I’m a fan of anything which includes thread or fabric or linens of any kind – including the Pillowcase People Dance that we experienced at our family reunion.  It’s always a winner.  We like mixing up the members of our families to create teams for skits and games.  This is Coleman’s Team – he’s the one with the hot pink leggings.  I’m not sure why his SUPER-FUN uncles picked those for him but he sure was proud of them.  Don’t mess with a man’s leggings!




So I was thrilled to see these two tutorials using my shapes on the Silhouette blog.  Find the anchor shape here and the leaf garland here.  You can also choose my leaf garland alphabet with the letters already included.

Click here for the Hand-Stitching Anchor tutorial (See that cute sailboat?  That’s mine, too.  Find it here):


Click here for the Monogrammed Napkins tutorial:



We live in a great country.  I love America.  I love the freedoms we enjoy.  I love the life we live because of those who have gone before us.

Life is good.  4th of July week with cousins is BEST.


Check out the tutorial over at eighteen25 where they used my Silhouette phrase celebrating this country we live in.  Click here to find the quote in the Silhouette shop (can only be used on a Silhouette cutting machine).  They put together a little tutorial for you to make your own 4th of July sign.




God Bless America - Thumbnail


Lisa has done it again with a tutorial using products that you might not be super familiar with.  Embossing powder and Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive Paper.  She used this phrase but you can choose from any of my patriotic phrases found in the Silhouette store here (can only be purchased and used by Silhouette users – or go to http://www.loriwhitlock.com for many of my svg files if you are using a different electronic cutter).


Red White Blue - Thumbnail

Check out the full tutorial found at greylustergirl here.





And watch for a few Canadian phrases coming today in the Silhouette shop – just in the nick of time for Canada Day!


True North Strong & Free - Thumbnail


Printable Foil Projects

Gold is so hot right now – check out these projects using Silhouette Printable Gold Foil.  Find my shapes that were used in these projects in the Silhouette store (must have a Silhouette cutter to use purchased shapes).

Enjoy the inspiration!

Click here for Pencil Holder Project and here for the “Make Stuff Be Happy Phrase



Click here for Forever Scrapbook Page and here for Forever phrase.



The wreath was on the door, ready to announce to the neighborhood and all UPS  & FedEx drivers delivering our almost-daily Amazon Prime packages that we have

Coleman’s stealthy approach to unveiling his Daddy’s Father’s Day surprise:
“Hey, Dad!  Let’s take a little walk around the house!
Hmm….let’s go by the front door.  I wonder what that is????!!!!”


After seeing the fun printed burlap ribbon available at Hobby Lobby, I decided to celebrate the Best Dad Ever with this wreath – a little more masculine than the ones I created a couple months ago that are found here – but the same principle applies.  Tie wired ribbon around a $5.00 grapevine wreath and add a phrase or sign or some kind of ornament to fit whatever season you are celebrating, and you’re done.


2″ wide ribbon seems to work the best but for this wreath but Hobby Lobby only had one roll of a couple of the ribbons I really wanted to use.  Instead of wrapping it completely around the wreath and tying it in a bow, I opted to make loops with the ribbon, tie them off with wire, then attach the pseudo-bows to the wreath with wire.  I was able to get almost double the number of bows when I did it that way.

They don’t cover the grapevine wreath if you don’t tie the ribbon around but this is a great way to incorporate low-quantity ribbon into more places on your wreath.  If you put these wired loops next to fully-tied ribbon sections on your wreath, you can fluff it and manipulate the loops to not show the wire.  Can you tell which ribbons I did that with?

I don’t think so!


Coleman helped me paint the board for the quote and I used outdoor vinyl to cut this phrase before attaching it to the board.  Find it here at my Silhouette store (shape #61557).  Remember, all Silhouette files are only meant to be used on your Silhouette die-cutting machines.  They cannot be used (even for printing) if you don’t have the software!  After the vinyl was applied, I sprayed the entire board with glossy varnish to seal it and give it some shine.

My friend saw our Father’s Day wreath and wanted a 4th of July wreath for her door.  Same burlap ribbon technique – this one took about 2 hours to complete, start to finish, and the wooden phrase was at Hobby Lobby for 40% off.  I removed the hanging wire from the phrase and tied it onto the wreath with ribbon.



Celebrate the Best Dad Ever in your life.  Enjoy!


Right now…
In This House we do T-ball.



We do “End of Preschool” Programs.



We do Superheroes.



We do roller coasters.



We do Cabo, Mexico.



We do Together.

Find out how to create this fabulous “In This House” painting project using this phrase as a vinyl mask over at greylustergirl.  For all of you non-Silhouette users, you can find the shape over at Lori Whitlock’s svg shop here.  Lisa’s tutorial is found here.






I whipped these wreaths up for an auction fundraiser because I had the mesh ribbon already on hand.  I was in a hurry so I wasn’t able to take photos step-by-step but it’s easy so I’ll tell you my formula for making a quick and simple wreath for any season.  Click here for a Father’s Day version and another 4th of July version.


Using 3-4 spools, tie mesh ribbon around a grapevine wreath – I tie bows because I like the loops and the cut ends both in my wreath.

I use grapevine wreaths because it grabs the mesh ribbon – it makes it a little trickier to work with but it hold the bows fabulously.



Attach seasonal decor items to your wreath (Hobby Lobby is my go-to for fabulous seasonal items – I look for metal ones first because they look so great and expensive but are reasonable with my 40% coupons).  I usually use 2-3 decorative items for the top and a phrase or sign across the bottom.  Try to tie them on with ribbon if possible.  If needed, use hot glue to add more reinforcement.


Note:  I tie on as many pieces as I can because it makes the wreath more stable.  If using metal items, many of the best items are made for the garden with metal stakes attached – find a friend with a metal grinder (or lucky you if you have one!) and it takes about 15 seconds to cut off the garden posts.  The metal pinwheels and flowers were all garden items where we cut off the metal posts before attaching the decorative items.

This welcome sign started out orange and I spray painted it using Rustoleum 2X Coverage spray paint and added a little clear glitter when it was wet.  I also removed the wire hanger that was attached to it and tied it on with wide ribbon that I wanted showing on my wreath.



Create a hanger if needed by tying a ribbon loop around the top of the wreath.  I hang my wreaths from a nail on my door because my door is too high for a wreath hook.  If you use a hook, you don’t need the ribbon loop.

Keep your wreath from scratching your door by hot gluing strips of felt around the back of the grapevine wreath.  I use dark brown felt and cut it in semi-circle strips, overlapping the felt to cover the entire grapevine area, protecting my door from the scratchy sticks.

You can make a custom wreath for $30-40 using this method and your 40% off coupons!  Give it a try – these also make a great gift!




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