the holidays in my Silhouette store.  This is just a sample of all of the fabulous holiday shapes and quotes and phrases I’ve been getting ready for you.


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At 50% off all shapes, now is the time to stock up on anything and everything you could want in the Silhouette store!   I shared half of my designs in my last post and here is a look at the rest.  Click on each image to go to my store or see my entire portfolio here.

Holiday Shapes:

Holiday Vinyl Phrases:

Vinyl Quotes & Subway Art:

Print & Cut Designs:

Come on, don’t you just love these?  I’m totally excited about this batch of designs.  This was my first stab at Print & Cut designs – let me know what you think.  Do you use the Silhouette for print & cut or just cutting?  I also love the vinyl shapes – it gives so much more freedom to be able to have letters and shapes separated in a vinyl format.  The design possibilities are so much bigger with that option.  Tell me how you feel about that, too.  Loving the vinyl like me?

Hope your Thanksgiving holiday was as wonderful as mine.  Enjoy your holiday crafting!

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music mix

Looking for a quick gift that is totally personal?  I did this for a few of the women in my neighborhood that I do some work with and the response was unanimously “Oooohhh!”  That means “thumbs up” in case you weren’t sure.

Here’s what I did.

1.  Create a playlist of your favorite songs – could be songs that remind you of the person or just songs that you love.  I used songs that related to the strength of women in general.  It’s a mix to empower and uplift my friends and tell them how great they are.

2.  Burn a CD of your playlist.

3.  Create a cover for your CD if you want.   Even a simple piece of cardstock stamped or printed with the “title” of your CD works great.


4.  Now comes the fun part – wrapping it so that your gift is elevated from a simple CD mix (which will be loved in itself) to a work of art.

5.  For Christmas, I love to attach an ornament to my packages.  I look for them at after-Christmas sales to use for the next year.  Think FLAT – you’ll have better luck wrapping and stacking if the ornaments are more flat instead of round.

6.  You can always make ornaments of your own but I like to have a stash on hand that I don’t have to make because the holiday season can be overwhelming as it is.  These snowflake ornaments are exactly what I needed for each package but here’s how I added the personal touch.


Using a 7gypsies metal tag, I mounted each person’s initial to the tag (for the “Giving Well” alumni – you already know how I feel about using names an initials on things!).  I then tied a ribbon through the tag, knotted it above the loop and tied it to the wire on my ornament.  Voila!  A totally personalized ornament that started as an ordinary store-bought one.

7.  In “Giving Well” this year I talked about telling the recipient the story behind the gift as a way to connect with them and make giving more meaningful.  To do this, I have created note cards to have on hand for all of my gifts.


Cut cardstock into 4″ x 6″ rectangles.  Use small scallop scissors to trim one end of each card.  Mount a 1″ strip of patterned cardstock across the top of each card.  I used We R Memory Keepers flocked paper for some added texture.  All I have to do is pull out a card and jot down a note for the perfect addition to my presents.  (By the way, I also made a stash of these to use as recipe cards with a little kick – I write the recipe horizontally).

8.  Tuck a card into each gift and tie a large ribbon around the CD – tying the ornament into the bow to secure it.  I like to look for deals on wide ribbon throughout the year and at after-Christmas sales.  You would be amazed at the impact that real ribbon (wired or not) can have when you are wrapping a gift.   It just makes people feel special to get a package using real ribbon.

There you go!

So, whether you try it this year or start planning for next year, creating a sense of care for the recipient through the package itself is part of the art of giving well (including last minute gift cards!).  These are the things of the heart – that personal touch that says, “You’re important enough to me that I am going to give you something beautiful!”

And if you’re anything like me – wrapping the gift will become as much a part of the creative process that we have inside of each of us as crafting a project might be.  Enjoy!


Post Updated December 19:

Comment from Megan H. :

Kolette, Would you mind sharing the songs you included on your playlist? Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and Jason.

Thanks for your comment, Megan.  I hadn’t shared the list on the post because since I am a Mormon, I used Christian music and I knew that it wouldn’t apply to everyone.  I will share my list here – most of them are found on iTunes and if you are religious (or not, for that matter) you might still enjoy them.

1.  One Good Woman – Cherie Call
2.  I Will Not Be Still – Kenneth Cope
3.  A Woman’s Heart – Jenny Jordan
4.  Amazing Things – Julie de Azevedo
5.  Because I Believe – Jenny Phillips
6.  I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Linda Rowberry
7.  Daughter of a King – Jenny Phillips
8.  When All Is Said and Done – Katherine Nelson
9.  Come Take Your Place – Hilary Weeks
10.  No Ordinary Girl – Cherie Call
11.  True to You – Jenny Phillips
12.  The Things I Know – Doug Walker
13.  The Maker’s Touch – Jenny Phillips
14.  Come In – Hilary Weeks
15.  Beautiful Heart – Brian Rhodes
16.  I Stand All Amazed – Katherine Thompson
17.  Stronger Than the Storm – Jenny Phillips
18.  One By One – Hilary Weeks

Thanks and happy holidays!


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