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I have always loved quotes.  My teenage bedroom was plastered with them, handwritten on posterboard and construction paper (it was the 80’s – construction paper was super sweet in all its acidity).  Non-archival=safe paper or not, I’m inspired by words and it’s even better if the words have shape and texture and become art.  Therefore, I love vinyl and the Silhouette and their symbiotic relationship that makes us all happy.

To the Moon & Back - Thumbnail

It looks like the Silhouette crowd loves quotes as much as I do, too.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for downloading them and creating with them and making beautiful things with them.   Here’s a vinyl project from a friend, using my “Silent Night” shape.  Use the same technique for any of my vinyl quote shapes.

silent night

Here’s what she did:

1.  Choose a frame with glass.

2.  Cut fabric to the size of the frame and insert it.

3.  Cut vinyl quote to fit frame and adhere it to the front of the glass, creating a layered look by having the vinyl on top of the glass instead of under it.

4.  Add a ribbon or other embellishment if you choose.

Or maybe you just want to attach the quote to the wall like we did in Kaden’s room.  I had a friend cut this one using her professional vinyl cutter because we wanted it 20″ high.  It wraps around the corner of his bedroom.  Very huge.  Very cool.


Here’s some quotes for you to cut and peel and stick to projects of your choice.  Love them.

True Love Story - Vinyl - Thumbnail

These work great as vinyl projects or cut them out of paper – they are complete shapes and will work either way.  I love it when that happens.

Basic RGB

Love You Flourish Heart - Thumbnail

And here is some vinyl inspiration to work with, because everyone needs some positive reinforcement around.

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl.

Happy peeling and sticking!

Make Today Your Day - Thumbnail

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Due to the Black Friday sale at the Silhouette store, I have been feverishly working on new shapes and a total of 40 are available in my Silhouette store.  I’ll show you what is already there and update new images and links after they are available on Friday.  Since I’m doing this post while at my sister’s house, waiting for sweet potatoes to finish (my assignment) and the family feast to begin, I don’t have my larger images of each shape and design.  We’ll have to deal with the ones I pulled off of the Silhouette site – but just click on each image and it should take you to the store where you will see beautiful, large images of each design.

I’ve been creating a lot of vinyl quotes for gift ideas and home decor.  I put them on tile or wood or canvas (tricky – you have to place something hard under the canvas in order to rub the vinyl onto it) and they have become well-loved gifts to friends, teachers, family members and anyone else on your list.

One of my favorite tile sizes is 9″x12″ rectangles – different than the normal 12″x12″ and they make a great statement.  This quote about gratitude and miracles fits perfectly on a 9″x12″ tile.

I found this quote in a historical book about quilting during the civil war.  Don’t you think it needs to find its way into every craft room, studio and sewing room?  It is a beautiful sentiment for why we love the therapy of working with fabric.

We used the scripture from Esther for our church women’s group to kick off the theme for the year but they make great birthday gifts as well.

Here are more phrases that will add to any decor and will make fabulous gifts, beautiful cards and will even look good on a t-shirt:

Along with sentiments, you’ll find vinyl subway art (I’ll add links when they are available):

And holiday shapes (more to come when they are available):

And letter-size holiday cards (both Christmas and Hanukkah) that fit in any business-size envelope:

And even some printable labels and tags (more to come):

What about those “Days Until” boards you see everywhere!  Here is a new design with a circle for the number and space for the activity you are counting down.  Simply cover a board with chalkboard paint, adhere your vinyl on top of it, add a box of chalk and tie the whole thing up with a ribbon and you have inexpensive, usable gifts for any family.

This “Silent Night” project can be completed in no time.  Gather a frame – 8″x10″ works great.  Back it with a patterned or solid sheet of cardstock.  Adhere the vinyl on top of the frame’s glass and add a ribbon around the entire thing for simple but fabulous holiday decor.  I’ll update with a picture as soon as I have it.

All right.  There you go.  Lots of new shapes and more, more, more to come.  Gift-able designs – that’s my specialty and my Black Friday portfolio will be full of them.  Easy peasy – and they will look great, too.  Enjoy!

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