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This last week for Activity Days, my fab partner, Jessica, put together this darling project to encourage service within our families.  Here’s what you do:

1.  Gather supplies to create wooden stars.

2.  Paint, glitter, and embellish your star to your heart’s content.

3.  Add a ribbon and tie on the Service Star poem (I don’t have a download for this – use this as your reference).

Star light, star bright.
Who could use our help tonight?
A secret service it might be
It’s completely up to you, you see.
Whether raking leaves or shoveling snow,
Perform your service to so no one knows.
Now don’t forget when deeds are done
To leave the star for someone else to come find!

4.  Voila!  Service Star is ready for duty.


Jessica taught a short lesson about the importance of serving our own family and explained how to use the star.  Then they got down to serious decorating.  Glitter flying everywhere = heaven for our little tweens.

This is how the Service Star works:

1.  Start the service rotation by doing something nice (secretly) for someone in their family (i.e. make your brother’s bed).

2.  Leave the Service Star somewhere that the recipient of the service will find it (i.e. on your brother’s freshly plumped pillow).

3.  Recipient then pays it forward by serving someone else in the family (i.e. washing the dishes in the sink), leaving the Star for the next person to find (i.e. next to the dishwashing liquid – you get the picture).


Keep the service ring going and going throughout the holiday season – and beyond!  This activity can be done any time throughout the year.  If you want to focus just on the holiday season, here’s another possible poem found on this chatboard:

It’s Christmastime once more,
Here’s a tradition that’s old and true.
Use this magical Christmas star
And you’ll see what it can do.
Now everyday ‘till Christmas
Do a secret act in your home
For a member of your family,
Don’t let your identity be known.
And when the secret deed is done
Place the star upon their bed,
And they in turn do a secret act
For someone else instead.
And like that star so long ago
Brought brightness from above,
May this star bring to your home
The joy of service and love.

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