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Ahhh…. I’m pretending that I am still sitting under the palm trees with the ocean breeze keeping us cool.  Nice.

Something else that’s nice are these monogrammed notecard sets that I cut out as soon as I returned home.  One is a birthday gift and the other two are thank yous for lovely grandmas that kept Cole while I was away.  He had the time of his life with doting grandparents to cater to his every whim.  Life is rough for this three-year-old.

To find the “Flourished Monogram” file links, click here or go to my Silhouette store.

Two cards fit on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of cardstock so I cut two at a time and made sure my blade was positioned far enough down to keep the cuts clean and thorough.  I had two mats going – one cutting and one that I was removing the cards and scraps.  It kept things rolling and I was able to create three personalized gifts in less than an hour.  The flourishes are pretty enough that all you need is a ribbon and a tag and these are ready to give.

Want just the flourished monogram letters?  Each card file comes with the letter as well – visit my Silhouette store here to purchase shapes.  I am working on setting up an SVG file store here on my blog so that these files can be available for non-Silhouette users who have SCAL or other SVG software for their electronic cutters.  Check back often to see what else is new.

Coming Soon: Exclusive tutorial on Ali Edwards’ blog next week where I will be sharing a free SVG file and project instructions.  Stay tuned for more info.


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I like names.

I like initials.

In my years as a school teacher or youth leader or women’s instructor and committee chair, I have learned that everyone likes their name.  Well, they may not necessarily like their name but they like their name ON STUFF.  Or their initial.  Everyone likes stuff personalized.

It’s why people actually stand in front of those little license plate displays and slowly turn it.  Looking.  Looking for their name.

Mine is never there.  Even if I spelled it with a “C” like most Colettes, it’s still not going to show up on any products that I can buy in a convenience store.  So when someone takes the time to put my name on something I usually end up saving it.  Right after I feel really, really good because I got my name on something.  A collection of Kolettes.  Right here in my office.  The white wood board is 35 years old and was painted by my mother.  It had hooks in it and hung in my room when I was a child.  It’s still in my room.  That’s saying something.  Yep, it’s saying my name.

This week in my Silhouette store I wanted to make it personal.  I have created flat letter-size cards that are monogrammed.  I love the how the flourish is part of each letter in the alphabet and it extends as part of the card itself.  It’s like taking personalized stationery to a whole new, textured and lovely level.  They are called “Flourished Monograms and Cards – a,b,c“…then the same but “d,e,f,” “g,h,i,” “j, k,l,” “m, n,o,” “p,q,r,” “s,t,u,” “v,w,x,” “y,z,heart.” Yes, I finished out the alphabet with some love.  Click on each title for the corresponding file in my store.

My first project with these files will be cutting out a set of “K” cards for a birthday gift.  She’ll love them because she loves anything with her name on it, too. Most of us do. Add the “Letter-Size Flourished Envelope” to create a single card or a set of 6 or 8 or 12.  Tie a bow around the set and you have a gorgeous gift.  Then use some baker’s twine and on of my “Whimsical Tags” to complete the look.

I’ll show you what it looks like next week since this week I am celebrating MY birthday away with my sister right now.  Her name is Kara.  Don’t look, Kara.  You’re going to love your gift.  We share a birthday week and decided to spend it together.  In the sun.  And I didn’t bring my Silhouette or my baker’s twine – so the picture will have to wait till I return.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the monogrammed cards that you can find in my Silhouette store.  They come with the matching flourish letters (cardless versions).  I can think of about a hundred ways to use these in my home.  Be sure to get the whole alphabet so you are ready for any celebration, thank you note or home decor project.

And the envelope.  Well, of course you need the combo, right?

While you’re at it – the “Whimsical Tags” are a must-have for a touch of fun that works for every gift going out your door.  Enjoy!

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