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This Recognition Activity was for the girls and their parents.  They focused on having a true foundation based on their testimony.

Going to five different (short) lessons, they learned about the five parts of a testimony found in this message of The Friend and earned a picture for each part to place on their testimony glove.


The Living Christ
After they received their testimony gloves/pictures, they met back together and were given their own copy of “The Living Christ” document.

Invitation to Act: each girl was challenged to use their copy of “The Living Christ” – to mark it up, fold it and put it in their backpack, bring it to church, pull it out during Sacrament Meeting…to become familiar with it.  The leader then testified of the promises and blessings as they become more familiar with and increase their testimonies of the Savior in their own lives.


At a previous activity, each girl made their own shirt with their darling activity logo.  The girls wore their shirts to this activity.


They also created the “cone” decorations for the tables and wrote down their favorite Activity Day moments from the last six months.


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Three words.  Do.  This.  Activity.


First of all, families were invited and it was short (about 45 minutes total).  But every part of it was meaningful and an opportunity for the girls to share and SHINE.  The group has been working on developing and talking about testimonies.  This Recognition Activity focused on that – testimonies.

What Do We Want to Have Happen: Give the Activity Day girls a chance to share their testimonies in a variety of ways.



The girls made the invitations (I don’t have an example of that).  The girls also made the decorations.  Each girl created a “scrapbook page” with their photo and their written testimony.  The leaders found garage sale frames on the cheap and spray painted them.  These were set up as a “gallery” around the room.  Families and girls looked at them as they arrived and then at the end of the program.  What a great way to celebrate each girl, give them all a chance to share, and help them remember their testimonies once they go home.

This activity did not require a large space and could easily be done in the Primary or Relief Society room depending on how many girls you have.


Suggestion: Consider helping each girl in the writing process.  As a former school teacher, I know that each student learns at different rates and they are all at different levels of writing ability.  Often times, their ability to actually write is slower than their ability to think.  Take the time to sit down one-on-one with each girl.  Ask them questions about their testimony.  It can be as simple as, “What do you like about the scriptures?”  “What do you know about Jesus Christ?” “What do you know about Heavenly Father?” etc.  It will still stay simple and authentic but provides a framework for helping them each to realize exactly what they know about the gospel.  Then write it down for them.  Children often think faster than they can write – write the first draft for them based only on what they say as you prompt them with questions.  Finally, they can use the draft to rewrite the final version of their testimony on the scrapbook card.  Keep it simple and short.  This will be an AMAZING learning experience in itself as you guide each girl in a one-on-one teaching moment to help them identify what a testimony is and what they know is true.



With one of the 11-year-old girls conducting, they had a program that reflected different ways to share and talk about testimonies.  The girls did each part of the following program:


Intro – “We have been learning about different kinds of ways to share our testimonies.”
Song – Let the Holy Spirit Guide Hymn #143 – all of the girls practiced and sang it together
Testimony – one girl shared her testimony
Story – “Thomas’s Testimony”  The Friend July 2013 (click here)
Talk about Testimonies – she shared about what she learned at our Stake Activity Days Day Camp – we are all covenant keepers and shared her testimony
Song – I Love to See the Temple  Children’s Songbook #95 – one girl chose to sing a solo.  Brave girl and wonderful expression of what she knows is true.


Explain that they can each take a Book of Mormon and write their testimony in the front (perhaps during a Family Home Evening).  Encourage them to share it with someone.  One girl had a plan of exactly who she wanted to give the Book of Mormon to and wrote a beautiful note to her at the activity.  Her testimony is clear….as well as her love for her friend.



You could insert other girls bearing their testimonies throughout the program if you choose.  You can also add to or change this program any way you want to meet your needs.  It took about 15 minutes to go through the whole thing.



They were then invited to take a treat (cookies) and look at the gallery of testimonies.  There was a wonderful spirit of happiness and celebration during this activity.  It was simple and meaningful.  It really packed a punch and focused on sharing what the girls had been working on.

Want the printable that they used for the light sticks.  These became a little favor for each girl to take home, along with a Book of Mormon and their own testimony frame.  Click on the link below:

Tag for Light Stick printable

Put this activity in your plan – the prep work that happened in the activities leading up to it was fabulous and focused on learning and living the gospel.  You’ll love it just as much as we did!


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I started to help plan this activity but then got a new calling in the Stake.  My new job requires me to attend each Recognition Activity in our area – lucky me!  Our ward finished the plans we started and I got to attend the event tonight!  Here is the plan and some pictures of how it was carried out.  Plus some downloads are coming to help you with your own activity.



Mother Daughter Polka Dot “T” Party – Recognition Night

“T” stands for Testimony :  D.O.T. – Develop Our Testimony
We are going to have a fun but spiritual night where we learn about how to recognize the Holy Ghost and then act on promptings we receive.
Girls and moms are invited to bring their journals.

Opportunities to share their individual growth in testimony development will happen one-on-one with mothers in the Faith Walk.

From the Faith in God Book (Learning and Living the Gospel): Mark these verses about the Holy Ghost in your scriptures: John 14:16–172 Nephi 32:5, and Moroni 10:5. Discuss ways the Holy Ghost helps you.


One of the 11-year-old girls will do the conducting for the meeting and another lead the music.
“Left-Right Game” (We are using this post for inspiration – including the “Left Right Game”)


HOLY GHOST OBSTACLE COURSE: We’ll do a blindfold obstacle course where the moms will guide their daughters through a course set up with found objects.  The other participants will serve as distracters and the girls will work to listen to the still small voice of Mom.


Following the obstacle course, share the pocketknife story from this article: “Learning to Hear and Understand the Spirit” by David McConkie in the February 2011 Ensign.  Discussion:  How is the obstacle course experience like the pocketknife story?  How can we recognize the Holy Ghost?  How does the Holy Ghost speak to us?  What can we do to increase the influence of the Holy Ghost in our lives?


FAITH WALK: We will give the mothers and daughters one-on-one experiences in a “Faith Walk” to talk about things of the Spirit and how to increase their commitment to listening to the Holy Ghost.IMG_4846

We’ll have different 2-minute “stations” will be set up around the church with a small/short learning activity such as unscrambling the letters of a word puzzle or cracking  a secret code to spell a word or a scripture to look up and read –  maybe the word is “Holy Ghost” or “Joseph Smith” – including the 5 parts of a testimony found in “The Testimony Glove“.   Then it will have a question or scenario to discuss that goes along with each phrase or scripture.   Moms and daughters will talk about each scenario or scripture and make commitments for how they can increase their testimony.  One station will include the Faith in God requirement listed at the top of this post.  Each station will only be about 2 minutes long – a quick puzzle/code /scripture to look up with a question or prompt to discuss with moms.


Example: Joseph Smith (unscramble letters to create the word): “What do I know about the story of Joseph Smith and the First Vision?”  “What can I do to increase mine and my family’s understanding of the First Vision?”

See what I mean?  Sharing about their growth in the gospel, setting goals together of how to move forward in their testimonies….pretty awesome sharing going on.






Throughout this walk, give girls opportunities to share what they are doing to increase their faith & strengthen their testimonies of various gospel principles (this is reporting progress of Learning and Living the Gospel).

(Use the Testimony Glove printable found in the Friend here) or just make your own like our group did!  Each station earned a sticker that is applicable to the testimony principle.


LESSON + JOURNALS: We are asking the girls to bring their journals (because they already have so many and we don’t want to spend budget money).  We will meet back together to have a short lesson about testimonies using “How to Acquire Spiritual Guidance” by Elder Richard G. Scott.  Consider reading “How the Holy Ghost Makes Me Feel” by Michele Leigh Carnesecca.  Have each person (moms, too) to write their own testimonies in their journals.  We will have a few spare journals or journal sheets available if someone doesn’t bring their own.  Click below to download this page.

Journaling Page - Polka Dot Journaling Page – Polka Dot


INVITATION INSPIRATION: Of course, everyone will be encouraged to wear polka dots – and tea party cakes and treats will be served.  I was thinking that a version of this is great invitation inspiration.  Easy, unique, special…but easy.


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