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I am sitting here at the computer and I see the little clock hit noon on the day after our family reunion.  Cole is still asleep.  I keep checking his video monitor to make sure he has moved or is stirring because his normal routine is to be ready for the day by 6:30 am.  Is this all there is to it?  Just take away his nap and put him in the pool for 4 hours the night before and he’ll sleep in?  Heaven.  All of it.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that while in the pool he is making his way up the ladder in the deep end, around to the diving board, taking a running leap off the end, popping up with the words, “See that?!!” and heading to the ladder again.  The ultimate in toddler Circuit Training.

Who needs a pool when the neighbors have interesting sprinklers?

No fear.  All fun.  His favorite person to be with?  Anyone who will play with him.  That’s a party in his mind and for Cole, a party including water means ultimate happiness.  Because of his overall fishiness, I have put him in private swimming lessons this year with Jason, his fabulous 18-year-0ld, Red Cross certified cousin.  Private swimming lessons are hard to come by around here and for a toddler, it’s even more challenging to find a good option.  So we trek the 30 minutes it takes to get to my brother’s house and enjoy the pool, the view, and the serene environment.  No crazy chlorine-filled rec center to endure.  Just Jas, a lawn chair, and a two-year-old learning how to float on his back without folding up like a little potato bug.

This is summer.  This is bliss.  And the fact that we get to do it with family makes it even more perfect.  Jas will be serving a mission for the LDS Church in Canada starting in October.  Of course I’m thrilled he is going but I admit that I’m already sad that he won’t be here next summer to continue Cole’s lessons.  I’m doing a soft-sell on my other nephew, Ryan to take Jason’s place next year.

In the meantime, we will eek out as many days in the pool as we can.  Relishing the idea that the other kids have to start school in a couple of weeks and we can have Jas all to ourselves in the still-hot weather of August and September.

Cole and Jas - buddies in and out of the water

What a summer.  Sure beats last year when I was either in the hospital or hobbling my way to the doctor’s office.  My body couldn’t handle any heat and it prevented me from spending more than a few minutes in the shade, much less the sun.  I missed a lot last summer.  But I’m not missing it this year.  My to-do list is comprised of just a few things, with swimming lessons at the top.  I’m still sun-sensitive but there is a lot of fun that can happen in a poolside Adirondack chair under the pergola while Cole shows off his latest trick: sitting on the edge of the pool, hands up like a rocket ship and “diving” off.  The kid has never been afraid of a belly-flop, that’s for sure.

And speaking of the little guy….Good morning, Cole!  How was your sleep?  I’m so happy to see you!  Yep, let’s get you some cereal.

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