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This Activity Days family event was a hit all around!

Start with a short lesson about how the scriptures give us spiritual power.



Compare how cars need power to go and you need a key (or keystone) to gain power. Teach about how a keystone is what holds up the sides of the arch.  The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and we receive spiritual power when we read it.  Give each girl a Book of Mormon reading chart and challenge them to read each day to receive spiritual power.  Invite girls in advance to share their testimony of a story in the Book of Mormon or how reading the Book of Mormon has created spiritual power in their lives.




Cars were made at home with their families (leaders supported those who didn’t have help from family members to accomplish this part of the activity).  Create a system of racing so that each girl gets to race as many times as possible – record times, announce winners if you choose and have fun racing!



Decorate with a race car theme and display photos from past activities for the families to see.  Refreshments included some simple “racing themed” treats that made it easy for the leaders and fun for everyone else!

Here are a few pictures of how another group did their Pinewood Derby.  They hired a Pinewood Derby “professional” (like many groups do for their Cub Scout derbys), with a perfect timing system, etc.  They ran the heats and ended up with a champion!  Root beer floats and awards topped off the night.  These girls love creating their cars with their dads or other special people in their lives.

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