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You will love this.  It’s one of those things that I looked forward to before it happened but after the fact, I loved it so much that I feel the need to share it with everyone.

It’s a party.  A family party.

But not just any family party.

A party dedicated to celebrating….really celebrating….EVERYONE in our immediate family.  Here’s the thing, though.  It is a family party that will work for ANY group – youth groups, Activity Days, even co-workers.  Totally applicable – just tweak it to fit your needs.


There have been a lot of great things happening in our family recently and my sister, Kara, decided to throw a party for all of us to recognize what an awesome family we have.  We are the Coleman family and COLEMANS ROCK!  This party included our parents and our siblings’ families.  There are 6 siblings in my family and 17 grandchildren.  Everyone who could make it came to the celebration.

1.  INVITATIONS – ask everyone to send in 3-4 things about each person in their immediate family.  Some people had no problem sharing their awesomeness on their own and some people needed a family member to submit their accomplishments for them – either way is fine.  Just find 3-4 things that you can share about each person.  It was easy to email the lists to Kara before the party.  But be prepared to hound some of the people to get their lists in or to help them come up with ideas.  You can also assign food for a dinner or lunch if you choose.


2.  ACCOMPLISHMENTS – we kept it simple and just hand wrote each person’s accomplishments and talents on bright colored paper squares.  Multiple people helped write them because it took forever.  It’s ok if they’re not perfect or the same or extravagant.  Remember the purpose – to share why each person in the family ROCKS….it’s not about perfect-looking writing.


What do you think happened as people trickled in to the party that day?  Reading.  Laughing.  Talking.  Sharing.  Celebrating.  “Wow, you ran a half marathon?  I didn’t know that!  Awesome!”  “That is so exciting that you got into the Nursing Program.  You will be great!”  “Tell me about your new job.”  “Hey, did you see Mackenzie’s over there?  That’s a good one!”


Keep in mind that EVERYONE who was going to be there that night had their own accomplishments included.  My niece brought her boyfriend – we learned that he won a 4-wheeler in a milk-drinking contest.  My other niece had brought her friend with them on their family vacation from Washington.  We learned that she is #1 in her class and on track for Valedictorian next year.  What???!!!  Awesome!


3.  DINNER – we like planned pot lucks in our family so Kara planned the Mexican menu and everyone contributed something to the cause, helping to get it ready all together.


4.  PROGRAM / LESSON – Kara was brilliant in planning the lesson portion of the evening.  Very short.  Kept it light but meaningful.  Perfect.  My brother, Kyle, gave a short lesson about magnifying your talents (see below).  Jason spoke about his Grandma Hall who was a celebrator.  She liked to play the game, “Why is it Like Me?” and for each person’s birthday, they did “I Love ___________ Because….” (see below for instructions of each game).  He shared why these habits were so important for their family to do together and how amazing it is that we can share that same celebrating attitude in our family.  Colemans Rock!  We love celebrating each other!

The messages were short, taught important lessons, and were applicable to all ages in attendance.


Talents Lesson Overview:

  1. Pass around clear pebbles or marbles and have everyone take one.  Discuss how each is individual just like each of us.
  2. Ask everyone to think about a talent that they have and how that talent has helped someone.  Have a few people share (Kyle knew who he wanted to share in advance – people who don’t normally want the spotlight, and people of different ages – this was a really special part of the lesson when we got to hear why each person is awesome).   Ask one person in advance to choose NOT to share something about themselves when asked – this is a secret.
  3. When each of the 4 people share, give them another pebble if they share their talent with us.  Take away their pebble if they choose not to share.
  4. Retell the parable of the talents found in Matthew 25:14-30.
  5. Each of us has been given our own talents and when we share them with others, we are given more talents.  God wants us to recognize our talents and share them with others for good.  Where can we find out what our talents are? (patriarchal blessing, work opportunities, prayer and personal revelation, others can tell us, etc.)
  6. When we recognize our talents and work to develop them and share them, we are given more talents and we are happy.


“Why Is It Like Me?” Game

  1. One person goes out of the room.  As a group, the other people in the room choose one item in the room that they want the person to guess.
  2. The person comes back in and says, “Why is it like me?
  3. Giving positive clues, the group tells them why the item is like that person.  “It is bright.”  “It shines.”  “It smells great!”  Whatever you choose – the clues being harder for older people and easier for younger ones.
  4. The person guesses till they discover the item – feeling GREAT because everyone just said such nice things about them!
  5. Repeat.


“I Love __________ Because….”
This family tradition has lasted through to our generation.  On your birthday or other special day, everyone goes around the table and tells why they love the birthday person.  It doesn’t matter if you are a friend visiting and you just met the birthday person for the first time that day or not – everyone tells why they love the birthday person.  We have warned many friends attending our family events to be prepared because they will not be given a pass!

This tradition does two things: 1.  It teaches everyone how to celebrate each other.  2.  It teaches YOU to accept compliments and love from others.

I believe that this is why Jason’s family is so good at recognizing each other’s talents and why they have a strong sense of self.  They have PRACTICED it their whole lives so now they are good at it.  It is an amazing quality to develop in a family.




5.  DANCE PARTY – the evening ended in a spontaneous dance party, complete with a Congo Line and singing along to the “Frozen” soundtrack, of course.

Simple.  Meaningful.  Fun.  My three favorite descriptive words for any event.  Don’t you wish you were there?


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I like being creative as much as the next girl.  The process of creating something beautiful or fun or interesting gives me great satisfaction.  But I shall now take a moment to praise the heavens for Pinterest.  I mean that literally.  True, my boards are filled with projects and recipes that will never see the light of day but they also catalog the many ideas that I’ve actually acted on as well.  I love the instant sharing of ideas and trends and thoughts but mostly I love the efficiency of it all.  Click, click, there’s an idea at our fingertips complete with a tutorial and patterns and pictures to keep us successful.

This is why I’m singing hallelujah to Pinterest  these days.  With time filling up, I am working to balance all of the demands that being a woman brings while still trying to create beautiful things.  There is simply too much to do.  Something has got to give.  Therefore, I have no problem lifting ideas off of Pinterest.  And it comes with a printable?  Thank you!!!!  Bam.  Done.

Here’s what I’ve been PinLifting lately for a baby shower for our dear friend Amber and her new baby boy, Eli.

1.  PRINTABLE BANNER from shanty2chic.

I’m thankful for shanty2chic’s Thankful Banner printables.  And then I’m even more thankful that they added every letter (free downloads here) so we could welcome little Eli properly to the party.

2.  PAPER MACHE PHRASE from theletteredcottage.

I bet you loved the block letter “Give Thanks” made by just hot gluing paper mache letters together (found them at Hobby Lobby for $2.49 each).  I did the same thing for Eli but added a coat of navy blue paint over the whole thing, adding a few touches of light blue on the edges to define them just a bit.  Amber got to take home Eli’s name along with the “Welcome” banner to use in the nursery.

3.  CARAMEL TOFFEE DIP from iheartnaptime.

This dip sounded pretty good on it’s own but put it in a darling 1/2 pint mason jar with an apple on top and she had me hooked.  We piled them on the array of pedestals I made a couple years ago and they became the favors for each guest coming to the shower.  Seriously, they make you feel sophisticated and loved all at once.  We attached the recipe as the tag because we knew that everyone would ask for it – it’s that yummy.  And the apples came from our neighbor’s tree.  Luscious.

Note: We bought the jars at Walmart for $3.97 for a set of 4.  We used the 42 oz blocks of cream cheese from Costco and filled at least 12 jars from each block.  A regular-size bag of brown sugar was just the right amount to add to each block of cream cheese.  We measured out 4.5 cups per bag.  The toffee bits came already chopped up and we only used one bag for all 24 jars.  The thing we had to scour the cupboards for was vanilla – it’s quickly used up when you just have those fairly small bottles in your pantry so plan ahead.  Great gift idea and easy for mass production.


I copied myself on this one and pulled out a 5×7 version of this artwork I designed for Cole’s room back in the day.  Here is a link to my original post and both the girl as well as boy versions.  Amber got to take this home, too.


This one came from me but how can I not be inspired by all of the washi tape ideas floating around?  I love using real dishes at parties but didn’t have enough glasses for this crowd.  I solved that by mixing my crystal with my glass pieces so it looks like I meant to do it.  After adding a strip of washi tape for guests to write their names, the glasses look cohesive with a modern touch of shabby chic.  As one guest said, “It’s a great way to be able to use your nice glasses instead of a red Solo cup and a sharpie!”

Note: I used this same trick with my dessert plates because I really wanted to use my blue and white pieces but only had a dozen of them.  By mixing clear plates in between, it creates sense of purpose to using a variety of dishware.  And yes, those are cloth napkins.  They make me feel rich.  There, I said it.  So I use them as much as possible.  They are easy to wash and quick to iron so why not?   I wished I had just blue and green but I had to add some red ones in there to get the correct number.  By keeping my fall mums as part of the decor, it worked without being matchy-matchy.  I’m now watching for some interesting neutral napkins that I can add with any of my other colors to boost the numbers when needed.

The party was a hit – mostly because baby came early so he joined us!  It’s great to celebrate with the pregnant lady but how much better is it to pass around little bambino so we can all get our baby fix!  Baby Eli hardly made a peep and was the perfect charming gentleman.  Thank you for coming, little one.

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