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Looking for a quick gift that is totally personal?  I did this for a few of the women in my neighborhood that I do some work with and the response was unanimously “Oooohhh!”  That means “thumbs up” in case you weren’t sure.

Here’s what I did.

1.  Create a playlist of your favorite songs – could be songs that remind you of the person or just songs that you love.  I used songs that related to the strength of women in general.  It’s a mix to empower and uplift my friends and tell them how great they are.

2.  Burn a CD of your playlist.

3.  Create a cover for your CD if you want.   Even a simple piece of cardstock stamped or printed with the “title” of your CD works great.


4.  Now comes the fun part – wrapping it so that your gift is elevated from a simple CD mix (which will be loved in itself) to a work of art.

5.  For Christmas, I love to attach an ornament to my packages.  I look for them at after-Christmas sales to use for the next year.  Think FLAT – you’ll have better luck wrapping and stacking if the ornaments are more flat instead of round.

6.  You can always make ornaments of your own but I like to have a stash on hand that I don’t have to make because the holiday season can be overwhelming as it is.  These snowflake ornaments are exactly what I needed for each package but here’s how I added the personal touch.


Using a 7gypsies metal tag, I mounted each person’s initial to the tag (for the “Giving Well” alumni – you already know how I feel about using names an initials on things!).  I then tied a ribbon through the tag, knotted it above the loop and tied it to the wire on my ornament.  Voila!  A totally personalized ornament that started as an ordinary store-bought one.

7.  In “Giving Well” this year I talked about telling the recipient the story behind the gift as a way to connect with them and make giving more meaningful.  To do this, I have created note cards to have on hand for all of my gifts.


Cut cardstock into 4″ x 6″ rectangles.  Use small scallop scissors to trim one end of each card.  Mount a 1″ strip of patterned cardstock across the top of each card.  I used We R Memory Keepers flocked paper for some added texture.  All I have to do is pull out a card and jot down a note for the perfect addition to my presents.  (By the way, I also made a stash of these to use as recipe cards with a little kick – I write the recipe horizontally).

8.  Tuck a card into each gift and tie a large ribbon around the CD – tying the ornament into the bow to secure it.  I like to look for deals on wide ribbon throughout the year and at after-Christmas sales.  You would be amazed at the impact that real ribbon (wired or not) can have when you are wrapping a gift.   It just makes people feel special to get a package using real ribbon.

There you go!

So, whether you try it this year or start planning for next year, creating a sense of care for the recipient through the package itself is part of the art of giving well (including last minute gift cards!).  These are the things of the heart – that personal touch that says, “You’re important enough to me that I am going to give you something beautiful!”

And if you’re anything like me – wrapping the gift will become as much a part of the creative process that we have inside of each of us as crafting a project might be.  Enjoy!


Post Updated December 19:

Comment from Megan H. :

Kolette, Would you mind sharing the songs you included on your playlist? Thanks and Happy Holidays to you and Jason.

Thanks for your comment, Megan.  I hadn’t shared the list on the post because since I am a Mormon, I used Christian music and I knew that it wouldn’t apply to everyone.  I will share my list here – most of them are found on iTunes and if you are religious (or not, for that matter) you might still enjoy them.

1.  One Good Woman – Cherie Call
2.  I Will Not Be Still – Kenneth Cope
3.  A Woman’s Heart – Jenny Jordan
4.  Amazing Things – Julie de Azevedo
5.  Because I Believe – Jenny Phillips
6.  I Know That My Redeemer Lives – Linda Rowberry
7.  Daughter of a King – Jenny Phillips
8.  When All Is Said and Done – Katherine Nelson
9.  Come Take Your Place – Hilary Weeks
10.  No Ordinary Girl – Cherie Call
11.  True to You – Jenny Phillips
12.  The Things I Know – Doug Walker
13.  The Maker’s Touch – Jenny Phillips
14.  Come In – Hilary Weeks
15.  Beautiful Heart – Brian Rhodes
16.  I Stand All Amazed – Katherine Thompson
17.  Stronger Than the Storm – Jenny Phillips
18.  One By One – Hilary Weeks

Thanks and happy holidays!


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