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This group has been working on learning the Articles of Faith and this activity celebrates all of their hard work.  Keep in mind how many people you will have at your activity – if parent(s) are invited, do you have enough activity for everyone to participate?  Consider running two groups of each game if you have parents there…that way, you don’t have to think of more games, you just have two of each one going on at a time, two sets of groups rotating through the games.

This is a great way for parents to see how the girls are doing in learning the Articles of Faith and the girls might even know a little more than mom or dad for this one!

Using the Faith in God Primary songs, try to guess which one is playing and hit the buzzer first to identify it.


Match the Article of Faith reference to the words.


Inside one balloon is a fairly large piece of paper with the Article of Faith reference, another balloon has the words.  You need one pair of balloons per 2 people, but you want them mixed up.  Perhaps you will want to have a set of balloons designated for each group to make sure the reference and the Article of Faith words are both included in that particular group’s balloons.

Each person ties a balloon around their ankle.  When the leader says, “Go!” each person tried to pop each other’s balloon without getting their own popped.  Once all of the balloons are popped, they work as a group to find the papers and try to match up the Article of Faith with the correct words.


Roll a die and whatever number they land on, they go to that square and say that Article of Faith.  If they need help, they can ask another player to give words.


This group does a fabulous job of lighting the fire under these girls to learn their Articles of Faith.  Many of the older girls were wonderful examples to the younger girls in their knowledge and excitement for knowing each one.  These girls are ready to check off these Articles of Faith!

Whether you use these games or make up your own, this is a great regular activity or Recognition Activity for your group!

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There are a lot of ways to recognize Activity Day girls for their achievements as they go through the Faith in God program.  Recognition Activities can be a great way to do something a little special with the girls, family members or other special people in their lives.  Sometimes both parents are invited, sometimes just mom or dad or another special person, sometimes the whole family.


At these events, it’s important to remember the instruction for these activities outlined in the Faith in God book under the section “Orientation & Recognition”:

At least twice a year, a Primary activity day (or a Cub Scout Pack meeting) should include opportunities for the children to share what they have learned and accomplished.

A key phrase in these instructions is “opportunities for the children to share what they have learned.”  Sometimes this can be kind of tricky to include or it often gets forgotten when we plan Recognition Activities.  I have seen a lot of ways that groups in our area have created opportunities for the girls to share their growth in one or all of the Faith in God categories (Learning & Living the Gospel, Developing Talents, Serving Others).


I thought it might be helpful to compile some of these ideas all in one place.  Many of these ideas can be a part of just about any activity and any theme you are working with.




This idea works in a lot of ways and can be adapted to just about any theme.  Click here for how it was used in the “It’s In the Bag” activity and here to see how the same format was adapted for a “Proud to Bee Me” theme.


This is also the strategy used when the girls share a family history story such as at the campfire activities found here and here.

Tea Party

At this activity, the leader gave a talk about how everyone has unique talents and that sometimes you need to try a lot of things to discover your interests and talents. The leader then shared one or two special things about each girl. Each girl also talked about their talents and some shared what they wanted to do with those talents when they grew up.

Tips to Make Verbal Sharing Successful:
1.  Invite a parent to stand in the front with them in case someone is feeling shy or nervous on their own.
2.  Establish clear instructions for sharing so they know what they are supposed to do.
3.  If there is a girl who doesn’t want to come because she has to be in front of people, invite a parent or leader to share for her.
4.  Keep each person’s sharing short and sweet (we’ve found that most girls this age only end up talking for about 30 seconds anyway!)
5.  Have parents or leaders briefly share how they have seen each girl grow in one of the Faith in God categories.


Use an activity before your event to create something meaningful to display and use as the decorations.  The above activity “Let It Shine”, where each girl’s testimony was framed and displayed, is found here.  This strategy often makes each girl feel completely safe and confident in how they are sharing.


This group had each girl draw a life-size outline of themselves and decorate it with words and phrases that described them.  They identified their talents, had others help them celebrate who they are, then got to take their drawing home to remember all the wonderful things about themselves.


Another example was at the “Law of the Harvest” activity where they identified a goal they are working on and made a piece of art to showcase it.


Here are some drawings that girls did to display their talents.  They created these at a previous activity and the leaders used Dollar Store frames – this showcased the drawing and the girl!



One group used these “Mom & Me” journals as a way for the girls and their mothers to share thoughts and feelings after the activity.


A simple interview can help girls share what is important to them in their Faith in God progress.  This example helps them share about their Family History, but what if there were questions about their testimony and how they felt about the gospel?  What kind of service they are doing and how they feel when they do it?  What do they feel like they are good at and how can they improve on their talents?  There are many questions you can offer the girls and their family members to help them share one-on-one about their growth and progress in Faith in God.


A kid-appropriate version of the “Newlywed Game” is a great way to share with each other.  Consider asking some questions that have to do with Faith in God such as, “What would you say is your best talent?” “What is your favorite thing you have learned from the scriptures recently?” “What are you working on to be better?” “What is your favorite way to serve others?”  Those questions are a little harder than, “What is your favorite color?” but they get into some deeper information about who these girls are and the kinds of things they should be thinking about in their lives.


Play a game that tests their knowledge of gospel principles, such as this Articles of Faith Memory Game.




Use the girls in as many places as you can during your activity.   Mentor them as you plan out what they might need to say to conduct, give them a list of what they should say so they are successful and teach them how to stand in front of people and speak clearly.  It is a great learning experience for these girls to “run the show.”  Does someone play the piano and could plink out an opening song?  Let them!  Are the girls saying the prayers to start and finish the activity?  They are more than capable.

Give them a chance to participate in as many aspects of the event as possible and they will gain confidence in their ability to share more in the future!


Let me know if you have ideas of your own for this list!  The more these girls share their progress, the more confident they will feel and will be able to apply Faith in God categories into their lives.  I challenge you to give it a try and then SHARE your ideas here!

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This Recognition Activity was for the girls and their parents.  They focused on having a true foundation based on their testimony.

Going to five different (short) lessons, they learned about the five parts of a testimony found in this message of The Friend and earned a picture for each part to place on their testimony glove.


The Living Christ
After they received their testimony gloves/pictures, they met back together and were given their own copy of “The Living Christ” document.

Invitation to Act: each girl was challenged to use their copy of “The Living Christ” – to mark it up, fold it and put it in their backpack, bring it to church, pull it out during Sacrament Meeting…to become familiar with it.  The leader then testified of the promises and blessings as they become more familiar with and increase their testimonies of the Savior in their own lives.


At a previous activity, each girl made their own shirt with their darling activity logo.  The girls wore their shirts to this activity.


They also created the “cone” decorations for the tables and wrote down their favorite Activity Day moments from the last six months.


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This Recognition Activity was done in the fall and helped the girls celebrate the fact that when they work for something now, they will have the blessing of the “harvest” in the end.  Mothers were invited and it was a wonderful harvest celebration.


Decorations: Individual Goals
In a previous activity, each girl created a piece of artwork that highlighted their individual talents and goals.  They chose something they wanted to work on and the leaders will talk about them again in six months to see how many blessings have been “harvested.”  A wonderful, individual way to share their growth in the “Developing Talents” category of Faith in God.


Welcome + Message
A short message, explaining the “Law of the Harvest” was given and the rest of the activity was explained.  Click on the following link for the message:
The Law of the Harvest

Harvest Games
After sharing their artwork and goals, they played some harvest games.

Leafblower: blow as many leaves down the length of a table.  Suck them onto the end of your straw and place them in a container.  The most leaves wins!

Pumpkin Balance: who can balance pumpkins on a craft stick in your mouth the fastest?

Pumpkin Cup Stacking: who can stack their pumpkin cups into a pyramid the fastest?

Handout + Treat
Each girl received a homemade loaf of bread and small jar of jam to remind them of the blessings that come from a harvest.  The following handout came attached to a packet of seeds for them to “sow” and “reap.”


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Here’s a great activity that focuses on specific goals.  If your group needs to increase in unity and friendship, this is an activity for you.

Goals: Activity Day Girls went to three different schools and cliques were forming.  The leaders wanted to encourage girls to include everyone, increase friendship in activity days and become more united.

One family member was invited to attend the event with them.


Gathering Game: Bingo Board where they had to find someone who has been to Hawaii, or has a brother, etc to sign their paper.  There was also a photo booth and a display about each girl with their photo and information sheet already filled out.


Opening Prayer and Welcome


Buddy Find: girls sat down at a long table, which had pictures hidden under the chairs.  They each had to find girl with matching picture who would be their buddy for the evening.  The point of this was to break up cliques a bit and give them a chance to get to know someone new.

Stations (Carnival Games):  Girls rotated to different games with their buddy.  Each game had ‘getting to know you’ questions incorporated and they earned tickets at each station.
balloon darts
can toss
face painting
ring toss
beach ball game
bean bag toss


Share: After all of the activities, each girl introduced their buddy to the rest of the group and shared one thing they learned about each other.


Speaker:  The talk was fabulous.   The speaker brought a “friendship toolbox” and had the girls come up to help her teach what it means to be a true friend.  Items included in the toolbox were: a defensive shield,  a listening ear, giant glasses to look for needs, cheerleading pom pom, heart to love and Cinderella’s crown (have courage & be kind).   She did a fantastic job connecting with the girls and challenged them to be friendly to all around them, and also to be a true friend to everyone in our activity days group.  It was an age-appropriate and interactive way to learn about the importance of friendship.  She asked for examples from the group and used some personal stories to illustrate the tools in the toolbox.


Food & Prizes:  mini sodas, hot dogs, cookies, popcorn and favors that they could buy with tickets

This activity had some very specific goals and everything they did focused on accomplishing those goals.  They created a safe and fun atmosphere where the girls could learn about and build memories with someone new.  It was a success at every step.  What wonderful leaders to see the needs of their girls and carry out the activity with great love and care for each individual.

This was a great format for addressing a problem in an engaging way.

Popcorn anyone?



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There were a lot of things I loved about this activity.  The chance to shine and share are just two of them.


Whenever you have a Talent Show, you run the risk of girls not wanting to participate because maybe they are too nervous or they feel like they don’t have a “talent” to display.  Keep that in mind.  A solution might be to invite the girls to share a talent with a family member so they are not on their own.  Or perhaps a parent could help them talk about what they are good at. Try to identify those that might not feel comfortable and encourage them with a different way to participate.  Talk to the parent about it to see if they can help make the experience a positive one.



When you walked into this perfectly simple set-up, the first thing you saw was this display of double-sided frames (found at IKEA) with a quote on one side and my favorite thing on the other: a reason why each girl was FABULOUS.  They found the printables to make these frames here at www.swtblessings.com – just click on “printables” then on “school signs.”  You’ll see the “talents” quote first then scroll down to find the “you are fabulous” card.


Moms were invited to this event.  They started it off with a short lesson about Spiritual Gifts.


1.  We are showcasing some visible talents tonight but those aren’t the most important talents that we have.  Our spiritual gifts are special talents that come from our Heavenly Father to bless our lives and the lives of others.
2.  “Gifts of the Spirit” List found here.  Microsoft Word - GiftsofTheSpirit2.doc Gifts of The Spirit List
Every mom/daughter was given one to look at.  Ask: What are gifts of the Sprit?  Look over the list of spiritual gifts and talk it over with your moms….do you have any of these gifts or would you like to have any of these gifts?
3.  After a few minutes, ask them to share if they have any or would like to have any.  The girls recognized many gifts that they had on this list – lots of things they were good at (which is an amazing lesson in itself).
4.  Challenge: find something on this list that you want to work on and develop in your life.
5.  Why do we have spiritual gifts? – (girls answered) Heavenly Father gives us the gifts to help us and to help others, to make us unique and different.  D&C 46:26 “All these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God.”
6.  Moroni 10:17 “All these gifts come by the Spirit of Christ; and they come to every man severally, according as he will.” – we are given lots of talents!
7.  Review challenge to seek spiritual gifts and develop them.



Each girl was asked to share a talent – it could be anything.  Some played a musical instrument.  Some showed artwork.  A couple shared their needlework.  They could have done a soccer trick or recited a poem or displayed their talent – whatever works.

IMG_7473 IMG_7474 IMG_7467


A member of the bishopric then gave a short message about Heber J. Grant who wanted to sing in the choir when he was young.  He wasn’t very good at singing.  In fact, he was so bad at it that they asked him not to participate.  But President Grant did something – he decided to work at it to develop that talent.  We all can do the same with spiritual gifts and other talents we have.  We can work at them and improve them.  He invited the girls to especially work on the spiritual gift of listening – to their parents and other mentors who could help them succeed because they could see the path a little better.



What talent show is complete without some popcorn?  This popcorn bar was so fun for the girls and the adults were definitely taking their share, too!
Tip: our local movie theater will give church groups a discount on movie popcorn if you call ahead and ask for it.  They just want us to bring in a garbage bag and they’ll fill it for the price of 3 medium popcorns.  What???  That’s a lot of popcorn for not a lot of price!



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How are these Activity Day girls growing?  Celebrate their growth in each of the Faith in God areas with this “blooming” Recognition Activity.

1.  Welcome / Theme Introduction


2.  “I’m Growing…” – Girls share how they have grown in each of the three areas of the Faith in God program (Learning and Living the Gospel, Serving Others, Developing Talents).  These girls had a paper where they had written the ways they were growing in Faith in God.  Consider using a previous activity for the girls to write down how they have grown or send home the assignment so they can prepare with their parents if needed before the event.  You can display their papers or share in front of the group.  Perhaps have a parent stand up with them or share for them if they are too nervous to do it on their own.  Help them feel comfortable and safe in sharing!


3.  Plant a Seed – learn how to plan a seed in a small pot.  Teach tips for best growth and invite parents to pitch in and help.  Make sure there is enough space for everyone to “dig in” together because that’s half the fun!  Invite parents to ask questions and talk with their daughters about what they are going to work on to keep growing during the next 6 months.  Consider having them write a goal or two on the flower pot tag to help remind them that they are blooming where they are planted.  “I’m going to bloom where I am planted by….”


4.  Family Question Game – discuss how everyone grows through support and love from their family.  Play the Family Question Game found in this previous post (see, I told you I saw this game again. Loved it both times!)  Find an example of how they played here.


5.  Dirt Cake – of course, no “growing” event can be finished without some Dirt Cake!  Click here for an example of every kid’s favorite treat!  Or simplify the whole thing (I’m a fan of this) and just use chocolate pudding on the bottom with crushed Oreos on top. Of course, a couple of gummy worms finish off the yumminess!


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