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Here we go.  I’ve loaded up my silhouette store with all kinds of valentines.  There is something for everyone – kids or friends or spouses.  You’ll find it all here.  Want to take a look?  Click on each image to find the designs in my store.

A2 Cards + Envelope:

Elegant Flourish Heart Card 4x6 - Thumbnail

Heart Lattice Card A2 - Thumbnail

Flourish Hearts + Butterfly Heart:

Elegant Fourish Hearts -ThumbnailButterfly Heart - Thumbnail

Valentine Subway Art (Muy popular, by the way.  Don’t be the only one who doesn’t have one!):

Valentines - Subway Vinyl- Thumbnail

Valentine Photo Props + Kissing Booth Banner (I know you want these.  I can see the darling photos now!):

Basic RGB

Basic RGB

3D Print and Cut Cards (yes, that’s a spider.  Hello, little boy valentine!) + envelope.  You print and cut these out and either add the cut shape that comes with each card or add a 3D toy (aka: a real toy top, a real maze toy or a toy bug).  If you use a 3D toy then use a plastic or glassine bag as the envelope for your valentine.  So cute.

You're the Tops Card

You're Amazing

Creepy Crawly Valentine 3D Card 4x6 - Thumbnail

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Admit it.  It’s a Wonderful Life might have taken a backseat in 2003 to the epic Christmas film, Elf.  Love it, right?

Then you’ll love my latest Christmas quote found in my Silhouette store here.  This is a vinyl quote.  Cut it out any size – the bigger the better, I say.  I actually like it best without the flourishy thing at the bottom but I know that some of you can’t live without a flourish or two so I did it for you.  I’m nice that way.

Sigh.  I love this one.


Singing Loud For All to Hear - Vinyl Merged - Thumbnail

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Last spring I did a guest post on Ali Edwards’ blog that taught how to use my Teeny Tiny Card Kits to create glassine envelopes.   Oh, how I love those glassine envelopes!  I designed teeny tiny cards in each size of my Silhouette card kits that have since been pinned over and over by readers across the world (click here to see Ali’s post and here for more of my original downloads).  Hooray, Pinterest!  Now that the holidays are rolling around, I’ve added the following new “Elegant” Teeny Tiny Card Kit to my Silhouette store.  Click on the image to go to the file.

Teeny Tiny Card Kit 2.5x4 - Elegant Thumbnail

And since you loved the first batch of cards, here are some brand new holiday-themed cards that fit the 2″x3″ envelopes.  Use them with the hang-tag envelopes or on their own and your gifts will look amazing.  Trust me, I did some wrapping last night and they really do look great as the final touch to any gift.  Click below to download.

Teeny Tiny Cards – 2×3 Holiday

Teeny Tiny Cards - 2x3 Holiday

For my girlfriend gifts this year, I compiled a spool of baker’s twine and 3 rolls of washi tape in a bag, then tucked in a batch of these cards in with them.  It is a gift of some of my favorite things for some of my favorite people.

Also in my Silhouette store this week you will find photo props for Santa and His Friends as well as Frosty the Snowman.  Cut out one or both for the perfect holiday photo shoot.

Santa's Photo Booth - Thumbnail

Frosty's Photo Booth - Thumbnail

And we can’t forget the new alphabet I designed to coordinate with my popular “Elegant” line of holiday shapes.  This “Elegant Alphabet” comes with numbers and punctuation as well as upper and lowercase letters.  Grab the whole alphabet for all of your projects.

Elegant AB - Thumbnail

Elegant Flourishes

Finally, snowflakes and winter stars round out this week’s submission.  Enjoy them all!

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Due to the Black Friday sale at the Silhouette store, I have been feverishly working on new shapes and a total of 40 are available in my Silhouette store.  I’ll show you what is already there and update new images and links after they are available on Friday.  Since I’m doing this post while at my sister’s house, waiting for sweet potatoes to finish (my assignment) and the family feast to begin, I don’t have my larger images of each shape and design.  We’ll have to deal with the ones I pulled off of the Silhouette site – but just click on each image and it should take you to the store where you will see beautiful, large images of each design.

I’ve been creating a lot of vinyl quotes for gift ideas and home decor.  I put them on tile or wood or canvas (tricky – you have to place something hard under the canvas in order to rub the vinyl onto it) and they have become well-loved gifts to friends, teachers, family members and anyone else on your list.

One of my favorite tile sizes is 9″x12″ rectangles – different than the normal 12″x12″ and they make a great statement.  This quote about gratitude and miracles fits perfectly on a 9″x12″ tile.

I found this quote in a historical book about quilting during the civil war.  Don’t you think it needs to find its way into every craft room, studio and sewing room?  It is a beautiful sentiment for why we love the therapy of working with fabric.

We used the scripture from Esther for our church women’s group to kick off the theme for the year but they make great birthday gifts as well.

Here are more phrases that will add to any decor and will make fabulous gifts, beautiful cards and will even look good on a t-shirt:

Along with sentiments, you’ll find vinyl subway art (I’ll add links when they are available):

And holiday shapes (more to come when they are available):

And letter-size holiday cards (both Christmas and Hanukkah) that fit in any business-size envelope:

And even some printable labels and tags (more to come):

What about those “Days Until” boards you see everywhere!  Here is a new design with a circle for the number and space for the activity you are counting down.  Simply cover a board with chalkboard paint, adhere your vinyl on top of it, add a box of chalk and tie the whole thing up with a ribbon and you have inexpensive, usable gifts for any family.

This “Silent Night” project can be completed in no time.  Gather a frame – 8″x10″ works great.  Back it with a patterned or solid sheet of cardstock.  Adhere the vinyl on top of the frame’s glass and add a ribbon around the entire thing for simple but fabulous holiday decor.  I’ll update with a picture as soon as I have it.

All right.  There you go.  Lots of new shapes and more, more, more to come.  Gift-able designs – that’s my specialty and my Black Friday portfolio will be full of them.  Easy peasy – and they will look great, too.  Enjoy!

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I used to teach elementary school.  Sometimes life offers up twists and turns that you feel like you are supposed to take until you find yourself in a place that you never imagined but is exactly where you are supposed to be at that time.  That’s how I became a licensed designer.  When I first started my scrapbooking company, we specialized in photo organization.  I had a team of people and we would help a client take their boxes and drawers of photos and organize them.  Sometimes they just wanted everything stored in folders or envelopes.  Sometimes they wanted everything scrapbooked.  We helped them with whatever they decided they wanted to have done at that time.

I started offering 8″x8″ mini-albums with specific themes.  This helped clients to focus on an event or birthday instead of trying to tackle all of the years of memories they had stored.  I asked each client to choose various phrases or quotes that they wanted to accompany their photos in these albums.  Many of the quotes came from lists that I gave them with one of their own put in here or there.  I realized that I had a knack for finding just the right words for different photos.

I took this skill with me throughout my scrapbooking career.  One of our first products that we manufactured years ago were 12″x12″ vellum sheets with various quotes printed on them.  We were the first to do this and the industry picked it up and ran with it.  Now you can find quotes on just about anything.  I believe that it is because of one simple reason – the beauty of a good quote will tell you what you feel or think or wish in words that we may not be able to pen ourselves.

I haven’t created a lot of quotes or phrases for the Silhouette store yet so I decided to go back to my roots this week and give you some.  Click on each image to find them in my store.  A few have to do with Easter like these:

Pair these next two files together by creating a carrot patch of three carrots where the last carrot has a bite taken out of it.  Then add the word “yum” to the end of your patch for a darling springtime decoration or card.  You can layer the carrots or not for a two-toned look.  Everything is included in one file in my store.

The rest are more applicable to living everyday life.  Many would make fabulous wall art.  Just cut it out with vellum and attach it directly to a wall or door.  Or mount them on wood, sheet metal or anything else you can come up with for beautiful but simple home decor.  Did I mention they would look great on cards or framed?  Sure.  Go for it.

Finally, don’t look Grandmas! This one is in plenty of time for Mother’s Day.  My own little Cole has lots of friends and many people who love him and he loves them right back.  But his cousin Claire is three months younger than him and they are like two little peas in a pod.  They get to Grandma’s house and are each other’s shadow as they run and play and laugh.  I hope they stay like that forever.  To celebrate the relationships we develop as cousins, I have created this file.  It comes with each line joined or separate so that you can layer the words if you choose.  I think that’s what I am going to do.  I haven’t decided quite yet.

Enjoy the green peeking through the ground during this time of year.  We’ll probably get another snow but for now we are basking in the sunshine with short-sleeved shirts and buds on the trees.  Happy Spring!

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Yes.  I’m on a letter-size card kick.  I just love the perfection of this size of a notecard and how easily it fits into a regular business-size envelope.  Simple.  Oh, these look so yummy all lined up together – a phrase for everything.  Possibilities?  Yes, these create possibilities.  And love.  They are all about giving love.  Simply.

This week in the Silhouette store you get 10 sets of cards – all with a different theme and unique phrases.  Here’s what I would do.  Throw those puppies into your cart, get them in your library and cut out a couple of each.  Then stick them in a business envelope so that you can see the words when you flip through them and slide that envelope into a special spot in a drawer or on a shelf to reach for all year long.  Any occasion, any time of year, pop out one of those cards, jot down a note, stick it in a business envelope (or have some of these envelopes cut out already!) and you’re ready.  All it needs is a stamp and an address – or not, depending on where it is going.


Sometimes we don’t have time to cut out a new design at each moment that we need something to give. These cards solve that problem.  (Whether you need them to or not – they will solve that problem for you.)  Click on each of the above images to head straight to the store.

You will also see some delightful little swallows (Vintage Swallow, Vintage Swallow Perched and Vintage Swallow Perched 2), the perfect Bracket Frame Set and a Thick Flourish Set that match my monogram cards.  A little bit of everything this week.  Click on the name or image to find them in my store.

Oh, how could I forget my favorite shape of all – “Thank You Lace.”  What?  What does that mean?

lace + thank you = Thank You Lace.

This collage of gratitude bundles up all that you would want to say in one 5×7 shape. Perfect for a card but I’ll show you how I’m going to use it in a couple of weeks.  I think it deserves to be framed.  More on that later….

Happy cutting!

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I like names.

I like initials.

In my years as a school teacher or youth leader or women’s instructor and committee chair, I have learned that everyone likes their name.  Well, they may not necessarily like their name but they like their name ON STUFF.  Or their initial.  Everyone likes stuff personalized.

It’s why people actually stand in front of those little license plate displays and slowly turn it.  Looking.  Looking for their name.

Mine is never there.  Even if I spelled it with a “C” like most Colettes, it’s still not going to show up on any products that I can buy in a convenience store.  So when someone takes the time to put my name on something I usually end up saving it.  Right after I feel really, really good because I got my name on something.  A collection of Kolettes.  Right here in my office.  The white wood board is 35 years old and was painted by my mother.  It had hooks in it and hung in my room when I was a child.  It’s still in my room.  That’s saying something.  Yep, it’s saying my name.

This week in my Silhouette store I wanted to make it personal.  I have created flat letter-size cards that are monogrammed.  I love the how the flourish is part of each letter in the alphabet and it extends as part of the card itself.  It’s like taking personalized stationery to a whole new, textured and lovely level.  They are called “Flourished Monograms and Cards – a,b,c“…then the same but “d,e,f,” “g,h,i,” “j, k,l,” “m, n,o,” “p,q,r,” “s,t,u,” “v,w,x,” “y,z,heart.” Yes, I finished out the alphabet with some love.  Click on each title for the corresponding file in my store.

My first project with these files will be cutting out a set of “K” cards for a birthday gift.  She’ll love them because she loves anything with her name on it, too. Most of us do. Add the “Letter-Size Flourished Envelope” to create a single card or a set of 6 or 8 or 12.  Tie a bow around the set and you have a gorgeous gift.  Then use some baker’s twine and on of my “Whimsical Tags” to complete the look.

I’ll show you what it looks like next week since this week I am celebrating MY birthday away with my sister right now.  Her name is Kara.  Don’t look, Kara.  You’re going to love your gift.  We share a birthday week and decided to spend it together.  In the sun.  And I didn’t bring my Silhouette or my baker’s twine – so the picture will have to wait till I return.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the monogrammed cards that you can find in my Silhouette store.  They come with the matching flourish letters (cardless versions).  I can think of about a hundred ways to use these in my home.  Be sure to get the whole alphabet so you are ready for any celebration, thank you note or home decor project.

And the envelope.  Well, of course you need the combo, right?

While you’re at it – the “Whimsical Tags” are a must-have for a touch of fun that works for every gift going out your door.  Enjoy!

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